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Article - 'The Unique Touch' by Guest

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 8, 2003


Arcon shares his views on how to make your game appear more unique.


Hello there! This is the first tutorial Ive posted on Gaming World, and even though this topic has been done quite a few times, I think Id be able to go through it more thoroughly. So just sit back - and read! Da spunksters first GW tutorial is here ;]

Its getting harder and harder as more games, both commercial and amateur come into the game. A story that nobodys ever thought of before... I cant say I can avoid cliches when it comes to making a story at first, but you can remove them if you follow this step by step procedure:

STEP 1: Think up a basic plotline, dont worry about any cliches - just make one up! (Still try to be original...)

STEP 2: Make all the main characters and villains, and place them where they fit in the story.

STEP 3: Make the WORLD! Yes, add towers and things but try not to base them on other games, its harder to remove cliches in worlds then it is on characters and plots.

STEP 4: Okay, now Im sure youve played a large ammount of RPGs and other games in your lifetime, thats why you had the idea, "Hey! I wanna make my own". So, look over your basic plot, characters and world and remove ANYTHING that has noticable reference to other games stories/characters/worlds.

STEP 5: Fully develop the story. Now youve got to plan everything else about your story! This is a large part of planning, but if you do this - youll find that the results are well worth it and you can remove any cliches you missed earlier. A good way to plan a story is to write all the dialogue in text files, like a script. Organize it all though, otherwise it will be all over the place and hard to keep track of.

STEP 6: Now its time to do the same for the characters! This time, write detailed profiles of your character from appearance to personality. In fact, Ive seen plenty of great tutorials around GW that will help you do just that. Make sure to take a look!

STEP 6: Were now going to FINISH the world, so that we have enough room to think about where the characters journeys will take them. Make sure your World Maps in Rm2k are at MINIMUM 100x100, otherwise youll end up having either a small or cramped up world.

STEP 7: Thats all for story... ^_^

Eye candy is nice. The only thing you can do to add unique touches to your graphics is to give making them yourself ago. If you completely suck like me - try editing charasets to make them look as different as possible. Thats the cheating way... join the club. (Please... stop editing the RTP >.
Custom battle animations can make the DBS look much better, custom icons (there is a tutorial on how to do this somewhere around here...) to add to the uniqueness and other things like battle backdrops and chipsets.

This is a biggy. Add sidequests, custom features (that doesnt mean menus and battle systems, things like magic learning systems etc.) and other things to enhance 1) The length of your game and 2) The FUN!
Nobody likes playing boring games, where all you do is go along with the story, with nothing to keep you entertained. Sometimes, a great story is just not enough!

Yes! Sound and music play a large part in the delivery of an RPGs mood, theme and story! Do not use RTP tunes if youre making a dark-mooded game! Theyre all too cheery! In fact, try not to use them at all. They are just too overused and are getting quite annoying.
Adding enviromental sounds also adds a very nice touch to your game, helping the player feel like s/he is walking along with your characters saying, "HURRY UP! THE BAD GUYS GETTING AWAY!" and that. >.>

Well, I hope this tutorial comes to use, especially for those new to the platform, Rm2k. Trust me, especially now, originality counts - there is just too many games that are all the same. Its up to you, and you - and yes, YOU - to add more variety to the community. Thankyou.

- Sir Arcon The Spunk o.o;