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Article - 'Interview with Brickroad' by lithium

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 8, 2003


Creator of the recent hits "Maranda" and "With His Father's Sword", lithium sits down and has a short conversation with the innvoator of RM2kfics.



Creator of Maranda, With His Father's Sword RM2Kfics

lithium: Ok lets start.

lithium: 1) Well, as you know - Your fan fiction games have been a huge hit throughout GW - Did you expect any different response from the community because it was such an uncoventional way for using RPGMaker 2000?

Brickroad: You'll notice in the credits of Maranda I call it an "experimental project", so I didn't really know what to expect. I figured on the whole people would either give them a chance and enjoy them, or take note of the rip-off tie-ins and lack of gameplay and avoid them. Response on the whole has been overwhelmingly positive.

lithium: 2) Well, this sort of thing HAS been done before (and such projects failed miserably), was there any doubts that you had when releasing the fan fiction games to the public - like fear of "I just wasted my time"?

Brickroad: I only know of two other projects similar to these, one being a GGZ game based on Beowulf (which I haven't played) and one being an FF7 fangame which features Tifa's naked ass on the game over screen. I knew I would get support and praise from #rm2k, but I doubted that people at the major RM2k forums would accept them as well as they have. Of course, I enjoyed making them and I enjoy watching them myself, so neither story was a waste of time.

lithium: 3) Do you prefer doing this 'story game' over doing a conventional rpg?

Brickroad: They certainly require less work, and get completed a lot sooner. I really enjoy designing and implementing cool systems, too, like the ones in KC. Also, in a conventional RPG I have the ability to create an entire world and lots of characters, as opposed to a very small locale and just a few characters. So on the whole, I'd say no.

lithium: 4) Well, what other projects can we expect from you? (Including future story games)

Brickroad: Right now I'm working on GS (screenshots available:, and I'm always ALWAYS playing around with other ideas. I was going to hold out until RM2k3's release to do another fic like these (to help familiarize myself with cutscene management in the new medium), but I might do another RM2kfic to please my adoring fans.

lithium: 5) Well, as you know - RM2K3 (by my understanding) is not going to be translated into english by ASCII, do you plan to continue work with the RPGMaker 2000 engine or go on to other, more powerful/flexible game engines?

Brickroad: Work on GS will probably continue long after RM2k3's release (by which, I mean it's inevitable illegal translation and distribution). RM2k is a cool enough engine that I'm confident people won't abandon it in favor of the newer one like they did from RM95.

lithium: 6) Well, you have put a name for yourself out there with your RM2kfic games, do you think that will help you promote future projects of a different style?

Brickroad: I would prefer people take each project on its own merits. I don't want people to download KC just becaue they liked Maranda, or vice versa. The best I can hope for is that I never inadvertantly attach my name to anything horrible and turn people off of my stuff.

lithium: Well, you've certainly got a good reputation so far, and I hope to see more of these RM2Kfic's and other projects from you in the future - Thank you for your time, and good luck with the rest of your endevours.

Brickroad: Aye, no problem.