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Article - 'Great Debates' by Angroth

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 9, 2003


A slight twist to the usual articles, in this one YOU get to debate what you want.


Well, they’re not that great. But someone has to debate them!

1 – My first debate is about the naming of films and games in the commercial industry. Names for the film like ‘They’ are so lame and have fallen so far from original titles such as Conan The Destroyer and Demolition Man. Alright fair enough, titles such as Robocop aren’t spectacular either but at least they film makers tried to make a catchy unique name.
Even the film Minority Report is crudd. Simply because it is called MINORity report. I know it links with the story but he is only looking for his minority report for a small portion of the film. I thought it sounded silly when I first heard the name. I believed it should be called something like priority report instead. It makes it sound more important and less minor, if you know what I mean.
And now I would like to hear your opinions and finish on the note that film names aren’t that important but the better the title the more likely you’re going to pick it up off a shelf in a film store etc.

2 – Secondly I am concerned about the permanent production of cheesy games like Mario, Crash Bandicoot (which wasn’t a bad game really) and Spyro the Dragon, and so on. If Spyro wasn’t a kiddie dragon and was large like the other dragons you meet and happened to breathe large balls of flame that incinerated knights as you layed seige upon a castle, then I would think it would be more interesting.
Generally these games are aimed at children but by the time you are able to comprehend stuff (like whats actually going on is Sesame street) then you realise its stupid and don’t like it one bit. However people still puchase these games for their little children because it contains no violence (as such….) and for themselves because they are the only games of that genre around.
Another thing I’m worried about is the fact that all these hero’s from these games usually jump on somethings head to defeat it (think Sonic). If the government are blaming people for having violent tendancies from computer games and movies (which they do from time to time) then where’s the children jumping on adults heads eh? Afterall children are the most weak minded (except for senile people) and would surely be doing the things they see if we are. And so if they’re not, then we aren’t mimicing it either!

3 – Following on from us not mimicing violence in video games I now come with disturbing news. A scientist provided evidence that all humans are trying to mimic and want to copy everything they see around them.
They plugged this guy into a machine which enhanced a certain part of his brain, they then showed him a video clip of a man picking up an apple. Nothing happened.
When the machine was actually turned on (silly people, or was the last bit a part of the experiment?) they showed the clip again and the persons hand was twitching.
This was because the mimicing part of the brain is not capable of moving the hand / arm alone but is able to try and make you. Therefore meaning, everything we see, our body wants to mimic. How scarey is that? Next time you see someone fall over, look away!
So, with that I have come to the conclusion that games and movies ARE actually affecting you and subconsciously making you do things. However they have just as much reason to blame for violence as anything you see in real life (inside buildings, in streets, at libraries etc). What do you GW fellows think if this disturbing news then?

4 – I should post this in the forums later but I would like to know what is your favourite genre of game. I think if everyone generally likes the same few genres then why not stop making the rest eh? Its just a waste of time and effort for the companies otherwise.
Personally I enjoy RPG’s (why wouldn’t I?), Adventures (metal gear solid / Duke Nukem: Time to Kill) and fighting games (Tekken / Street Fighter Alpha 3) but I do like Road Rash Jailbreak. I honestly prefer older games like Rings of Power, Shinobi 3, Golden Axe(s), Chaos Engine, and the list continues.
Back in the Sega Megadrive (or genesis) days, they were a better selection of games because the games were made for fun instead of raw hard cash and were made by a few minds and not a company. This meant that people would do what they thought was cool and not what the public generally wanted (which was good because I don’t like racing games or sports sims excluding Mutant League games). And there were also two player cooperative games and not all competitive, like there is now. And there was plenty of medieval stuff and not all high tech arse, once again, like there is now (however medieval is making a comback, but mainly in the form of ancient Japan).

If you want to answer the questions, here they are in simple form.
1 – Do you think the film and game industry are running low on names?
2 – Do you feel that there are too many cheesy games (where nobody dies properly)?
3 – Do you think humans really do want to mimic everything? And do you believe it’s a good thing? Or is it bad?
4 – Whats your favourite genre(s) of game?