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Article - 'Preview 2003' by lithium

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 9, 2003


A huge article previewing all the upcoming games for the next year! Feast your eyes on over 48 screenshots from various games.


A Look Back on 2002, A Look Ahead to 2003(RM2K)

It has been quite a year for everyone here at GW. Not just refering to RM2K or even gaming in particular, but in the world, so many things happened in 2002. It was a year filled with mishaps and tradegies beyond comprehension. To the 500,000 and still counting innocent civilians that died because of the ongoing wars in Souther Africa to President Bush telling the world that Non-Christians will not go to heaven. What a time for all of us. Why should we live in the past? WE SHOULDN'T. That is why I am here like a much skinnier Santa to tell you what you can look forward to in the year coming. Now, before I waste anymore of your time, lets get INTO THE PREVIEWS!!

One of the lesser known authors here at GW has a great looking game coming up for you in 2003 span. His name is Trihan and his game called 'Tundra'. This game gives us alot of new features that have never been implimented on the RM2K platform before including: Vagrant Story style battle and weapon systems, Custom Shops (Shows a picture of the item along with a detailed description), and 9 playable characters. Other features include: Custom Menu System, and a Custom Battle System. I have heard some songs from the soundtrack and I'll tell you now that this is a game that you will NOT was to miss. Here is an excerpt from the story, just to give you a little juicy insight into the game:

"Without warning, there was an explosion. Immediately the sirens went off, as they were designed to do if the main walls were breached. A cloaked figure walked out, followed by two strangely dressed..were they men? It was impossible to tell. They wore heavy suits of armour and carried swords. A sharp contrast indeed to the corridor they had entered, full of technology, blinking consoles and wires everywhere. The small party hadn't gone far when two security guards approached, cocked their pistols and pointed them at the intruders. At the same time a robot of some kind appeared through a door above them. "This is a restricted area!" barked the first, "Identify yourself!" "Out of my way fool!" hissed the stranger. Taking a closer look at the intruder, the guard laughed and turned to his colleague. "A minor threat." he said carelessly, "Let the Mech deal with it." Chuckling to themselves, the guards walked away as the Mech fired a missile towards the three. Just before it hit, the cloaked figure muttered some strange words; "Niot cetorpe mevigruom racitsym!" Oblivious to this, the guards carried on even as the missile exploded. They had almost reached the laboratory when... "Careful, that almost tickled." Thinking they must be hearing things, the guards turned slowly round, horrified to see that the cloaked figure appeared to be unhurt. The first guard took a deep breath. "What the hell are you?!" "Im-impossible!" cried the other. "Nothing could have survived that!" "Enough games, I don't have time for this." the mysterious man's voice was shrill and unforgiving, as he uttered another series of seemingly nonsensical words. "Seime neym etimsem alfralos!" It was the last thing the guards ever heard as searing heat engulfed them and the mech."

After the text juicyness, here are some visuals from the game:

You will not want to pass up the chance to play this game, look for it from Trihan in the middle of the 2003 RM2K season.

Second on the docket is the much anticipated game "Eden's Saga" from Majikuru. This game features not only some REALLY great graphics but an all-star soundtrack to go along with it. It keeps retro-rm2k in style by using the default menu and battle system (with a couple of enhancements) but that shouldn't take your eye off of the jaw-dropping display. Here is a quick excerpt from the story:

"Long ago, there was a species that were called the 'Elven'. The human species aimed hatred toward the Elven, beleiving that they would bring an end to Urth as it was long ago. Thus, starting a war between these two species. Thousands of men and women were killed in this war.Even the innocent children of both Humans and Elven alike. No matter what way the Elven tried to reason to the Humans, they were ignored.Simply sent away from places that were populated by humans. Soon the daughter of the High King Ellison, Alicia, became the queen of Urth. Her father had been killed by one of the Elven. So the hatred toward the species was passed on to Alicia.Deep inside her heart there was a seed. One small seed that would grow into the most darkest thing known to any living thing. Soon the war was brought to an end, and the Elven were labeled as Extinct. Thought to be wiped off the face of the planet, Humans began to populate the towns that the Elven once did. They lived peacefully under the evil guidence of Alicia. The seed had grown much after the war, and soon will blossom into an ugly flower, lined with poisonous thorns. If evil were to be defined, she was an example. But there was one thing that the humans did not know of. It was a small child who had just been born the day of the war's ending. He was sent to be guarded by the god's in the sky. Until he was ready to take on a task that could change the threads of time eternaly, and internaly. They named this child Eden. which was the name of the island's that the god's lived on. Eden was not an ordinary child. He was not human, but his father was. Eden was an Elven. The last of it's kind. After living thirteen years with his guardians, Eden was sent down to Urth, to live with the humans once again. He had no home, and was constantly being teleported to various locations because the humans feared, and tormented him. Finally being settled in a small cave outside of a town where the Elven used to live, his story unfolded. 'Tis a story of love, betrayal, and hate. A story that has been told to generations of all species. It is the saga of an Elven boy named Eden. And this is how it all began..."

And if that amazing storyline isn't enough to get you pumped up about the game, why not check some of these visuals:

Although a demo is slated for later this coming week, the full game should arrive for your downloading pleasure in the late summer of 2003.

Third for your reading pleasure is Kaiterra's game "Virus: Humanity". First of all, the storyline in this game is off to a great start and the game hugs around a duel system and amazing custom graphics - although the soundtrack is just a grade lower than the rest of the game. While not to innovative, This is the story of Ashton Valerune, a city kid who is just now moving to a new town. This move takes him away from everything he's ever known, putting him in the alien environment of the suburbs. On top of being separated from his friends and family, Ashton's first day at school finds him confronting the supernatural and trying to win the affections of a mysterious young woman. Between all this he has to fight off strange agents, rogue sorcerers, and a dark and sinister plot to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth. It's only the beginning an epic story that spans across several worlds, and unites four troubled souls as the best of friends, to face the worst of evils.

