• — A tool for learning to sight-read sheet music
  • — A place for doing creative streaks
  • Lapis — A web framework for MoonScript & OpenResty
  • — Indie game hosting marketplace
  • MoonScript — A programming language that compiles to Lua
  • — A community LuaRocks hosting repository
  • Sticky-Kit — A jQuery plugin for making smart sticky elements
  • Sitegen — Static site generator in MoonScript
  • scssphp — A SCSS CSS compiler in PHP
  • Aroma — A game engine powered by Lua running on Native Client
  • heroku-buildpack-lua — Run Lua on Heroku
  • lua-enet — ENet bindings for Lua
  • lessphp — LESS CSS compiler in PHP

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Here's a chart of my key presses over the past 48 hours:



I've created a few games for Ludum Dare, a 48 (and 72) hour game making competition.


I'm trying to learn how to write music: