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Article - 'Chain story (unedited)' by Stevester

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 9, 2003


This is the unedited version of the chain story, meaning you will find only what was posted by the members.


This is the unedited version of the chain story, meaning that you will only see the actual story itself, without any poster's names or descriptions. If you want names and descriptions, go here.

The nights air is heavy and all is quiet in the depths of the Icy mountains.

All of a sudden a tall but thin man with a bandana tied about his brow appeared as quiet as a mouse upon a pinnacle in the deep of the mines.

Wearing tight black gloves fit so close to his hands that they move as if it were his skin, a small jacket around his torso made of thinly woven cloth that flows freely with his body. Upon his feet, light weight boots that could be lifted with ease.

The tall man stood there on the pinnacle of rock, still and quiet. All of a sudden the sleek man started punching the air with his fast moving hands, dodging and leaping into the air as if someone was there fighting against him.

All of a sudden a noise of rocks falling echoed around the mines that were set deep in the mountains. The fast fighter dropped to the ground silently listening and watching in the dark lightless hall.


Down in the mines, Clay picks himself up from his fall, and rushes to get his boots back on.

"Crap" He muttered still trying to get it on. "I gotta be more careful, someone could've heard me."

He pulled on his boots, and jumped up.

"I knew I shouldn’t have come. But nooooo, that idiot Thorn conned me into it. AGH!"

He dashed off, desperately looking for an exit.


Thorn walked down the vaguely lit complex hall way. It was cold and clammy and he didn’t like this whole operation anyway. Being the second in command of this whole mining operation wasn’t too pleasing either, considering he had to trick Clay into his death. He walked into an office "Master Sergeant Pyre sir, the 'accidental' death of Clay was carried out successfully, with him out of the way the only resistance should be the towns people."

"Excellent work Thorn, just the type of work I’d expect from you. About the towns people....burn them and the town if resistance is shown."

Thorn was appalled by his Master Sergeant but did not show it other than squeezing the spiked glove he wore. This might call for later action, and he secretly hoped Clay was alive as he might prove useful if this situation continues.


"I'm lost." Muttered Clay as he explored the long dark hallways. "Where am I?" Suddenly Clay heard a noise as though it was some sort of plea.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" No reply, and then Clay ran farther to look for the creature. Suddenly he saw an injured human laying against a rock with blood dripping down his face. "Are you alright?" Clay asked. "Ugh... Im wounded... Please... take me to the village..." It was a female wearing a dark blue robe with hair running down her neck and shoulders. "Where?" Clay asked. " To... the... th... village... Ugh..." Suddenly the woman fainted. Clay raised her in his arms and quickly ran farther.

“Village? What village?” Clay was unsure where he should go. He didn’t recognize the area too well, and all he could do for now was try to find a way out of the mine. “Why’d that damned thorn have to put me in this place?”, he contemplated. Clay couldn’t go anywhere with the girl, and he couldn’t just leave her there.. But as luck would have it, he wouldn’t be going anywhere anyhow. From the depths of the tavern emerged a reptilian life form! With a fierce roar the beast snapped at Clay. “Damn, this girl is really gonna slow me down”, thought Clay. “I have to run!” Clay runs off with the girl still in his arms. He notices a small opening that the reptile would be too big for...

The Opening was small though so he pushed the girl in the opening first and the beast reached for Clay....Clay shouted "here's some sand for ya!" and tossed sand into the reptile's eyes he then dashed into the light and found himself in a tropical paradise... it was full of trees and plants.... "Where the hell am I" Clay muttered... "Hey there's smoke in the distance!" he picked up the girl and ran towards the smoke.

When he reached the smoke he saw a strange shadowy figure surrounded by a village in flames...Clay said "What the hell's goin on here?"...

The figure pulled out a crimson-colored blade from its golden sheath..

Then said "Back off kid, you have no purpose here...."

Clay replied by saying "What the hell, you still haven’t told me what’s going on...!!!" "The village is not pure, it's not supposed to exist... "said the figure, "So I took care of it.."

Clay walked slowly away, and placed the girl in a safe spot near the bushes...He then walked back to the man, and challenged him to a dual..

The man said "yes", and the fight began...

The man went into a stance sheathing the sword. Clay was confused with his style.

"Let's go!" Clay yelled as he rushed into the combat. He was slammed down quickly.

"Hah! Foolish child!" the man kicked him up high and grappled him by the shirt. "Foolish child indeed." He hurled Clay into a house. "Time to finish this little 'duel'." The man towered over Clay's body.

Clay looked up at his inevitable doom. He squirmed, signaling the girl to run quickly. He closed his eyes tight, waiting for the end. But it did not come. He slowly opened his eyes and a drop of blood peck him on the face. He saw a large man with a scythe jammed into the man's spinal cord. With on quick yank, the evil man's cord went flying out. The tall man pulled Clay up.

