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Article - 'A guide for quality spell names' by Unknown

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 8, 2003


Having trouble naming spells? Then look no farther than this article!


have you ever wanted spells in your game to have cool, meaningful names or maybe a mystical language engraved on an all-powerful sword? But which language will you use? Trust me.... DO NOT try to make up your own because that takes too long. Here I have a dictionary of one of my favorite languages.... Quenya, or Tolkiens Elvish. Its soooo cool!

Okay, here it is:

Quenya-English Dictionary

aeglos n. snowthorn (UNF)
aegnor n. fell-fire (SIL)
aha n. rage (LotR)
ai inj. alas! ai (LotR)
aina adj. holy (SIL)
ainulinde n. music of the Ainur (SIL)
Ainur n. pl. the Holy Ones (SIL)
aire adj. holy (LotR)
aiya n. holy one (LotR)
alcar n. glory aglar (R)
alcarin adj. glorious (R)
alcarinque n. the glorious, a star (SIL)
aldaron n. lord of trees (SIL)
Aldea n. Treeday or Trewsday Orgaladh (LotR)
aldu- n. the two trees galadhad (LotR)
Alduya n. Two Trees day Orgaladhad (LotR)
alqua n. swan alpha (SIL)
alqualonde n. haven of the swans (SIL)
alta n. bright light galad (R)
ambar n. world (LotR)
ampa n. hook (LotR)
an con. for (LotR)
anar n. sun anor (LotR)
Anarya n. Sunday Oranor (LotR)
anca n. jaws carach (LotR)
ancalima n. great light giver (LotR)
andave adv. greatly (LotR)
ando n. gate annon (LotR)
andu- adj. western annu- (LotR)
andune n. west annun (LotR)
anduril n. flame of the west (LotR)
anfauglir n. jaws of thirst (SIL)
anga n. iron ang (LotR)
anna n. gift (LotR)
anto n. mouth carach (LotR)
ar con. and a (LotR)
arandur n. kings servant (UNF)
aratar n. the exalted one (SIL)
arda n. region arth (LotR)
are n. sunlight (LotR)
artano n. high smith (UNF)
ascar adj. impetuous, rushing (SIL)
asta n. month pl. astar (LotR)
at- adj. double -ad (LotR)
atalante n. the downfallen (SIL)
atan n. fathers of men pl. atani adan (LotR)
atendea n. leap year (LotR)
aure n. daylight calan (LotR)
avari n. the unwilling (SIL)
avathar n. the shadows (SIL)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
Bauglir n. the constrainer (Morgoth) (SIL)
beleg adj. mighty meleg (SIL)
belethil n. divine radiance (SIL)
brilthor n. glittering torrent (SIL)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
cait- v. root to lie (LotR)
cal(a)-, cali- n. light calan (LotR)
calacirya n. cleft of light (SIL)
calim n. light (LotR)
calma n. lamp calar (LotR)
cam n. hand (SIL)
camlost adv. empty handed (SIL)
carac n. fang carch (SIL)
carne adj. red pl. carni caran (LotR)
cel- adv. away from (SIL)
Cermie n. July or Afterlithe Cerveth (LotR)
certa n. letter or rune pl. certar certh (LotR)
-cil n. person (LotR)
cil, khil v.root to follow (SIL)
cirya n. cleft or ravine cirith (LotR)
coimas n. waybread lembas (SIL)
coire n. stirring, the last season of Imladris echuir (LotR)
colindo n. bearer (LotR)
cor- n. round or circle cor (LotR)
coranar n. solar year (sun round) (LotR)
corma n. ring cor (LotR)
corollaire n. green mound (SIL)
cul- adj. golden red (SIL)
curumo n. man of skill curunir (UNF)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
-dacil n. victor (LotR)
delduwath n. horror of night shadow (SIL)
-dil n. friend or lover (LotR)
-dore, -dor n. land or earth dor (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
ear n. sea aear (R)
earen n. great sea aearon (LotR)
Earenya n. Seaday Oraearon (LotR)
ehtele n. well, spring eithel (SIL)
Elda n. west elf, one of the Stars pl. Eldar Edhel (LotR)
ele-, elen- n. elf (LotR)
elen n. star pl. eleni, elenion el (LotR)
Elenya n. Starday Orgilion (LotR)
elerrina n. star crowned (SIL)
elessar n. elf-stone (LotR)
elye prn. even thou (LotR)
emerwen n. shepardess (UNF)
en- adv. again, re- (LotR)
-en adj. great -on (LotR)
end(e)-, -ende n. middle (LotR)
endea n. middle (LotR)
enderi n. pl. middle days, part of Imladris calendar (LotR)
Endore, Endor n. Middle Earth Ennor (LotR)
Engwar n. the Sickly, humans (SIL)
enquie n. week pl. enqueier (LotR)
entulesse n. the return (UNF)
envinyatar n. renewer (LotR)
epesse n. aftername (UNF)
erchamion adj. one handed (SIL)
eressea n. lonely isle (R)
Eru n. the One, God (LotR)
Erusen n. children of God (R)
esse n. name (LotR)
et adv. out of (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
fal- n. foam fal- (LotR)
falas- n. coast falas (LotR)
falma n. foaming wave (LotR)
fana root. veil (R)
fana n. veiled pl. fanar fan (LotR)
fanya n. white cloud fan (LotR)
firimar mortals (SIL)
for- right hand direction (LotR)
formen n. north (right hand region) forod (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
gaya n. awe, dread (SIL)
gwath, wath n. shadow (SIL)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
halla adj. tall hal- (LotR)
hantalle n. thanksgiving (UNF)
haranye n. last year of a century (LotR)
harma n. treasure (LotR)
-her n. lord -hir (LotR)
Heren Istarion n. Order of the Wizards (UNF)
heru n. lord hir (SIL)
hilde n. heir pl. hildi (LotR)
hir- v.root to find (LotR)
hirilonde n. haven finder (UNF)
hisie n. mist hith (LotR)
hisilome n. land of mist (SIL)
Hisime n. Misty, or November, Blotmath Hithui (LotR)
hrive n. winter, fifth season of Imladris rhiw (LotR)
huine n. gloom fuin (SIL)
hwesta n. breeze (LotR)
hyar- adj. left hand direction (LotR)
hyarmen n. south harad (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
i art. the e(n) (LotR)
-ie n. thing of, belonging to (LotR)
iluve n. the all (SIL)
ilya adj. each pl. ilye, all (LotR)
imbe pre. between (LotR)
-ime adj. -able, -y -ui (LotR)
-in adj. -ious, -en -en (R)
isil n. moon ithil (LotR)
Isilya n. Moonday Orithil (LotR)
Istar n. wizard pl. Istari (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
kano n. commander (SIL)
kemen n. earth (SIL)
khelek n. ice, glass heledh (SIL)
kyerme n. prayer (UNF)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
laire n. summer, second season of Imladris laer (LotR)
lait- v.root to praise eglerio (LotR)
lalaith n. laughter (SIL)
lambe n. tongue naith (LotR)
lant v.root to fall (LotR)
lanta n. fall (LotR)
lanthir lamath n. waterfall of echoing voices (SIL)
lasse n. leaf pl. lassi las(s) (LotR)
lasse-lanta n. leaf-fall, fourth season of Imladris (LotR)
laure adj. golden color (LotR)
laurea n. like gold pl. laurie (LotR)
lav- v.root to lick (LotR)
leuca n. snake lyg (LotR)
-li- adj. many (LotR)
linaewen n. lake of birds same (UNF)
lind(e)- n. song linn (LotR)
linta adj. swift pl. linte (LotR)
lirinen adv. in song (LotR)
lisse adj. sweet (LotR)
-lo pre. from, out of (LotR)
loa n. growth (LotR)
loende n. midyear (LotR)
lome n. shadow, gloom, night fuin (LotR)
lomea adj. gloomy (LotR)
lomelindi n. dusk-singer (see tinuviel)
