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Article - 'Psychology in game making' by Stevester

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 8, 2003


Want to know what you’re naturally good at in game making? Then read on in!


This is more of a Psychological-type article, describing the attributes of the mind, and what you’ll be best at doing, when it comes to game making. Why is this important? So you’re not forcing yourself into something you’re naturally not good at.

Psychological mumbo-jumbo:

These ‘tests’ that I’m going to give you describe what side of your brain you use. Your left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the left side controls the right side. The right side is the creative side and spatial activities, and the left side is the ‘task side’, which controls areas like math and programming languages, stuff that you just have to remember. The left side also is for remembering things, and tasks like talking. Girls are naturally dominant on the left side of their brain, when it comes to speaking. (that’s why they can talk so fast. :x) Boys, on the other hand, are more of the right side, when it comes to spatial activities. (That’s why we’re naturally better at video games.) The brain can tell many things, even if someone is lying or not, just by what side they look to.

Part 1: Tests!

These aren’t real ‘tests’, they’re just little ‘activities’ that describe what side of the brain you use, which is important in telling what and what not you’re good at.

Test one: Drawing. Draw a horizontal arrow. (simple?)

Right-handed people: A. Arrow pointing left

B. Arrow pointing right.

Left hand people: A. Arrow pointing right B. Arrow pointing left

Test two: Cross your legs. Which way did you cross them? A. right over left B. Left over right

Test three: You are: A. Messy, B. Neat

Test four: Point to a small object in the room. Close your right eye. Does your finger match up with the object? If it does, B. If not, A. If you close either eye, and it doesn’t match up, then C.

Final test: Did you see the pictures first, or the words first? A. Pictures B. Words C. Both

Now, tally up your scores.



BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN: Both A and B, and that little C at the end.

Example: If Mark Keinard has B, A, A, C, C, he is mostly right-brained, but also has a strong left.

If Darren has B, B, A, C, C, he is mostly left-brained, but also has a strong left.

If Gulkspeilensie has A, A, A, B, C, he is right-brained.

If Mina has A, A, B, C, B, she is strong on both sides of her brain.

What does this all mean? A lot, but I’ll go over it in part two. (which happens to be next!)

Part 2: Putting it all together

First of all, I would like to say that this DOES NOT stop you from doing whatever you want to. If you’re a left-brained person, you can still be a graphics artist. These are just suggestions, based on what your brain will be the best at doing. You CAN change how your brain works, with just a few actions. I’ll describe this in part three.

For right-brained people, you’ll find creative activities easier, like writing plots, designing characters, drawing, and many other spatial activities. Here are a few options for you righties: Story writing, poetry, drawing, character design, music composition, map designing, sprite artist, graphic artist, and many others.

For you left-brainers, you will find it easy to program games and other things that are math-like. Here are a few activities for you: Main programmer, side-programmer, writer (some poetry, informative writing), and a few other options are available.

For whole-brainers, you can do anything I’ve listed above. This is because you are strong in all areas.

Part three:

You can change the way your brain works, however. If you use your left brain mostly, you won’t be a left-brained person forever, unless you choose to. You can change how you think. The way is simple, almost obvious. You merely do the opposite of what you’re doing. For instance: Johnolia was a left-brained person, he/she could draw, write, and do other creative activities to become strong in both right and left sides of his/her brain.

Heh, now for the comments. Try to keep the test results down, but I don’t mind a few questions. For the psychological debates, GW mail me (private message, for you forum junkies) and I might discuss some things with you, or I might just delete it with the other ten mails of people begging to get their tutorials on GW.