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Article - 'Interview with Moriason' by lithium

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 9, 2003


Moriason takes a couple of Q's and turns them into A's in this interview.


Interview with Moriason

Over the last 8 or 9 months, Moriason has been a dedicated worker for GW helping out with whatever he could (and was requested of him). He has always been one of my greatest friends and co-workers here are GW and on Janaury 11 2003, and tonight I got the chance to discuss his long term plans as well as what he plans for his future at Gaming World.

lithium: You've been staff now for about 9 months, and we all have an interesting story about how we came to be hired, care to tell yours?

Moriason: My story's not interesting XD. But I guess I can tell you.

Well, one day a 'Blue-Moogle' had posted news on a site called Gaming World I had been going to for a few months now, that had something called Music Mucker, a music creating program
I downloaded it, and became rather good with music quickly. I had become friends with a guy named Slackerboy, so I got him to judge my music, and he said it was great. He asked me to work on music for his game, Apocalypse. I graciously accepted, and began to make more songs
Shortly after this, about 2 weeks, Bart posted news about Hiring Staff, since I had decent skill, or so I thought, I figure "Ah, why the hell not, can't hurt", and submitted an application with some music. To be honest I forgot I send it, I was sorta busy with other things, then one day a week later, I get an e-mail from Bart and I'm staff.

lithium: You certainly have a knack for music-making, is it gratifing to see music that you have produced for GW being praised by GW members?

Moriason: I never have, so I wouldn't know.

lithium: What about when you post news people say "GREAT JOB MOR"?

Moriason: That's like me when I don't even read the articles and say "Good work :D". It's just a nice thing to say and it ranks up a post count. And odds are, it IS a good article.

lithium: Now, you are the youngest staff member at GW (14 years old), do you think that adds any more pressure on you to excel in what you do or does it make it easier to lay back?

Moriason: Ha, I love it! I'm pretty high in command here, and to know I'm the youngest but able to tell people what to do who are much older than me, is a good feeling (I know that sounded so conceited ;_;). Really though, it's great. I get to learn a lot from my experiences at GW, and it helps me greatly in real life, so I can excel even further than I'd ever believe myself to.

lithium: Let's talk about the 'makers' for a second, if you were to choose one maker overall that is being supported by GW right now, which would you recommened to rpg_NEWB with his geocities game page?

Moriason: GAMEMAKER!!! I highly support Gamemaker, even though my game isn't in it XD. It's a VERY powerful program, that has almost limitless capability, it just takes a decent amount of programming knowledge to use too. I'd switch my game to it but it'd take too long. Gamemaker all the way.

lithium: You aren't big on programming, but you are currently developing a game that was featured in January's Roundup, explain.

Moriason: Well, I love Japanese culture, and making games. It's interesting to know you have the power to create something such as an entire game. A thing I love to do most in my game is make maps, that's the fun part. I'm very good at it, and it's exciting to do. That's how my game got started actually, one day I was map making for fun and made a dojo, and so it began :O!

lithium: Switching the subject a bit. Being young, do you believe that the talents you have picked up or will pick up will help you later in your life after GW?

Moriason: Yes, actually. I want to be a graphic designer in the future, and I've learned a lot about making graphics here. I've become smarter, my vocabulary's bigger and I speak with better clarity. So in the long run, I suppose so.

lithium: GW has just recently (within teh last year) become a popular stop for gamers looking to make thier own creations. How do you think that the success of GW has affected major rivals like rpg2knet and GGZ, and recent newcomer Hellfusion?

Moriason: Well, I honestly think GW is beginning to dominate, imperialize this small but flourishing community. It has more resources than the rest, more articles, tutorials, a great staff, chat room, forum, and now, a radio network! We're getting big, expanding daily, looking into new makers, new allies. GGZ and 2knet are beginning to be looked upon less and less I believe, and Hellfusion lacks content at the moment, but who knows. Our future's bright I believe.

lithium: Now, HF is definatly looks upon with more favor than GGZ and rpg2knet - do you think ever in the future that HF and GW might end up merging?

Moriason: I strongly doubt this. Bart wants to keep us a single site, I hope. And the staff surely agrees with me. If a merger were to occur, things would slowly begin to collapse. It's been proven before.

lithium: Do you think that your stay at GW has influenced what you might consider going to college for?

Moriason: In ways, yes. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be what I want to be now before I came to GW, but since I've developed skill and many sources of help, it has engraved the career I want to have into me.

lithium: Have you enjoyed your stay at GW and the people that make up its, now over 6000 users? And how much do you LOVE your fellow staff members?

Moriason: Oh I have LOVED my time at GW, it really has made my life so much fuller. We have so many great members, I'd like to mention you all but I have so many I think ARE great that it would take too much space. And the staff, simply extraordinary people. Brilliant, wise, generally good looking, kind and just overall great people, they make this site what it is. You guys rock :D!

lithium: Well, you are a cherishable member of GW yourself Moriason and I wish you all the luck in the future. Thank you for this interview.

Moriason: Thank you for interviewing me ^_^

As you can see Gw has changed Moriason, and we hope it does the same to you. I'd like to think Moriason for letting me take some of his time and IRC for fully cooperating during the interview.

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