lomion n. son of twilight (SIL)
lore n. dream (LotR)
losse n. fallen snow loss (LotR)
lote n. flower loth (LotR)
Lotesse n. May or Thrimidge Lothron (LotR)
luine adj. blue luin (LotR)
lumbule n. darkness duath (LotR)
lumenn n. hour (LotR)
luva n. bow (LotR)
-lva prn. our (LotR)
-lye prn. thou (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
ma- n. hand (LotR)
-ma adj. made object (LotR)
macar n. swordsman vagor (LotR)
maika adj. sharp maeg (SIL)
mal root for gold mal- (LotR)
malin adj. golden mallen (LotR)
malta n. gold (LotR)
man int.prn. who? (LotR)
mar- v.root to abide (LotR)
-mar n. dwelling -mar or bar (LotR)
marde n. hall (LotR)
melda n. friend mellon (LotR)
men-, -men n. region of (R)
menel n. heaven menel (R)
Menelmacar n. Orion Menelvagor (LotR)
Menelya n. Heavensday Ormenel (LotR)
met prn. us two (LotR)
metta n. ending (LotR)
mettare n. last day of year (LotR)
mi pre. in (LotR)
min-,minas,... n. tower minas, barad (LotR)
mir n. jewel mir (LotR)
miriel n. jewel like (LotR)
miruvore n. cordial of Imladris miruvor (LotR)
morna adj. black mor- (LotR)
mornie n. darkness (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
-n prn I -n (LotR)
na- v. root to be (LotR)
nainie n. lament (R)
namarie intj. farewell (R)
nan n. valley nan (LotR)
nar root for red or hot like the sun naur (LotR)
Narie n. June or Forelithe Norui (LotR)
Narquelie n. October or Winterfilthe Narbeleth (LotR)
Narsil n. red and white flame (LotR)
Narvinye n. January or Afteryule Narwain (LotR)
-nde n. land or region -n(n) (LotR)
Nenime n. February or Solmath Ninui (LotR)
-nil n. friend or lover (LotR)
nin prn. for me anim (LotR)
-nna pre. to, upon, on na (LotR)
noldo n. High Elf pl. noldor (LotR)
nole n. lore, knowledge gul (SIL)
-nore, -nor n. land, country dor (LotR)
norie n. country dor (LotR)
nu pre. under di- (LotR)
numen n. west annun (LotR)
nuquerna adj. reversed (LotR)
nwalme n. torment (LotR)
-nya prn. my (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
oi(o) adv. everlasting ui (R)
oiale adv. everlasting (LotR)
ohtar n. warrior same (SIL)
oma n. voice (LotR)
omentie n. hour of meeting (LotR)
or(o)- adj. high, lofty (LotR)
ore n. heart (inner mind) (LotR)
orne n. tree galadh (LotR)
ornemalin n. a kind of tree mallorn (LotR)
ortan- v.root to lift up, uplift (LotR)
osto n. fortress os(t) (LotR)
otso n. seven odo (SIL)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
palan- adv. abroad palan- (LotR)
palantir n. far sighted seeing stone (LotR)
parma n. book (LotR)
pel- v. root to go around (SIL)
pele n. fence pel (LotR)
pella pre. beyond (LotR)
Pelori Mountain wall of Valinor (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
quant- v. root to fill (LotR)
quelie n. waning -beleth (LotR)
quelle n. fading firith (LotR)
quende n. speaker pl. quendi (LotR)
Quenya n. High-Elven speach (LotR)
querna adj. turned (LotR)
quesse n. feather (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
rama n. wing pl. ramar (LotR)
ramba n. wall ran (SIL)
rauko n. demon raug (SIL)
re n. day, sunset to sunset aur (LotR)
rembre n. mesh rem (LotR)
-riel n. female -riel (R)
-ril n. flame -ril (r)
Ringare n. December or Foreyule Girithon (LotR)
ro- adj. above (LotR)
romen n. east amrun (LotR)
rond n. vaulted roof (SIL)
-rya prn. her (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
sanga n. throng thanga (SIL)