"I am Fargio...your name is?"

Clay stood like a dwarf before the powerfully-built man, this Fargio. The stranger wore a heavy studded leather jacket, matching his black-brown leather outfit of gauntlets, tight pants, and boots. He had a heavy wool cloak about him, the hood of it covering most of his short messy black-grey hair. Fargio also had a short, cruel nose, a tight smirk, a rough mustache, and dark black eyes that gave him an aura of perceptiveness.

Despite his rescue, Clay wasn't about to trust Fargio so soon. So much had happened in so short a time... And then there was that girl that he... Oh damn, the GIRL!

"No time for introductions sir, if you don't mind," Clay said. "There's a dying woman outside that needs to be helped."

"The woman?" said Fargio. "No, she's gone." "What? Where'd she go?" Clay asked. "She didn't get up and leave for anyplace," Fargio said. "She's dead." "Wha, wha, what do you mean?!" stammered Clay. Fargio shifted about his feet, and his gaze fell to the floor for a few seconds before returning to meet Clay's; once more then, he exhibited a very glow of pride and hidden honor.

"There's a war going on in these lands between the Hill Ogres of Duro-Tai to the East, and the Witch Trolls of the Solyard Marshes, to the Southwest. Also involved in the matter is the local kingdom, the Nation of Terathi, led by King Solyard the 16th; they wish to remain neutral, but are aiding the Ogres so as to hopefully reclaim the Solyard Marshes. This village was recently surrendured over to the Ogres peacefully to be used as a fortress in a month, but the Witch Trolls found out and decimated it with a toxic cloud of poisons. Wishing to keep the disease from spreading into the rest of Terathi, Solyard authorized the infamous knight Sir Ghulan to kill everyone and burn everything."

"Was Ghulan the man we killed?" asked Clay. "And how come he isn't effected by the poisons?"

"He wasn't effected because he was knighted as a Paladin, a holy soldier that fights evil and death with white light; thus, he could withstand any disease that came against him. But we have killed him now, so perhaps the white light will seek to destroy us..."

There was silence in the room for a few moments before Fargio spoke again.

"Where do you wish to go, young man?" asked Fargio.

"I've still got questions, sir. How did you know about Solyard and Ghulan's plan?"

"I know a lot more than my exterior reveals," said Fargio, and Clay believed him. The warrior's eyes turned misty for a few moments as he said that, then hardened back into black coals as Clay spoke again.

"I... I live at a town northeast of here, it's called Dailaiya," said Clay. "I work for a small Terathi military station in town, you know?" Fargio paused for a few moments before responding.

"Terathi, eh? You aren't planning to report me for killing Ghulan, are you?"

"No sir, you saved my life," said Clay.

"Good then," said Fargio. "We'll leave immediately."

"We?" asked Clay.

"I've got my own business to carry out in Dailaiya, and I'd prefer we travel together. The roads at night are dark and hide many evils."

"Hey, you don't even know my name yet!" said Clay.

"Yes I do, Clay."

Clay stood there starstruck, wondering what power or ally enabled Fargio to know so much while talking so little. The two readied themselves and left silently, and began taking the path to the town of Dailaiya.

As they plodded along, they met little obstacles along the straightforward path. Near the edges of the path, there were many large mushrooms, some up to three feet tall. The black dots on their white surface almost seemed like a thousand eyes.

"The boy is special," came the intrusion in Fargio's mind. "He might know of your... indecencies," the voice hissed in his head.

"He doesn't even know of his strength, let alone use it!" Fargio reasoned, scratching his stubble of a beard. "Now let me to myself!"

"As you wish." Came the hiss.

Clay looked up at Fargio, who seemed to be muttering to himself. He abruptly stopped, sensing Clay's prodding eyes. Clay was about to look back down to the path, when he saw, or thought he saw, a large white mushroom move.

"What the..." Clay yelled out as he fell backward into the mushroom-surrounded brush, startled by the image. It was gone in a second.

Clay looked up to meet Fargio's questioning gaze. Clay merely shrugged, having no explanation of what just happened. So many things happened to him today!

"Shrooon sorry" came the mental voice, from not too far away.

Turtlebuster Posted:

Fargio stiffened.

"Not again," he said, loathfully.

Clay picked himself up and peered ahead.

"What again?"

A small, bent figure walked haltingly towards them, dressed in what appeared to be a large, mushroom shaped hat.

"Shrooon not meant frighten Clay."

The croak came from within the ridiculous white hat.

"You tressspass my mushhrooms, Clay."

"How does everybody know my name," wondered Clay. He glanced around him to find hundreds more mushrooms than he had first imagined. They grew over the grass, rotten logs, trees and even each other. And they all seemed to be moving as if a gentle breeze was out, but there was none.

Fargio shouldered his scythe and tensed his huge shoulders.

"Don't try to stop us, Shroon. We need to use this road, there are most likely soldiers on our trail."

Shroon turned and looked up at Fargio, having to straighten his back somewhat just to see the big man's face.

"Shrooon not fear soldiers," he said as mockingly as could be believable, given his severe dwarfism. "My plantss kill for mee."

"Damn your plants," shouted Clay. "If you make trouble for us we'll burn this whole place to the ground!" By now Clay was getting worried about the village back at Dailaiya, and very angry with this stump of a man who thought of himself as someone important.

"Don't say that," came Fargio's whispering voice in Clay's ear.

"Don't say what!" shouted Clay, "that I will kill all his mushroom minions?"

Clay took a step back, then he turned and started stepping on the mushrooms that had been swaying as if they were pushed by the wind.

As soon as Clay stepped on the first tiny mushroom Shroon gave out a piercing scream. "Don’t kill my precious" Shroon screamed at Clay.

Clay fell to his knees holding his ears, and cowering like a puppy being told off by his master.

Clay looked up and could see that Fargio was not affected by the scream of Shroon.

Clay then shouted out "Fargioooo", at once Fargio held out his large hand and let out a sightless force that pushed Shroon to the ground just beneath a large Oak tree.

Clay let go of his ears but was motionless lying on the pathway that had been worn away by many travellers. Fargio put down his arm and rested it by his side. "Hey Clay are you alright"...Clay did not answer, but Fargio could see that he was still breathing.

Fargio could hear the creature, Shroon moaning behind him. Fargio lifted Clay from the ground and started running along the path way towards Dailaiya.

The path way was smooth but either side were rough vegetation, with large trees towering above the ground. All of a sudden Clay kicked out of his short coma and started screaming, Fargio quickly held his hand over Clays mouth "quiet boy we are safe now, but we are still being tracked by soldiers". Clay sat there on the pathway breathing deeply still shocked at what had happened with Shroon.

All of a sudden Fargio’s ears pricked up, "do you hear that Clay"

"Hear what" Clay whispered...

"There are two men listening in the bush over there" Fargio proclaimed.

Then Fargio shouted "come out whoever you two fellows in the brush over there are"

Clay quickly grabbed Fargio’s arm in panic and shouted "what are you doing".

Out of the brush two soldiers that had been tracking the travellers, could now be seen clearly.

"We have clear orders to take you back to the commander dead or alive, does not matter to him".

Fargio took hold of his long sword that had been resting on his back, and got into a stance position.

As soon as Fargio took up his sword the two soldiers lunged towards him.

Fargio deflected one of the blows from the broad sword of the soldiers and then struck the on coming soldier in the chest.

The soldier fell to the ground with a thud. His companion stood there in shock rambling to himself. With a blink of the eye the soldier had fled into the brush and could not be seen as the vegitation was to thick.....

Clay watched in awe as a blood stain grew on the soldiers clothing; Fargio sheathed his blade, and looked into the distance.

"Dailaiya shouldn’t be far", he said sternly. "Come", his feet padded heavily on the path, Clay silently followed.

They walked for what seemed like hours. Clay brushed away a bug tangled in his hair. It wasnt long before they found themselves in a small clearing, that forked into several paths.

"This is new" Fargio sat down on a nearby rock, pondering which way to go.

"Whadda we do now?" Clay knelt on the ground.

Fargio looked at him for a moment, then sighing...

"I wish I knew..."


Thorn walked sternly down the cold damp mine shaft that was newly created, he approached a tall thin man with a bandana tied about his head

"Was Clay's assassination a success?"

"No, sorry Thorn. Fargio interfered" The tall man stated.

"Dammit Gahmier! If Ghulan failed you were supposed to carry out the misson." Thorn yelled at Ghamier.

"So Clay's alive....good....if King Solyard is doing what I think...hell I might have to rebell against my country...SHIT!Why does he have to posess those damned rejunitive genes!? Stupid magician discovering this "technology" thing..stupid theory on Clay's genes being able tor ecover life.."

"I'm leaving Gahmier, I have to find Clay" stated Thorn intently "Oh and Gahmier, if I dont come back, find some way to fake my death."

"Y-y-yes sir!" Gahmier didn’t quite understand Thorn, but this Clay they're supposed to kill must be pretty important. "But sir do your really think you can take Fargio?"

Thorn sighed "Gahmier it might not come to that and even if it does i have my Blade Breaker gloves." At that Thorn pulled out two gloves with a patch at the top "You see Gahmier inside of these patches are large metal rectangles with slots in them, when I catch a blade with these i can easily break the blade, thus rendering the weapon useless. But if it comes down to hand to hand I can always do this." with a flick of his wrist spikes came out of each knuckle of the gloves. "But understand Gahmier i have no intention of fighting." and with that Thorn left.

