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Article - 'Gaming World : Behind The Scenes' by polski

An item about Humour posted on Aug 9, 2003


Learn about all the rumours, the horrid info inside!


Every company or team has their own secrets, and it has been a long ongoing rumour that Gaming World is curropt from the inside! What kind of corruption do I speak of? Hacking into computers, running people over with cars and frying computers of the people who knew too much.

So exactly who is behind Gaming World? What evil minds are managing this curroption-filled website? Meet Bartek Gniado.

Yes, he is quite the scary man. Here you can see exactly how curropt this bastard is. He sleeps under that old, piss-filled sleeping bag and do you know what's in that bag? HACKING TOOLS! I allowed him to enter my house though so I can take a picture of him, but he lashed out at me right before I took this picture (Notice how he is getting up). After defending myself with one of my many huge, 900 page programming books, he ran away.

You may be new around here, so what exactly are these rumours about Gaming World that everyone heres about? It all started with the infamous hacking of Baka-san. This proved Gaming World was totally curropted after Faust (Picture on left, He is also corrupt..just look at him!) was given passwords to the Baka-san website. Since most of their effort was put into making the life of a GW Administrator a tough one, Faust decided to give them their own and used his password to "hax0r" the Baka-San website!

You see, Faust is a major hacker. I was able to speak to him about his hacking, here is the log:

GWMan: Hello Faust, can you explain to me how you have become such a good hacker?
Faust: =D
GWMan: Er, yeah. That doesn't tell me much, can you explain to me how you hacked the Baka-san website?
Faust: 8==============D
GWMan: Ok Thanks!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The words of a master at the art of hacking.

It wasn't over for Gaming World though, it was time for us to do more dirty work! It all started when a fellow named Arc was told that Bart, the owner of GW had run over Froz with his car. Froz was quite the veteran at Gaming World and quite the jolly giant too.

It was rumoured that Bart had run over froz with his car! But this couldn't be true could it? I mean, Bart was only 17 at the time, didn't have his own car and only had a beginners license which didn't allow him to do much except try to drive out of the drive way very unsuccessfully. With the help of my super technology that I have with me, I was able to reconstruct the scene of Bart hitting Froz with his car. I warn some of you, this is not a sight for sore eyes.

It was a nice sunny day, Froz was enjoying a nice walk around his community..but the sun would not shine much longer...
For Bart was coming around the corner. Look at his evil glare. Look at how he supported the evil ways of Michael Jackson with his black and white gloves. Look at his little commander outfit has he drove around like an imperialistic psycho. This was the Bart, that would end it all for Froz.
The sky grew dark and it looked like it was about to end for Froz as bart skidded along to the sidewalk and went straight for Froz.
As Bart fled the scene, Froz lay there in a big mess, he was broken up..and nothing could be done.

This, was the sad story of Bart hitting Froz with his car. It has been believed to this day that Bart is what was portrayed here, a evil maniac out to hurt people.

It wasn't over yet, Another rumour had come upon the infamous Bart. It was now rumoured that he had hacked into and fried Nathan Alden's Computer. Nate is the creator of LiveRPG and it was said Bart fried his computer after he "knew too much". Of course, this cannot be true right? Nate is infinitely better then Bart at managing a computer, but yet he can hack into his computer?

It seems so! Bart hacked into Nate's computer by using his supreme hacking kit which he carries around with him. It consists of a can of soda, some random wires and a broken telephone. I do not know how he pulls it off, but he is quite ingenious.

Alas, that was the last rumour ever made about Gaming World to this day. The hilarious part of it all is that many people took it seriously, even 50 year old woman who will go unnamed. The stories of Gaming World and what happens behind the scenes are all very horrendous, I hope I can one day put a stop to this.

Ok, that's enough. You read the article, you finally heard about all the rumours you sometimes see mentioned. Now what is the moral of this? Don't believe everything people say to you. The internet is full of idiots, liars, and people who just want to screw around. What better place to lie, cheat and steal (Go Tool Reference!) then on the internet? Where you are covered by a glass monitor and most likely miles of land.

I created this article not to take advantage of the humorous rumours that have come upon Gaming World, but to make a point that Gaming World is not any kind of big organization. Yes, we have a staff forum that is private. Yes, we have a staff channel that is also private. No, we do not brew up hacking plans in our staff hide outs. We are just regular people doing what we think is best for the overall rpgmaking community. We are 17, 19, and even 13 years old. We do not get paid for doing our work. Our management is the same guy writing this article.

So to put it simply, There are a lot of rumours that can be easily developed over the internet. For example, I can be a porn star tomorrow if someone mentions it on the forums! Don't believe everything everyone says, and don't even believe everything we say because we are sarcastic 90% of the time.
Thanks goes out to Jerrieko, who started the whole Car Hitting and Computer Frieing rumour as a joke. Special Thanks to Arc for being the fool that fell for it all, and special thanks to all the people who believed the rumours, it just made it more fun for us!