-sen children (R)
serke n. blood sereg (SIL)
si adv. now (LotR)
sil root having to do with white (LotR)
sil v. root to shine on (LotR)
Silima n. elf crystal only Feanor could make (R)
silmaril n. a jewel of Feanor (LotR)
silme n. starlight (LotR)
sinda- adj. grey thin (LotR)
Sinda n. grey elf pl. sindar (LotR)
Sindarin n. grey elf speach (LotR)
sindarinwa adj. grey elven (LotR)
sinome adv. in this place (LotR)
-sse pre. in (LotR)
sule n. spirit or wind gwae (LotR)
Sulime n. March or Rethe Gwaeron (LotR)
surinen adv. in the wind (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
-t adj. two -ad (LotR)
taniquetil n. high white peak (R)
tar- n. royalty ar (LotR)
-tar n. the one who (LotR)
tarcil n. royal one dunadan (LotR)
tari n. queen bereth (LotR)
tarienna adv. royally (LotR)
Tarion n. see Valanya
tarma n. crown (LotR)
tasare n. willow tathar (SIL)
taure n. forest taur (LotR)
taurea adj. forested (LotR)
te prn. them (LotR)
tehta n. mark pl. tehtar taith (LotR)
telco n. stem (LotR)
telcontar n. strider, ranger (LotR)
telluma n. dome pl. tellumar (LotR)
Telmehtar n. Orion, see Menelmacar (LotR)
tema n. series pl. temar (LotR)
tengwa n. letter pl. tengwar tiw (LotR)
tenna pre. until (LotR)
tie n. road, path pl. tier (LotR)
-til n. peak -dil (R)
tinco n. metal (LotR)
tindome n. twilight, morning uial (LotR)
tintal- v.root to sparkle or glitter (LotR)
tintalle n. kindler gilthoniel (LotR)
tinuviel n. nightingale (LotR)
tinwe n. spark gil (R)
tir root having to do with looking tir (LotR)
tirion n. great watch tower (R)
tuile n. spring, first season of Imladris ethuil (LotR)
tuilere n. spring day (LotR)
tumbale n. deep valley imlad (LotR)
tumbo n. valley tum (SIL)
tup- v. root to cover (LotR)
tur n. lord tur (LotR)
tyelle n. grade pl. tyeller (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
u- adv. not u- (LotR)
umbar n. fate (LotR)
undome n. twilight, evening aduial (LotR)
undomiel n. evenstar (LotR)
und(u)- adv. down (R)
ungwe n. spider web (LotR)
unotime adj. numberless (LotR)
unque n. hollow (LotR)
ure n. heat (LotR)
Urime n. August or Wedmath Urui (LotR)
utulien v. I am come (LotR)
utuvien v. I have found (LotR)
-uva adv. will, indicates future (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
-va pre. of, made of (LotR)
val(i), vala n. angelic power balan (LotR)
Valanya n. Powerday Orbelain (LotR)
valarauko n. demon of might balrog (SIL)
vani- v.root to pass away (LotR)
vanimar n. lost home (LotR)
vanimelda n. lost friend (LotR)
vanwa adj. lost (LotR)
var root having to do with height (LotR)
varda n. the exalted (LotR)
ve pre. as (LotR)
vilya n. air, sky (LotR)
vinye adj. new, beginning wain (LotR)
Viresse n. April or Astron Gwirith (LotR)
voron- n. steadfast (LotR)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
wen n. maiden (SIL)
wilwarin n. butterfly (SIL)

Quenya English Sindarin Source
-ya n. -like (LotR)
yanta n. bridge (LotR)
yassen adv. wherein (LotR)
Yavannie n. September or Halimath Ivanneth (LotR)
yave n. fruit (SIL)
yavie n. autumn, third season of Imladris iavas (LotR)
yaviere n. autumn day (LotR)
yen n. 144 solar years pl. yeni (LotR)
-yes prn. it han (LotR)
yesta n. beginning (LotR)
yestare n. first day of the year (LotR)
yulda n. draught of liquid pl. yuldar (LotR)
yulma n. cup (LotR)

Oh, and the letters in parenthesis are which books these words came from.