As Thorn stepped out side he saw the bloody, spineless, fly ridden body of the supposed 'paladin' assasin. "Worthless deaths...." Thorn muttered.

A breeze blew and Thorns shoulder length spiky silver hair rode the wind for that instant, his waist long blue and silver jacket rippled, and he squinted his sky blue eyes as he set out for his quest to find Clay.


Clay sighed in disbelief. “I cant believe this!” He yelled. Fargio sat on the rock with his hand on his chin staring at the ground. “Fargio?” Clay asked.

No response. “FARGIO!!!” Clay screamed. But suddenly, Fargio fell to the ground, and several arrows were studded in his back. “NOOOOO!!!!” Clay screamed. “Uh...ugh...” With pure strength and bravery Fargio came to his knees and saw several gnomes that had bow and arrows. “But... what? How can a gnome carry a bow?” Clay asked. “Galanomes. Stronger than ordinary.” Replied Fargio. “Theres too many! We've gotta make a desicion now!” Clay yelled. “The middle one!” Fargio came to his feet and burst down the path. In pure luck, they came to the right path. “Hahah!” Clay said. “Dailaiya!” Fargio smiled, but was bleeding from the arrows in his back. “We gotta get you to the inn!” Clay shouted.

“Stop right there.” A voice said. “uh, whos there?” Clay asked.

“Do you not remember me?”, asked a feminine voice. “Remember??” Clay and fargio looked around wondering where the voice was coming from. Then, in a mild flash, appeared a woman in a blue cloak. Clay glared at the woman in awe.. it was the woman he found in the mines! “My name is Saya”, said the girl as she walked toward clay and fargio. “Stay away from her clay, she was infected with the cloud toxins! “What? Do you mean to tell me she never died?”

“Apparently not.” replied fargio

“You left me for dead back there, tall man, I don’t think that was very gentle-man like...” said Saya, then, With a faint glow, the woman vanished.

“Fargio, what was that about?” asked Clay in a rage.

“No time, the trolls will catch up to us.. We have to find refuge now!”

“No! Not until You tell me what the hell you are planning!”

Fargio grabs Clay by the head, “Remember, you OWE me!” Clay dwindles by his neck, unable to reply... With a sinister grin, Fargio releases him.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted a man with a name like that, and such a monstrous build!”

“It doesn’t matter at this point, does it, Now come, we have to find a place to stay, you don’t wanna mess with galanomes at night.. they Have endless vantages!” Fargio said with a condecending tone in his voice

Clay and Fargio go into the desolate village.

“This is your home town? Pretty solitary.” stated clay

“No, this is not my home.. this was a trap to capture me!”

“What? What do you mean??”

“The witch trolls, they use sorcery.”

“What do the witch trolls want with you?”

“Didn’t I tell you the witch trolls and the Ogres were at war?”

Clay drew away from Fargio. “You’re an ogre?”

“You aren’t the brightest man, are ya?”

During their distraction, the mage gnomes casted an unknown magic that increase their speed...

"Whoa what was that?!" yelled Clay

"Come on kid their catching up" shouted Fargio.

The Mage Gnomes caught up and surrounded them with Staffs and Rods in hand.....a gnome walked up "Surrender you lousy ogre!"

"Never!" Clay shouted

"Forget it boy we cant get past thousands of trolls...We surrender" said Fargio....

"Hmmm? We? We only want you ogre the boy is harmless surrender or you die....." said the Gnome.

"Hmmm..... I’m ready to fight" thought Clay.....

Dantares Posted: Aug 21 2002, 05:35 PM

Clay grabbed a rock off the ground and threw it at the miniature menaces...

The rock knocked down a few but still did little damage to the fleet of gnomes standing...Fargio was losing patience...he knew 2 against 200 didnt stand a he had to resort to casting a summoning spell...

"Crystal Rain" to summon "Tetrus"...

"Alright..Clay stand back!" said Fargio..."What?" replied the confused hero.."Oh,ok..." He finished as he ran back...

"hmmmmmmmmmm...ERRAAAA...Spirit of Absence, bringer of destruction...come to this world and serve me with your power!"

A flash sparked..and then, an eclipse...The gnomes stood still, and saw a gigantic creature just appear out of the sky. "Eraaa" screached the giant, purple, serpent-like, beast...

"Tetrus, destroy them!" shouted the excited Fagio...

And with that sentence ending, the creature did just as he said...

Releasing a ray of incredable power and size toward the Gnomes...making them become non-exsistant while being replaced by a smoking crater..

TheCreeper Posted: Aug 21 2002, 06:13 PM

After that extroidinary show, Fargio heard a faint clap.

