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Article - 'The do and dont list of advertising' by JonathanOfDrain

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


Thinking about advertising your game? Read this short article!


Great You just made a simple RPG , let's go ship it off to some website, wait what if only 100 people download it that'll be a bit of a loss if you worked on it for a while. You need to ADVERTISE it! Here is some of the best ways how.


1.Send a massive preview of the game with a bunch of goodies (like a promo) to a vast amount of gaming sites, such as this fine one here.

2.Tell people about your game just enough to have them know about it but not know the ending and everything else.

3.Make a website dedicated to either this game or all the games you've made/making. Stick to a free host like or .

4.Get someone to produce your game! So all you have to do is make it and get a producer, they'll go around and brag about your game so you won't have to!

5.Get some blank CD-Rs and start burning bunches of you game and maybe a HTML that'll link to your site. Put the games out at public places like a library, if you tell your friends about the game give them a few copies to hand around!


1.Don't brag about your game at the begining of it's development because if it ends up bad people hate you.

2.Don't spam Forums about your games.

3.If your game doesn't turn out good go back to the programming and fix it , lather, rinse and repeat.

4.Don't get mad at people if they are trying to help you out of kindness and don't finish in time.

5.Don't buy a .com to show off your game unless you have the $money$ to back it up.