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Article - 'Interview with a Master: Majikuru' by Mateui

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 9, 2003


Every few weeks, a Game Master is given a series of 10 questions to answer. Starting up the series, we have Majikuru.


Interview with a Master: Majikuru
Questions by: Mateui
Answers by: Majikuru

Starting now, every few weeks, a Game Master will be interviewed. They will be secretly chosen by me and will answer a series of 10 different questions. To be chosen, they must show a certain strength in a game making, or playing aspect. For example, coding, map building, storyline making, being a tester, and even more! Even being helpful around the community can better your chances to be interviewed.

You will know when you have been selected as you will receive a private message asking to be interviewed. You can decline, naturally, but who would?! This is a great opportunity for your name to be better known! (And besides, you get to be on print... well, sort of)

Let us begin the show!

(::Opening Theme Music Plays::)

“Welcome to Interview with a Master! On today’s show, we will interview Majikuru, the creator of the popular demo, Eden’s Saga. His success is so great that we would like to steal it from him. He is also helpful around the forums, generally the “Game & Demo” forum, critiquing and helping others with their games.”

Well, without further adieu, here’s Majikuru! (Hey! That rhymes!)

Mateui: How did you come to know Rm2k? Found it randomly? Recommended by a friend? Etc.

Majikuru: I was actually playing RPG Maker on the PSX before I discovered this amazingly popular maker. It was 4 years ago, Don had just released a final beta for the translated maker. I had typed the name RPG Maker in a search engine and saw the link to his site. Interested, I clicked it and thats how I was emerged into the world of RM2K.

Mateui: How do you feel about the use of RTP versus the commonly used Mac & Blue chips, and resources?

Majikuru: To be frank, I believe that game's should never be based on the graphics, and/or style of the game, but by the originality and creativity. Although, it is very nice to play a great game and enjoy some eye candy while doing so.

Mateui: What do you think will happen to Rm2k in the future? Same popularity? Ousted by Rm2k3? Different and better maker?

Majikuru: I think RM2K might start to wear out, cause of, probably new simpler and more compatible makers.
But I will remain a true fan of it. I think RM2K3 will not be released to the area I live in, which is the USA. So I think I'll play by ear and see if it does before I can truthfully answer this question.

Mateui: How long have you been using Rm2k?

Majikuru: 4 Years. Many people don’t believe me when I say this. but it is the truth, the PURE truth. The FULL version was released 3 years ago. But I relied on Don's constant release of Beta's. As I said, I found Don's site when it just opened.

Mateui: Was Eden’s Saga your very first game, or have you made other attempts, but have abandoned them?

Majikuru: Oh Gosh, the game's that have been flushed down my harddrive come in dozens, maybe even hundreds.
I started using RTP, cause I thought it was the only graphics I could use. Until I saw RM2K sites popping up daily with these foreign graphics. Then I began using the ripped graphics. Stuff from Tales of Destiny, Wild Arms, Edited RTP, etc. Those times were when I just started, my first ever demo released was Gin'iro Getsurin; which means 'Silver Moon'. That demo was released to a very small amount of people. And soon Eden's Saga was born.


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Mateui: By the way, how is Eden’s Saga coming along?

Majikuru: Actually, the demo will be out this christmas, if not on christmas eve! So far I think it is a vast improvement from the last demo that was on GW, which received many good responses, but I felt it wasn’t good enough. So that’s when I started Version 3.

Mateui: Judging by your very nicely constructed and beautiful maps, you can be considered a pro in the map-making process. What advice can you give to those using Mac & Blue chips, as well as others?

Majikuru: Well, I’m glad I am thought of as a pro in the making. (Thank You) And there is allot of stuff you need to take into consideration before using Mac and Blue style graphics. First off, map skills are a plus. Mac and blue requires skill to look nice. Some games just throw some trees, grass, and water and consider it a forest. The goal is to be detailed. Secondly, make sure the graphics match the area. Don’t use a sunny, grassy town for an abandoned ghost town. Use chips that work, and make it realistic. Another is that mac and blue is not for all games. Mac and Blue is a very colorful happy feel to it, so that’s why I began using it.

Mateui: How do you feel about the use of clichés, including characters, such as Cloud, and even names, like “Eternal, Destiny,” etc?

Majikuru: Someone told me once that Eden's Saga was cliché!
Because it had the word Saga. Maybe it is cliché, but I’m not going for an all out commercial game. But cliché names are very annoying sometimes, especially the names you mentioned. I am simply annoyed by people that can't take time to think of a more original name than those mentioned. A tip, what I did, was I wrote the story for the game first, then made a title I thought best fitted.

Mateui: What advice can you give to those that are just starting out making a game with Rm2k?

Majikuru: For those who just began, it will be a long time before you become able to make excellent map's and games. So don’t start out telling someone about your very first game and giving a public demo. Start off by making a private game that catched your interest and release it to certain selected people and tell them to give you advice. This will make you better.

Mateui: What are you plans for the future? Will you continue to make games with Rm2k, or will you switch to some of the upcoming and promised makers?

Majikuru: If Eden's Saga is successful, I’m planning on the sequel. I wont give out too much, but Eden and Natily will be married, and have an elven boy named Archem. ;) I will continue with Rm2K for a long time to come.

That brings us to the end of the interview! Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you for answering the questions Majikuru!

This series will continue, hopefully in the next week, with a new master in game making. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be chosen!

(::Theme Music Plays::)

“Until Next time... To be a Master, you must know a Master!”

- Mateui