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Article - 'Cruel Intentions part 1:' by Xanqui

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2003


A guide on how to create the perfect villain!


For every protagonist, there must be the antagonist. The antagonist is the person or force opposing the protagonist. Well, the antagonist is usually the villain of the storyline. First, let's take a look at some of the people and forces that have opposed the protagonist in the storyline.

First, Sephiroth from FF7 is my personal favorite kind of villain. He has all the power in the world, loathes the protagonist, and even kills one of the main characters. He's sexy, he's strong, and he's the most dangerous man you'll ever meet. Not only that, but he's trying to become God. But the best part is that he's based on the Tree of Life, from the Bible. I'll get more into that later on.

The second best villain in my opinion is Liquid Snake, from Metal Gear Solid. He's intelligent, rude, witty, and has everything he needs to destroy the world. He's not exactly a powerful man physically, but with the Metal Gear, he's seemingly invincible. He always knows exactly what to say to make Solid Snake miserable, and wishes to torture him in any way possible. He's a sadistic, evil, evil man.

The Iquanox, from my game: Xanqui: Life is More than Fate, is similar to the previous, but with some tweaks. He's sadistic, sexy, extremely powerful, and a perfect replica of Xanqui. He was born to be an assassin for his father, Xellseph, to kill Xanqui. However, after he assassinates hundreds of thousands of people, he realizes just before he kills Xanqui that what he has been doing for the past nine thousand years is pointless. The Iquanox is almost like a backwards version of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

The all-time favorite villain, it seems, is Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. I personally love the guy, because of his lack of sanity and his extremely sadistic and uncaring attitude. He poisons the river to kill everyone in a castle, and doesn't care that his troops think it's wrong. He also releases unthinkable power in the middle of the storyline that causes the deaths of a very large portion of the population. Kefka is sadistic, powerful, and insane.

This tutorial will only go into physical beings that are antagonists. Wait for the next tutorial to show forces.

Now, the part you've been waiting for: How do I make something cool, Xanqui?

A villain can be cliche`, because evil is the same for everything. It's supposed to be dark, powerful, sadistic, and possibly sexy, in other words, create temptation.

The sexiness of a character is actually important. It draws the protagonists to almost want to trust them. It also makes the player want to be him. If a character is very good-looking, whether it's male or female, there should be some sort of temptation involved. Kuja, , Sephiroth, and the Iquanox are sexy, and all of them at one point attempt to tempt the protagonist to join them.

A sadistic attitude really doesn't matter. If the antagonist wants to kill for the sake of killing, then well, he's sadistic. Sadistic means you take sexual pleasure from the pain of others. If you want a sadistic villain, making him sexy does help, don't ask me why. If you want him to be truly horrible and awful, he's going to need to do some pretty bad stuff. Poisoning the river in FFVI was pretty messed up. Also, they should randomly kill people every now-and-then. If you want, make each kill for a reason. However, although it means taking sexual pleasure from causing the pains of others, don't make them moan...

Instead of making them sadistic, you could give the character a viable reason to kill. Perhaps he found a way to suck the power from people he kills, and he wants to become powerful for whatever reason. Maybe he has to destroy another world in order to save his.

Your villain could also want revenge on the world, like Sephiroth and Liquid Snake. They're pissed off because they have no parents, and they were created to serve someone. Liquid Snake and Sephiroth have very much in common.

Well, now you've got the personality set up. That's just the beginning. Now, whenever your villain appears, or most of the times when he appears, the scene is going to need a change in mood. The music should change, the light should change, and the characters should prepare for a pretty hard battle. There doesn't necessarily need to be a battle, but you need to put the protagonists into the mood to fight. Everything needs to be tense, depending on the situation. There needs to be that feeling of evil.

Obviously, this article is more for the fantasy or science fiction villains who have, or are trying to achieve ultimate power. The traits you should consider are: sadistic, sexy, powerful, and darkness.

My next tutorial will have more on forces and villains who lead powerful armies against the good guys.