"Eh?" said the big orge.

"Bravo! Good show!" a figure stepped out of the shadows.

"!" Fargio turned to yell.

"Wha?" Clay said shocked and confused.

Thron emerged from the shadows, laughing to himself. He walked up to Fargio and hit him across his face.

"Now what? Will the great Fargio strike his...little brother?" Thron laughed mockingly.

" are no brother." Fargio snarled.

"! You two look nothing alike! How is it that you are an orge?" Clay said, startled.

"Oh...I am. Although I may not look it. I have incredible strength." Thron said, slipping his gloves on.

"Run Clay! Now!" Fargio unsheathed his sword. "We shall finish this you foul scum!"

"Hah!" Thron rushed up to Fargio, aimed at his Scythe's blade, and broke it into pieces. "Hand to hand, brother."

Clay took off into the forest depths and...

Mr. Y Posted: Aug 21 2002, 10:02 PM

The woods seemed to have a certain magical feeling to them. Not in the sense of powders or sorcery; a feeling of nature sank through it. Yet the woods were not to be considered weak; they held their own anger, their own hidden strength...

Clay entered the woods running, not paying attention to the serinity around him. He trampled down a rough path of broken twigs and patches of dirt, running from Thorn and Fargio's battle. But as he went, he felt like a trespasser, a disturber of sorts. The run slowed to a jog and then a walk, and Clay told himself that the trouble was passed. He would have to find another path to Dailaiya, and soon. They had not planned to seperate on the path, and so much of the food had been carried in Fargio's bags. Clay believed he had enough to last him for two or three days, if he ate sparingly.

Along the walk Clay considered many things. Why had he run from Thron, if he worked alongside him? Although he had received a warning from Fargio, Fargio was an ogre in a war, and wouldn't want to fight both Clay and Thron. Well, he supposed there was the matter of trust; Thron had always been a sort of bully and troublemaker, while Fargio saved his life and even led on some of the path to Dailaiya. Still though, Clay thought, neither of them could be trusted right now; he would just have to hurry on to his home and sort things out there.

While Clay walked along his path in the woods, trying to cut a rough path through the woods to where he thought Dailaiya stood, nothing seemed to stir in his path. At least, nothing seemed to stir. However, he was far from the galanomes' might. They gathered and readied themselves in the branches of the trees above, and in the hidden tunnels underneath. Their plan was simple- an ambush near the River of the Birds, nearly halfway through the forest. They knew that the boy couldn't defend himself, now that the tall ogre savage was gone. What they didn't know was that another man was following Clay's path, his fists pumping as he ran...

Stevester Posted:

As Clay walked, he remembered how Fargio mercilessly ripped out the spine of the paladin, where he had no place in doing so.

Thorn, Fargio. Could they just be heartless killers, ogres? No. It couldn't be. Ogres were stupid, could barely talk above primal grunts. Fargio could speak as fluently as a dwarf, perhaps, and Thorn better than most men.


The thought sickened Clay. He walked faster, realizing he was deep in the woods, for the first time.

"Where..." clay started to say, but stopped, realizing sound was probably his enemy in this magical place.

Clay spun around quickly, sensing something was there.


Clay picked up the pace, nearly running. Where could he be? This forest seemed so dense that he could barely see the sunlight. Clay looked up, as if to prove his thinking. Something small moved just out of the corner of his vision. Clay snapped his head aside, trying to see what moved.


Clay couldn't take it. He began to run. Faster, faster, until... THUD! He tripped over a stubborn root that was grabbing his leg. Clay grumbled to himself and looked back to the root. Grabbing his leg!

Clay nearly screamed out. He pulled as hard as he could. Out of the bushes flew what he thought to be a root. The thing hit hard against the tree, falling unconscious to the ground.

It was a galanome! Clay got up and was about to run right through the river, just as an arrow thudded into a tree two feet ahead of him, and was still quivering.

Clay froze with fear. He knew he had to run. He had to save his life. But his legs would not budge.

Fifty feet to the side, a galanome cocked another arrow.

"Comon kid what are you doing?" Came a voice from behind as strong arms picked clay up an hoisted him over one shoulder.

"Get ready for the water" Thorn remarked as he leaped, impossibly high, into the river.

Thorn's jump brought them about halfway through the wide river, brought them twenty five feet into the river! Thorn began swimming with one arm, to no avail.

"I'm gona have to put you down, kid," Thorn explained as he dropped Clay into the water. Clay, no longer fear-stricken, began swimming to the shore.

The river wasn't very swift, and clay easily made it to the shore. Thorn, however, being a half-ogre, couldn't swim very well.

"Grab my hand!" Yelled out Clay, though Thorn wasn't anywhere close to Clay's hand.

