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Article - 'Community Idea Pool #2' by Guest

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2003


The second CIP article, durh durh :o


Ah, one week has passed and the second of the CIPs has already been released! Unfortunately, whether you folks like the CIP or not, it will be dying out if I don't get more submissions. Please, anything is appreciated, so send in if you can! Now then, let's get onto the content, starting with our first submission from calin!


You are a magician and have the ability to control time, moving seamlessly between past, present and future, however, at a price. As you travel, you age nearly one hundred times than normal and soon you realize that time is quickly running out for you. You seek for a way to reverse your aging, and upon a particular voyage into the past you stumble on such a thing; a manuscript dated 1000 years since hence though found 1000 years before its time. Upon it is a list of destinations spread throughout the lines of history. However, in stumbling upon such a gift you begin to unravel a long hidden truth about a millenial war between brothers; the fight for immortality. The wars of the past were all but movements of pawns in a drawn out game of chess.

You decide to side with whomever will be the victor and travel far into the future to seek out the champion. There is nothing there. All is gone, destroyed and barren. At the war's end there will be no victor. It must be settled in the past and present.

Well, this is the nice beginning for an RPG, plus an original opposing force, as the reality of the future takes the form of the anti-hero, not some cliched warlock of sorts. However, the beginning does seem to be too long to be enjoyable to watch- a lot of moving, reading, and dialogue, yet no fighting. I'd spruce up the beginning, perhaps with a few snippets of the game's lighter plots, along with a few dungeon romps.


The world is infertile. Nothing will be born, neither man, beast, or plant; the vengeance of a Raging God. Food grows scare, many die while some resort to cannibalism. A plea has been made from the Earth to the Heavens for mercy, but as of yet, unanswered. The peoples of Earth, desperate and wilting decide to take Heaven by force and from it bring infinite bounty back down with them. God's army refuses to fight for his unjust struggle and so decides to make a bargain with Hell. The Devil sends his hordes to annihilate the Human army in exchange for half the Lands of Heaven. The Armies of God, hearing this and believing their master had fallen from grace, rebel and side with the Earthlings. A desperate battle ensues but both Man and Angel soon realize that they are no match for the combined might of God and Demon. They send you, an ambassador for the forces of the New Greater Heaven to negotiate with the leaders of the Demon Army. These negotiations must not fail as all hope rides in siding with the Armies of Hell, and together they yet might make right with the world.

Very nice idea. I particularly like the idea of a cruel God-like figure, something I don't see much in RPGs that often prefer to remain without gods. One main theme I can think of that would work very well with this idea is greed- greed for their lives forces the humans to challenge God, greed for self-preservation and ideals makes God obstinate, and greed for power makes the Devil a wild card. The only figures that don't seem to show greed are the former angels of God that sided with the humans.


how about an unsuspecting citizen being manipulated by a 'higher power (insert corporation/entity name [here])'. It's always fun to see an innocent little person become a puppet of evil.

i dunno; i'm feelin' dark and broody today.

One idea that I got from Turtlebuster's idea that I like is the idea of governments manipulating civilians through such ideas as nationality, allegiance, brotherhood, and especially the painting of the world as white and black, good and evil. This was done extremely well in Final Fantasy Tactics, and I'd love a few amateur games that also play this card extremely well. However, I'm not particularly in love with the idea of manipulative governments, but that's probably just my anti-FF-cliche system acting up again :D.


I don't consider this cliché, since the only game I know that does it is FF8

The main character doesn't get off with one of the girls until either: the very end

or: never

Should you choose not to give him the girl, then instead, he befriends one of the male characters (whether they're gay or not is up to you)

They become best friends/gay lovers for life (Of course you'd prefer the former)

Hrm, I guess I just don't like this idea. It seems to me that games with end-game love twists often spoil the character relationships, making things seem too rushed. Also, I disagree with you on FF8, in that Squall and Rinoa's relationship was slowly built. My recommendation to all is that, when making amateur games, make sure that the love relationships progress at a slow, steady pace.

Mr. Y

In a modern country (on Earth, in present-day), a teenager is playing an aggressive sport, like American football or wrestling. S/He is very athletic and does well... After the game though, the player is taken into the quest, be it mythical, historical, or present-day. I kind of like this idea, because the 'jock' is typically likened to an evil, power-using jerk that pushes people around, while the 'nerd' is glorified as the quiet but brilliant smart kid (who probably also learns magic later, ). If you wish though, you could make the athlete be a real jerk at the start, and gradually change into a nice guy. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, OH MY.

