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Article - 'Be a better artist 2' by Stevester

An item about Graphics/Audio posted on Aug 8, 2003


A continuation of the last. This one contains DOs AND DONTs otay?


This is just a continuation of the last MONDO JESUS COOL article, (insert link). If you get confused by all this crazy mumbo-jumbo, and want to take out your frustration by spamming the world off, don’t read this article. :)

Note: I use ‘draw’ as a term for general art a lot here. This article doesn’t restrict you to drawing, and will work with any type of art.

Table of contents
2.Things to do and not to do
3. Activities

Part 1: Explanation
Psychological stuff:
These activities that I’m going to give you describe what side of your brain you use. Your left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the left side controls the right side. The right side is the creative side and deals with spatial activities, and the left side is the task side, which controls areas like math and programming languages, stuff that you just have to remember. The left side also is for remembering things, and tasks like talking.

Where does this all come in, when it comes to drawing? Well, since the right side controls spatial and creative activities, and art is creativity, artists need to strengthen their right side of the brain. These activities and tasks that I will give you.

Now, you’re probably wondering in what way will this change your drawing ability. Well, to make it simple, it will change the way you look at things a bit(also know as gen. modes), and even more simply, let you be able to draw better and more fluently with ease.

Part 2: Things to do and not to do

1. Listen to music. You should do this whenever you draw. What I mean by music is real music; in other words, music with little words. ;) Words are ok if they’re not listened to. This is because the whole point of listening to music when you do art is to force you to use the right side of your brain, and to bring out emotions, so music like rap won’t help you here. (Since rap uses words instead of music, it is still a left-brained type of music.)

The rest of this is self explanatory. Listen to angry music when you want to draw (or not at all. : /) something evil, and listen to sad music when you want to draw something sad, and so on.

2. Rest. Common sense? Not at all. This gets a bit confusing, for some people. You don’t want to wake up and start drawing, or take a nap and then start drawing. The best way to rest is as Ben Franklin stated, ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man…’ so on and so on. What this means (if you can’t understand his heavy Russian–Italian-Yugoslavian accent) is go to bed early, and wake up early. This makes you more able to do draw, as well as other things.

3. The time when you draw is as important as anything else. The absolute worst time to draw is in the morning, and the best time is right before you go to sleep. (Yes, sleep. Not… nevermind) This is because your brain starts thinking right as you lay down to sleep. Thus, you become much more creative (that is, if you follow the other steps to make you right-brained) and allow you to draw better.

4. Do not speak! Talking is a left-brained activity. Also, if you can, tune out everything else. If your little brother is about to smash your fingers with a sledgehammer, don’t pay attention to him. You’ll find that once you get ‘in the mode’, meaning that the only thing you’re focusing on is your art, you won’t even think about anything else, unless you make yourself.

Part 3: Activities
This is where the real ‘work’ comes in. These activities will improve your art ability, by forcing you to draw with your right side of your brain.

Activity 1: Still-life, ‘don’t look at your paper’ drawing. Difficulty: Hard
Yes, boring, I know. But, actually this is one of the best activities for you to do. The activity itself is actually very simple, but with one catch to it: Instead of just drawing an object in the room, you must do it without looking at your paper. Do this over and over again, with different objects until you can draw any one of them and almost get them perfect.

What it will do:
To create a good image of what is before you without looking at your paper, you have to be right-brained. This is because it is a very spatial activity.

Activity 2: Prism shading. Difficulty: Medium
Since prisms cast light all over, and are dark and light on odd surfaces of the prism walls. What you basically want to do is draw a prism, and shade it accordantly to how the prism you’re drawing is shaded.

What it will do:
Your left brain will say that the shading should be one way, (which, by the way, is wrong) and your right brain will allow you to easily draw what you really see. This will allow you to manipulate shading more easily.

Activity 3: Combination of the above. Difficulty: Hard
Simply draw a prism, without looking at your paper. It should double the development of the right side of your brain, with outcomes the same as above.

Alright, now for the comments, my favorite part. :) Don’t post anything stupid, alright? (It’s sad that I have to say this every time I write an article. :/)