A few arrows whistled by, none close to hitting the mark.

Then came the whole score of them.

Two galanomes dropped down on clay, five were on the other side, about seven were in the water, and many more were in the trees.

The galanomes in the water soon floated down stream, not being able to keep up with the current. The two on Clay had their hands tied just fighting with Clay. They dodged in and out. One hit from Clay's onslaught would knock them out of the fight.

The five on the other side soon had rocks in their hands. Thorn was pummeled by small stones, and went under the current.

"Oh shit..." muttered Clay. The galanomes had more rocks ready, and clay soon found himself in the water, with a large bruise on his head.

A few hours later, Clay woke up two miles downstream to find Thorn standing over him, and the bruise on his head throbbing.

Turtlebuster Posted:

"Ahhh," moaned Clay.

"Careful," cautioned Thorn."I've seen men die from such wounds. Stand up slowly."

Clay rose and tried to stand, but as he did so, the throbbing in his head grew to a blinding ball of pain in the back of his neck. He collapsed to the ground which further infuriated his situation.

"Is he doing okay?" came a soft, female voice from somewhere beyond Clay's line of blurred sight.

"I'm telling you, Clay could take a thousand more wounds like this and recover in a month," replied Thorn crypticly. Noticing Clay's returning awareness, Thorn faced him a moment then turned back to the woman.

"Damn that Pyre. He's gonna be tough to deal with."

"Master Sargent, AHH!" Clay couldn't complete the question before searing bolts of pain struck him.

"Do something, Saya," directed Thorn.

Clay felt a cool, gentle hand on the back of his head, and a strange flow of words he couldn't make out. Within an instant, the pain he felt deteriated into a mild headache.

"Who was that?" Clay demanded. He turned and saw at once the stunning figure of Saya, the woman from the mines, the woman in the blue robes.

"Don't mind me. Please, go on Clay," said Saya rather detachedly.

"Uhhm. Right." Clay turned his attention back to Thorn."Master Sargent Pyre? I mean, that's the Pyre you were talking about, right?"

"Yes. He told me to kill you. You've caused a lot of trouble in the mines. But I told my own assasin to kill you as well."

"WHAT!?" Clay looked desparately for a way out of the clearing that didn't involve jumping into the raging waters, or through Thorn himself.

"Don't worry about it. This will suffice. I didn't want you dead. I just wanted him to TRY to kill you. But now, my suspicions have been confirmed without his help. You definitely have it." Thorn bent down and leaned close to Clay, peering into his eyes."You have the regeneration gene. Clay, you are immortal."

'What are you talking about..." Clay began but then the enormity of the words hit him. "How..." he trailed off, unable to speak. He rememberd the impossoble long fall in the mines. "Nobody could have survived that," he tought to himself. "Nobody except..." his mind began to comprehend his own abilities.

Part 5: Chain story round three.

This was the section of no posters, short posters and writer’s block. Holy Avenger joined us this round, and his part was better than most this round. Many people quit, so I won’t even mention them. ;P

Drangor posted:

All the Galagnomes had disapeared from sight on the other side of the


Thorn walked over to Clay with water he had scooped

from the flowing river. The water was held in a golden flask which

had strange markings on the sides.

Thorn held Clay, who was still lying on the floor, in his lap with

his arm underneath him "here clay drink" Thorn said in a soft voice.

Clay took a drink of the cold still water, and his pain started to fade.

Clay sat up and started questioning Thorn...

"How did i become like this Thorn?..."

"Why can't i die?"

Thorn sat back looking at Clay with his deep set eyes "i have no idea Clay".

"Well it's not like it's a bad thing is it" said Clay, who now seemed confused.

Gamewolf252 posted:

Thorn looked deep into Clays eyes, "Not unless you're enjoying being chased around by Pyre."

Clay spun his head in the other direction, Thorn's gaze pierced his soul.

"What does he want me dead for...?"

Thorn sat in thought...

Matt747 posted:

Clay felt a gentle hand on his back, it's purpose was evident, it was a reassuring touch, and more over the touch of a woman.

"Thank you Saya..." Clay said quietly, blushing.

Saya smiled at Clay.

Thorn glared "Dont be to overconfident, if Pyre catches you, you'll be dead."

"What? Why, I thought my gene protected me from death."Clay questioned fear and curiosity rising in his voice.

"Pyre wants that gene, Clay, and if I'd had done my job he'd already have it. If King Solyard get's the gene it'll be the most massive tyranny you've ever seen."

Clay noticed a singed black spot on Thorns arm."wha-"

Thorn cut him off "It was from Fargio's summon Tetras, I dont know how but I managed to block it's beam with my arm. But thats besides the point Fargio or Pyre could catch up with us any time we'll only be in Dailayila for a short time to get supplies and a tent."

and with that the trio was off.... Back behind the forest a disgruntled half breed ogre laid onconscious on the ground a combination of witch trolls and galanomes standing over him....