If this isn't good enough for you then you can take a peek at the graphical sense of the game:

A demo has yet to be released, but we expect one in early 2003 and you can look for the game in mid-2003 as well.

Fourth for you, I bring "Land of Wars" to you by Andreas Johansson. The custom systems in this game will graphically blow your mind away, and the soundtrack really adds to the experience. The storyline is good, but the custom everything in the game gives you the feel and control that every rm2k gamer wants to have when playing a game. Land of Wars is on my "GET" list for 2003 and it should be on yours as well. You can take a look at the CMS/CBS right now:

This game will be on the shelves in mid-2003, and I will be looking forward to it.

Fifth, we have "RTP Unlimited: Silent Thoughts". Although the graphics are outright RTP ONLY the storyline makes up for it in a humorous and nice flowing-way. Even thought the game is made out of the basic RTP sets, I actually like the look of the game more than some custom games. The audio clippings I've heard are great and as you will see in one of the screenshots... custom battle system, always a plus.

The storyline, loosely based on a satire goes like this: Alex always lived a good life in his small town Smokey. Always being a rude one, he accidentally stumbles into a gypsy, pisses her off, and thus provoking her to set a curse on him. The curse makes all his thoughts audible, basically everyone can hear what's his thinking. It all goes downhill from here.

Here are some of the nifty visuals you'll see in the game:

Watch for this game, I know I will. It is slated for late-2003.

Sixth, and another one on my list 'to watch for' is Errico Caruso's Ancient Myths: Broken Peace. Although most of the game features modified RTP graphics the storyline is in-depth and the graphics should just be considered a throwback jersey to the game. I haven't heard any audio from this game, but from the knowing the author - it should be a treat.

Now, when we talk about storyline, we want creativity and unity towards all the loose ends.
"One day, General Koren is woken up by a shaking force. He gets out of bed and realises he's in the middle of an Earthquake. He puts on his armour and get's his sword and then runs over to the king of Grandar's palace. Running through the crumbling city of Grandar as he goes. He finally meets the king who say's that there have been terrible injuries sustained in the quake. Koren must go to the city of Olimi ,the greatest city in the world which used to be the capital of Grandar before winning independance, to get help back to the city of Grandar, but the high pass has been flooded and so there is no way through the mountains, until he finds out that there is a old mine that he can cross to the other side. But is his mission as simple as it seems? What caused the quake? Who is the person calling himself the Deuman who's trying to kill him? Why have monsters returned for the first time in a thousand years? Has the portal been opened once again? How is Koren's best friend invcolved? The answer lies in an ancient myth, told over the generations about events a thousand years ago...

Meanwhile, a thousand years ago, Korin the smith wakes up in the little village of Grandar deep in the forest and realises the village is being attacked by monsters. He gets out his sword and leather armour and set's off to defend his village and is succesfull. The villagers are baffled as to why the monsters had dared to atrtack a village and so Korin and his two best friends set out to go to the sister village of Olimi to warn the people there as to what's going on. He crosses the high pass and set's out on his adventure. Why did the monsters attack? Why do the elves seem upset? Is a war about to begin? Have dragons returned to terrorise the world? And who is the mysterious being who offers to help calling himself the Deuman?"

If that story outline doesn't pull you into the game, I don't know what will - here are some visuals for your eyes to see:

Seventh, we take a look at the RPG/RTS duo of the game 'Tribunal' from hehobbit. In both games, the graphics are amazing and they are both backed up by a GREAT storyline and a suberb soundtrack. Even more frightening is that is it so custom, that the whole RM2K weapons system has to be revamped in order to make the game work. These visuals will leave you stunned:

Tribunal: RPG

Tribunal: RTS

This game will be one of the biggest hits in 2003 and it is slated for early-Spring 2003.

While we can't show you EVERY game that was sent in - we won't leave any out. Here are some of the honorable mentions for the year 2003.

Shin Story - With suberb graphics and great audio backing up a excellent and innvoative storyline, what's not to love? This game by Chau Nguyen is sure to leave lasting impression, expect it to drop by GW sometime in early-Summer 2003

Not Another RPG: Adventures of Hiro & Vash - Two spunky friends incidentally enters a portal connecting to another universe. Upon arriving in the new world, they join up with a wacky group of heroes led by a princess summoner determined to stop an uprising evil known as Sinmus. After the hilarious adventure however, a deeper and darker foe awaits to turn this comedic saga into a bloodbath spree. Join this emerging author and his hilarious debut with AgentX, this game will be ready for you early-Spring 2003.

And last, but not least...

Copy Right - Copy Right is a story of a hacker, Ned Nerkins. In the world of CR, all states are just puppet goverments; the true power is in the hands of Copy Cops, an police group. Our hero is a Hyperlink agent. Hyperlink is a web hosting firm, but really, it is a piracy firm - the name "Hyperlink" is just a cover from Copy Cops. In the game, you solve the mystery of the new program made by Copy Cops, that would destroy the world of piracy. Sounds good to me, and it should sound good to you. The graphics are great and it is backed up by an AMAZING soundtrack (I've heard most of it), check it out in mid-summer 2003 from Rasgen Productions.

Overall, looks like 2003 will be the best year for RM2K. We got some big hits coming for you at GW and we will be here to cover them all for you.

I hope you enjoyed my little look into the world of RM2K in 2003 and I hope you'll come back to GW for all your RM2K needs.

This is Scott Harris, for GW, signing off.