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Article - 'Writing and supermondocool psychology' by Stevester

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 9, 2003


This article includes two methods of writing, left and right brained. MORE PSYCHO G FO YUOS!!!11


Most people, when they start writing, they automatically switch to the left side of their brain. This is the most obvious way to write, and many people can write well with it. But, however, you can extend your writing abilities by far if you use the right side of your brain.

This article will include two methods for you to write. One, with the right side, which is harder. The other, with the left side, I recommend for beginners, or people without strong brain power.

Glossary of amazing tables of index:
Part 1: Things to do and not to do
Part 2: Right-side writing/planning method
Part 3: Regular writing/planning method (left brain)

Part 1: Things to do and not to do
Do NOT sleep before you write. It is best to write right before you sleep, because that’s when the most Ideas are streaming through your mind.
Do NOT listen to rap or songs that are all words, if you want to write with your right side. This is because listening and deciphering words is a left-brained activity.
DO listen to rap or songs of the like when you are writing with the left side. I know it may be hard to find a rap song that is actually good these days, but try to find something that is more like poetry than just ‘yo yo mofo yo’.

Part 2: Right side writing/planning method
Alright, we’re going to skip ‘brainstorming’ and everything. For some of you, this method will seem un-organized, but that’s because you are usually using the left side of your brain. When you right with your write (A PUN!!!!11) you can extend your writing abilities and so on.

How this works:
The right side of your brain is best for creativity, so you need to stay on this side to ‘level up’ your writing skills. But, your right brain isn’t good with words or punctuation, so you will be forced to switch over to your left brain sometimes. (read below to ‘practicing and outcome’ for more info.)

1. Listen to music before you write. Classification of ‘real’ music: music with little or no words. Now, after you’re done listening to music (or while you’re listening), start to think of a plot. Take general notes, because most of the stuff is in your mind, and not best when put into words. (since speaking and ‘classifying’ things, or labeling them with words, is a left brain activity)

2. Read over your notes, and sort of ‘compare’ them with what is in your mind. If your notes suffice, then you can start to write out the basic parts of the plot.

3. Write small sections, or sections that you think are important first. Later, you can fill in the spaces between the parts, or more, the ‘unimportant’ spaces. Then, go back to #1, but instead compare your finished piece with what your original plan. Add and remove parts accordingly.

Outcome and practicing:
Now, when I say ‘writing with the right side’ I really just mean more with your right side. Since writing is a left brained activity, you cant fully be in right brain mode when you’re writing.

You can’t virtually practice this, so what I recommend is writing your story between 2-4 day intervals. This way, you can ‘build up’ your writing ability as you go.

Part 3: Regular writing method
There are no real bonuses to this method, it’s just easier.

1. Brainstorming.
Whee, fun. Just think of stuff for your story.

2. Rough draft
You make a rough draft.

3. Edit & revise
You edit and revise your rough draft. (I.E. Microsoft word.)

4. Final copy
You make a final copy.

The outcome is nothing, just a regular piece of writing. And yes, I know you can tell that I don’t care for this method, but I need to emphasize my point that the right side writing is better. :)

Alright, thankyou for reading my wonderfull wub story. If you don’t understand this, comment below. If you just want to flame me, download mIRC and go into the channel #spammers and have fun. (Isn’t it really, really sad that I have to put this in everything?)