Well, just an idea for futuristic games in development that don't want to have the cliched 'outcast-nerd-of-society-become-great-hero-oh-cool' plot idea, heh heh :D.


500 years into the future, many humans have mutated the ability to see forward through time. However, after delving but 50 years forward, a shocking revelation was revealed. Earth did not exist. Whether by some natural disaster or man-made disturbance, it was simply so; Earth would be no more within half a century. These psychics, however, could not reveal what it is that will bring ruin to the Earth, however they are certain that is due to the actions of a single man. Confused and panic stricken, most humans blame one another and within a year all National alliances and identities had collapse along with any possibility for peace. The Anglican Coalition, a mass rally of those people of European descent begin an offensive strike against Russo-Asia, conquering and pillaging along the long road to New Moscow. However, Eastern Asia along with the support of the Asian Islanders launch a two frontal assault against Western Europe and North America splitting the World into two lines.

But a Third Group splintered off the two opposing factions. A group of Philosopher Scientists, backed by the Earth’s leading militants and psychics, secede and begin a counter offensive against opposition in Oceanic Asia and South America. Determined to reveal the conspirators behind Earth’s annihilation, they hope that perhaps with the collective will of Earth’s minds they can unravel this mystery. But they must act soon for they have but one lifetime before these secrets will be lost forever.

Well, one lifetime for an RPG character usually would mean way too much game content :o. But, this is a very good idea. This is a good beginning to a story about man-made world annihilation, jah? Perhaps nuclear weapons could destroy Earth? *cough*


Not one girl or boy or beast on Earth or in Heaven can age beyond the year of 12. On their thirteenth birthday, at precisely midnight they are taken away and disappear. As if they never where. No one knows how or why this happens but it is June of the 15th, one week before your 13th birthday. Particularly on this day the World is of a different sort. It is Noon and the Sun has not risen nor either the Moon or the Stars. Being the oldest, the other children gather to you for help. They hear speak of a Man in the East, 50 in his years. Though but a simple legend, you travel there in search of answers, in part of curiousity and in part of fear. But the journey would at least take one month, 4 weeks more than you have.

All I can say is that this is very original and good. Also reminds me of the Steven King book, 'Children of the Corn'. I think that's its name... Anyways, I don't have any notes to add here. Take it or leave it, I guess.

Mr. Y

An extremely powerful, evil magus is fighting a self-serving king. This is a new twist of the classic God vs. Hero story bit. Also, I prefer the king to be more concerned over his safety than his nation's. An interesting main character? Surely!

A shortie compared to the rest of these, but get ready, because the next two are also short :o.

Mr. Y

An evil God character that reigns over the world. What's wrong with this, eh? The idea is controversy between the storyline and our real world, as well as what appears to be a hopeless situation. Noble warriors plotting to overthrow a maniacle, everlasting God figure? Hopeless!

Mr. Y

Government-oriented storylines! Focus on the 'goods' and 'evils' of various governments of our own world! This idea sparks controversy, which is good! Why? Because a controversial storyline brings the player's own morals and beliefs into question, thus involving him/her more deeply. Jah to that?

Wolfgang Haydn

An old couple coincidently discovers a thin baby that is sitting in the snow completely silent[1]. He was abandoned by a less "civilized" tribe that doesn't pay any attention to their weak offsprings since they'll most likely die and only would waste the important food that his brothers and sisters needs.

He grows up and becomes a leader in an organization because of nepotism and is sent out on a mission with a small squad. Half of the squad is killed because of his lack of leadership skills. The squad meets other persons that they join up with and one of them eventually becomes the leader of the group.

In the end our protagonist dies when he tries to confront the antagonist.

Screaming is one of the basic skills for survival at this age.

This is a great collection of nice storyline ideas, all of which seem completely fresh and original to me. But, I don't understand the underlying morals of this bit of storyline. The main character's lack of leadership and surprising, original death at the hands of the antagonist suggest that he actually was weak, and that the tribe was correct in throwing him out. If that is true, does that stand to mean that the more 'civilized', stand-uppish peoples are not always correct with their kind morals, and that the harsh, traditional rules of older life may be better in some cases? This is controversial, meaning that it is GOOD :D.

And, I am now closing the second of the CIP editions. If anyone has ANY ideas, be they long or short, send them in to get recognition! What's better than recognition? Mir! But I can't give you mir, that's really expensive where I live :x. Sorry about that.