Slasher_kill posted:

"Ugh... please.. let me go..." Fargio tried to reason with the galagnomes. "You? No way!! The bounty on your head is great! Ohh, I just can't wait till Queen Elis finds out!"

"Peh..." Fargio said. "You'll never take me... alive."

"Thats what you think" replied a taller galanome. "Come with us now Fargio."

"No!" Fargio got up and swung his brutal arm at the galanomes. "Yeargh!"

"Get him!" Yelled a galanome. "Raaaa!!!"




Clay is deep in his sleep. "Ah?" Clay got up immediately and had sweat running down his face like waterfalls. Clay noticed a flickering light outside of the tent. He heard quiet voices murmuring to eachother. Clay got up and exited the tent. It was Saya and Thorn.

" Thorn, I sense something! Someones in danger!" Clay yelled.

"Really? We must help!" Saya replied.

Saya got up and started to follow Clay.

"Stop." Thorn said.

"No, thorn! We must save him!" Saya yelled.

"No, its not necesseary. Those woods are too dangerous. Stay here."

"But..." Clay started.

"Silence!!!" Thorn screamed.

"..." Clay was speechless.

"Clay... You need sleep. Go rest."

"....Alright." Clay replied.

Clay slouched back to his tent....

The Creeper posted:

A beaten Fargio lay in a dungeon. He slowly stood, looking around. He noticed a few things. A small bed...a thick wooden door...a small bathroom. He slounched onto the bed and let out a long sigh.

"Clay is in danger with Thorn. I can feel it. I MUST ESCAPE THIS PLACE!" Fargio rushed the door, slamming his hands into it. A small GalaGnome walked up, and zapped Fargio into the wall with a Thunder attack. "C...l...a...y..."

Mr. Y posted:

Clay slowly moved forward at his waist, eventually moving into a sitting position. Silence outside, and a void of no movement. He leaned further forward and fell quietly onto his elbows and chest, and crawled out of the tent flap into the grass outside. He didn't stop to think about arming himself in the case of a threat; he had seen enough surprises in the past few days, and didn't feel up to fighting any more of them. After reaching the dry, dark grass, Clay slowly lifted himself onto his knees, then stood up. He was barefoot, and thus as he snuck about the camp he made little sound.

After a thorough inspection of the camp, Clay was sure there was no intruders in the area- most likely a small animal that happened to run by. He walked back to his tent and got back inside, then laid down and went back to sleep. Clay forcefully decided not to think about what Thron had said earlier that day, or about whatever happened to Fargio and why he and Thron worked against each other. Rather, Clay just did his best on keeping his mind blank, and after a while he did doze off.

Clay wouldn't wake up to the light of day, however. What he had heard was a lighter ogre scout, a small child ogre that was too small to fight. It had been moving ahead of an advancing ogre army, looking for possible enemies, and was surprised to find the small encampment. Believing them to be a small group of Witch Trolls, the scout returned to his masters and reported their presence. The army moved forward in their direction...

Stevester posted:

Later that night, near dawn, Clay woke up to a rustle at his side. He sat up quickly to find Thorn outside the small brown tent.

"Get your stuff ready," Thorn said through a mouthful of food, not looking up from his thin metal plate.

Clay got out of his tent, and started for the campfire. He spun around quickly when he noticed that Saya's tent was gone.

"Where... wha.. SAYA!" Clay stuttered.

"Where is she!" Clay screamed a Thorn, as if he was the reason she was gone.

"Keep your voice down!" Thorn said sternly. Clay nodded.

"I'm not sure." Thorn continued after a short pause.

"She must have sensed the danger and vanished again."

"Danger?" Clay questioned, not recalling the clues Thorn already gave him.

Thorn looked up from his plate, but said nothing.

The noise at night, Thorns need to be quiet, and Saya being gone.

"Galanomes?" Clay questioned, suspecting the most reasonable disaster.

Thorn shook his head.

"No," thorn replied, still shaking his head.

There was a long silence, with the two staring at each other.

"What, then?" Clay demanded, getting tired of the hints and picks.

"Ogres," Thorn said flatly.

"Freinds?" Clay asked hopefully.

"Not of humans," Thorn reminded.

Clay began to panic. Ogres? It would be impossible for Thorn and clay to battle them, and just plain stupid to run mindlessly into the forest, now that they lost their path from floating downstream.

"They'll be delayed in crossing the river, but not for long. If ogres set their mind to it, they work quickly, possibly constructing a bridge. Our best plan would be to secure some sort of fort, or defensive structure." Thorn reasoned.

Clay nodded in his approval (as if disagreeing would change Thorn's mind anyway) and they went to work creating a base.


