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Article - 'Motivation' by Angroth

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


An article on dealing with a lack of motivation and how to rectify this!


I believe we all go through phases of motivation.
I heard someone post in the forums that they needed inspiration to continue with their Rm2k project.
I’ve found that, especially with Rm2k, you go through phases of motivation.
When I first had the game I was making lots of rubbish games and eventually began work on more complex games.
The harder the game is to make, the more likely you are going to lose motivation to make it.
But funnily enough, just when you think you’ll never make another Rm2k game again, you get motivated, why? Don’t ask me!
You’ll be surprised, sometimes you can just be bothered to make games and other days you can’t.

Things to motivate you:
1- Changing what part of the game that you are making. Afterall, a change from coding a custom combat system to making some battle animations can really work!
So, never make any one thing for too long as it can become tedious and make you lose the will to live.
2- Play other Rm2k games or maybe even some console games like Breath of Fire IV etc. This will inspire you and generate idea’s for your own games however this alone is not enough to make you begin work on your game again, I can assure you that!
3- Listen to some music when you are making a game, or have a drink and some food. The more relaxing and laid back your environment is, the easier it is to sustain long term working.
If your game making room is like a work room with silence and long hours of work with no food, then you won’t be coming back in any hurry.
4- Work intensely and don’t waste time. If you sit at your computer for a few hours and type the odd piece of dialogue because you’re watching the TV, then you won’t make any progress at all.
Try to make the time you spend go to some effect on your game.

Reasons for lack of motivation:
1- Forever making the things that need to be mass produced. If you can get someone else to make some of the maps for you, you won’t lose motivation and you won’t make the maps look shite because of lack of motivation.
The same goes for people who you might talk to in your game, don’t lapse and make none or the people really dull.
2- Working too much. If you work and have breaks then you’re alright. You should try and make the work you do productive and make it count.
Hours spent on making your game that seem to have no effect make you feel annoyed.
3- Not playing anyother computer games in the progress of making your game. Even if you know everything that will be in your game, you still need idea’s and inspiration.
By not playing other computer games, all you eventually think about is your game and it is on your mind so much that you no longer want to go near it.
4- No confirmation on your game. If nobody is there to tell you that your game is going well, then there is less motivation to make it.
If you have no brothers, sisters or buddies that can do so, then make a demo of your game and see what the public think of it.

Moral of the story:
Never make a game alone. The more people you have, the less you have to do.
The less you have to do, the more motivated you are when you do make bits to your game!

I don’t know if this has helped you very much but I hope it has. I can truly sympathise with lack of motivation as I myself have been like it on and off for some time.
All I can say is when you are not motivated, get the boring stuff out the way (while you are bored). This way you won’t spoil the fun of the other parts that you would be happy making when you have motivation!