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Article - 'Mailbag Issue #017' by Faust

An item about Mailbag posted on Aug 9, 2003


The first mailbag of 2003! Hooray for pointless awards I hand out like CANDY >:o!!


Ok, we usually get around 50+ users on IRC now, so here's my way of conscripting more, yo!

You think GW is a funny place right? Comedy gold at the forums, Mailbag is pretty humourous. haven't seen ANYTHING until you've joined us on IRC. IRC is where the comedy gold is MINED. Here are some great examples:

The KNIV Gang - Faust's adventures with the KNIV gang. Although it's pretty much cut short (I kinda got bored), it does make for a funny read. Hooray for Faust!

/crap - /crap is a selection of the funniest moments from IRC. It has nearly 400 quotes, a whole lot of humourous images and a special team devoted to modding it. We encourage you all to visit /crap - it is the TRUE heart of GW ;_;!

Mark's Dalventures! - Markrosoft and a few others took a team on a wacky expedition to Dalnet - numerous times. Check out the fun here! PS: I was banned from #teensex before the fun even STARTED ;__________;!

Palladium - A work in progress - Some strange guy decided to visit us in IRC one day and demand the domain! OH NO! Watch how he is dealt with in a series of humourous logs!

Seriously guys, we could do with even more of you guys in there. It's a great way to speak one on one with everyone, get to know people, make some friends and recruit people for your game creation team. All the best site discussions are there (ALSO I AM THERE LIKE 24/7!!!!)

Download mIRC, a great IRC program.

room: #gamemaker

If you have any problems, or wish to read our Rules and IRC page, click here! It will guide you, yo!

"NotBart" complains about delays: Where the hell is the GW Arena already? I've been anticipating bashing Py's brains for 4 months now! He banned me, tragedy ;_;. If you don't add the Arena soon, I may just defect to the already-growing Jee Dubba Ya website and defeat YOU SPECIFICALLY
A: HELLO MrY! GW Arena is like already done and shit, but there are reasons why you plebs can’t play yet. All will be made clear soon hehe, hooray! What has py ever done to you aside from calling your mother names a lot? ;_;. He’s a loveable guy! Everyone loves pyrate, hooray! PS: Seiken said “Ass Pyrate”, hahahah COMEDY GOLD!

Take me now baby!
"Alexfan" seems to have a bit of a crush on Alexander: What do you think it is that makes Alexander so sexy? The messy hair, the french speaking, or just the fact that it'd be totally enjoyable to be tied to a bed by him? By the way, thermal purses=great soup transportation method. (^o^)
A: You like Alexander? HE IS FAT FAG ROFLOLOMG! No, seriously, Alexander is a great guy. He's one of my best friends however, so I'm not going to comment on him sexually in public as it would TARNISH OUR FRIENDSHIP ;_;. He's French though, which sucks. Pyrate said Alexander drinks a LOT of wine, which kind of makes sense as he always seems pretty drunk and violent ;_;!

Do you like Pirates? How about C-men!
(Oops, sorry ;_;) asks: Why is there no C++ programming or Delphi stuff. You know, like actual programming language used by big companies?
A: Yo, sorry about this but I deleted the comment without checking your name >_
MSGBOX "Hello World"' WHAHAY

Ok, did you get that? This is for a language called "Visual Basic". It creates a messagebox that says HELLO WORLD! Good aren't I? The apostrophe allows you to annotate and shit, yo. Ok, that was pretty pitiful, but it does show you that we need your tutorials, so send 'em in ;-;.

Ragguretz makes me sad: Faust i know the truth! You are a SATANIST!I know it! In your photos you only use black like me! NYARAHAHAHAHA!Yesh i know! Letz do dark rites NOW!This is wackxor! XD!
A: I'm a satanist now? Classy. The black has more to do with the "goth" thing than the whole "DARK LORD" thing, and I only actually wear it because that colour makes me look good XD. Sorry, no magick for you mister! PS: Everyone go listen to Bella Morte and Sisters of Mercy, the two most roxorest bands ever ;_;!

Fonzie...why did you leave me? ;_;
Minstrel Knight bribes his way into the mailbag with:If you show this in the next mailbag then yer cool!!!
A: Yo, I added it, so am I cool now? Excellent! I've always wanted to be cool and have covered up my displeasure about NOT being cool by acting apathetic towards social engagements ;_;! NOW I AM COOL :D!! Like the FONZ! 'eyyy!

Doctor Cheese insults all the kiddies: heh if faust runs this shouldnt it be called the MALE bag? >:O. And why doesnt anyone here have a beard? seriousley, its like shave club or something...
A: Your MOM can be called the "MALE BAG" hahahaha. Ok, why doesn't anyone have a beard? The hell should I know? I'm shaving mine off the second it begins to grow anyway. Pity me, for I am LACKBEARD ;_;. PS: Doctor_Cheese, you are fired from modship for insulting the fabulous mailbag ;_;!! FOREVER!

DrFunk is a cheeky young scamp: Faust, how long will I keep on getting in the mail bag? I mean, it's like we're having an AIM conversation through the mail bag but we only respond once a week. XD
A: Why yes! Yes it is! Hooray! As long as you keep providing the comedy Gold, you'll be in. Same goes with the forums. The second you stop = BAN CITY! And I'll ban 4,000 other members as a way of mourning ;_;! KEEP ON TRUCKING, YO!

Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999!
lithium asks: What are you most looking forward to for 2003?
A: Probably "moving out". That'll be pretty damn great. Privacy, my own life, yo! Unfortunately I'm going to be moving to an area like 20 minutes away from Pyrate, which makes me SAD ;_;! I'm also looking forward to visiting Ethan hehe ^_^, so hooray!

Ask a silly question, get FURIED UP!
OpticStar makes me FURY: whats the point of the mailbag? to answer annoying and pointless questions? like this one? :) lol
A: The purpose of Mailbag is me for wade through hundreds of posts of absolute SHIT trying to find some interesting ones to add in the next update. Seriously guys, it isn't JUST about the comedy. I'd prefer some serious questions as well you know? =/ Shit makes me sad!

Couchfiend asks about Faust's personal life :o!!: "Well actually I do! Some of you know who he is hehehe ^_^, especially after a recent accidental pasting incident in IRC XDD. OOPS *waves to Ethan!!*." Faust is tha GAYES??!??
A: Short version? Yes. Long version? Yes. Well, if you mean "gay" anyway. I have no fucking clue what "gayes!" is lol. The infamous "pasting incident" comes up again lol, whahay! Nice going Ethan...aww, I still love you though ^_^! I can't stay mad at somone so cute :x. COUCHFIEND, HOWEVER, IS BANNED FOREVER! Hooray, a rhyme! ^_^

squarestanvel is all festive and shit: Merry Christmas, have a Naughty New Year
A: And God bless us every one! Yeah, happy new year everyone. Wait...naughty? hehehe, that's the plan ^_^!!!

Ok guys, the first mailbag of 2003! Hooray for fun!
PS: IRC COME >:O!!!!