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Article - 'Mailbag Issue #001' by Kazeuri

An item about Mailbag posted on Aug 8, 2003


This is the first every edition of the GW Mailbag, some rather interesting responses. (Kazeuri)


Welcome to the first EVER Mailbag feature. This "edition" might not be exactly right as the mailbag catches on, but surely it will as you guys flood in with even more questions. I will try to get to as many as I possibly can, and hope you all enjoy my work!

Let's get started....

Project hoster?
"karateguy" asks: whens the project hosting going to be up?
Response: This is probably the #1 question at Gaming World. Look in the news posts by Bart to see the latest Project Hoster Progress (and how much time he REALLY spends on WarCraft III). I asked him myself for all of you guys, and he pretty much said that it is DONE when it is DONE. It is in "beta testing stages" now, and some people even got a glimpse as it graced Gaming World for a few seconds a while back. Just wait around, and before you know it you could have "GOKU FIGHTS FINGERLESS JOE: THE RPG" on Gaming World's Project Hoster!

XM Audio Format
"SiliconHero" asks: Say...what do you use to play .XM files? Some of your audio is in .XM format, but neither Windows Media Player nor RealOne player recognizes the format.
Response: Since I thought XM was Native to RealOne, I was a bit puzzled. Instead of giving you some support to fix it or whatever, I found some OTHER audio players you might enjoy playing back XM with. They are "Zap Audio Player" (Free), and "LCARS Audo Player" (Free). These and similar programs I found at, which has some nifty programs when you are in a pinch and ".hokeypokey" wont open in MSPaint. Go take a look, and just search for "XM" or whatever you need at the time. Sure to come up with something. The only other thing I can think is that I am too forgetful and infact it is "WINAMP" that plays XM. Try opening it in Winamp and see, if you do not already have Nullsoft's Winamp, it is an absolute must, so go get it now before they run out of downloads! (Haha)

Side-view fighting, gives a new meaning to "double-edged sword"
"deadman_walking" asks: I need a good TUTORIAL on making a SIDE-VIEW BATTLING SYSTEM!!! can anyone help
Response: Greeting, fellow dead one! Gaming World already has what you need because we are all psychic and prepared for this! The obvious FUN part comes from our "Add-Ons" section, which are like futuristic tutorials (We are so psychic, we steal stuff from the future, too bad Wishmoo's floating head sued us!). The "tutorial" can be found Here. Enjoy! If you do need a tutorial, I'm sure there is one in our TUTORIAL section, have a peej, but I really recommend this add-on, it is a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Me so horny!
"RPG_Gamer_Mike" types: Why is Wishmoo, Qheretic, and Kamau so horny? Response: Well, I'm not too sure myself. Since Wishmoo is so sue happy, you should sue her for online horny sexual harrassement! Then, when you win the rights to GGZ because it is all they own, you will die an OLD MAN because it will take you a LIFETIME to fire that huge staff. All I can say is that it must be one huge horny orgy with all the staff GGZ has, haha. Have fun.

Toolkit? I want Power-Tool Kit with the working Drill!
"psi" has to know:I was wondering if you had any idea: do you know the system requirements for RPG Toolkit?
Response: Great question! I took my web browser to in my brand new Mazda Protege, and had a look-see! System requirements: Pentium class computer, Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 or equivalents. 64 MB of RAM, approx 10 MB of free harddrive space, a brain. Seems pretty easy to meet, especially these days. The requirements are almost as low as the browser you most likely used to get here, haha. Take your browser on a walk today, they like that.

"NotMekesss" asks: I think Mekesss deserves to be paid more. He does all the work, mods the most dangerous forum (Game Tips), and is a great guy. MORE POWER TO HIM!
Response: Dear lord no! If you were Mekess, which obviously you are not, you would know that he really doesn't do anything. Like the rest of Gaming World staff, as you'd know if you were Mekesss, he just sits around and gambles on losing horses all day. Silly Mekesss! I asked Bart though, and he changed your weekly wages from $0.00 to $778.00, too bad the second half is in Canadian Dollars, which are worth nothing but the paper they are made on, so you are pretty much still at... $0 a week.

Midi maker? Ho ho ho!
"LORd" wants to say: Not sure does this belong here, but I think GamingW should add a Midi Maker to their Utilities Section (P.S: My first post ^_^)
Response: Well, my little homeless buddy, I would recommend PRESTO for making midi, but since you probably know that and just want us to add a maker anyway, I will tell Bart. He will probably not reply to the PM because he is gambling on losing horses still, but that's okay, really, it is.

Hope you enjoyed the first issue, you scum hood! When I get enough decent replied again, it will be time for another issue, so keep those mails coming.

So, until next time, this is Kazeuri, and yes I am still dead you fiend!