Away, on the other side of the river, next to the newly built bridge, the ogres were milling about, getting everything ready.

"Rogunk, wenses we get dem?" A stupid ogre asked the leader in their grunt-like language.

"Weses don't have a group set up." Rogunk bellowed to the lesser ogre.

"Mjunf don't like waiten!" the lesser ogre replied.

"Wellses Mjunf gots-ta wait, or Mjunf gots-ta be chicken feed!" Rogunk snarled.

Just then, a larger ogre walked out of the forest. The giant as at least fifteen feet tall, and had a huge (and heavy!) club strapped over his shoulder.

"Ugnug sir!" Rogunk grunted, throwing a half-hearted hand up in salute.

"The scoutses back," Ugnug snarled. "He saises that thereses only threes of em'," Ugnug continued.

"Our form?" Rogunk asked impatently.

"Youses takes five o' our men an' killses them peoples, and then weses moves on," Ugnug laughed, thinking of the slaugter that would happen.

"An if theyses defeats yous, then..." Ugnug smiled, letting the sentence hang, implying that he would like a piece (or two) of them.


Back at the camp, Thorn and Clay had constructed a small stone wall between two trees at the back of the camp. Thorn chopped a tree so it would fall down over the enemies with a push of his strong hands, cutting it with a sword! Clay readied rocks to throw from behind the small wall.

"So, they will run in, spot the tents, and attack them immediately," Clay stated, going through the battle plan again. "Then you push the tree down on them, and I'll throw my rocks."

"Then its us against them." Thorn finished for Clay.

Thorn walked over and stepped behind the rock pile from which they would hide.

"Here," Thorn said, giving Clay a short, slender sword, the one he used to chop the tree. Clay merely looked up at him, with a questioning look on his face.

"I wont need it, I use my hands in battle," Thorn reminded him.

"Also, you'll be little help without a weapon, no offence."

Clay took the weapon willingly and sat back, looking to the sky.

Perhaps they did have a chance.

Turtlebuster posted:

"Have mercy on me," whispered Clay to the heavens.

"Heads up." Thorn looked back at Clay. "When the tree falls, rush them."

Clay nodded in agreement, worrying about how many ogres he was supposed to rush.

A moment later, Rogunk and his burly friends marched awkwardly through the undergrowth, right below the hanging tree that Thorn stood waiting to topple.

"Come on. What is he waiting for?" thought Clay as he lay in the shallow bed of grass and weeds.

"Wait. Somting not good." Rogunk halted his companions and stepped foward, past the waiting tree.

He lifted his great head and sniffed twice.

"ATTACK!" Rogunk swung his thick arms wildly upon smelling the scent of a human.

With a grunt, Thorn immediately thrust the huge Oak across the overgrown path, crushing a smaller ogre and most likely maiming another. Rogunk spun around to see himself temporarily separated from his companions; on one side was a river, the other side largely covered by a nearly impenetrable wall of thorny foliage and twisted trees. Behind him, his allies struggled to lift their huge masses over the obstacle that had so nearly killed them.

Slowly, Clay stood from his post. He looked before him with a look of determination, expecting to see a dozen ogres rather than this one. He steeled himself for the fight. With a final prayer to an unknown entity, he threw himself forward and tore through the remaining path between him and Rogunk.

"Foolish child," laughed Rogunk, almost pitying the tiny creature rushing to his doom. Balling his fist, he heaved a huge metal rod and flexed.

With a wave he struck Clay across the chest sending him to the ground and clutching his wound. Clay crawled to his feet and readied his sword.

Again the titan swung...

Holy Avenger posted:

Again the titan swung, but this time Clay was aware of the upcoming attack and was able to dodge the ogre's attack. Seeing an opportunity available, Clay then charged Rogunk, attempting to stab Rogunk in the arm.

This attempt failed, however, as Rogunk, to the surprise of Clay, lunged forward after the previous swing instead of staying in place. The ogre bashed Clay's body with his shoulder, sending Clay into the air before tumbling onto the ground.

"A bit stronger...than I thought..." Clay muttered to himself.

Clay slowly pushed himself off the ground and onto his feet, preparing for another attack, though he wasn't sure how much more abuse he could take.

"You dieses now!" The giant ogre screamed as he charged at Clay, pulling his mace back as he prepared to swing at the pitiful looking human.

Clay waited for the ogre to swing, taking a step forward. However, as he did this he tripped on a small stone in the ground, sending him tumbling to the ground as the ogre, who didn't notice this soon enough, trips over Clay's body and falls to the ground. Clay then quickly rises to his feet as the ogre places his hands on his head.

"Me hurtses..." Rogunk groans as he struggles to get to his feet.

"Now's my chance," Clay says to himself as he looks back to see more ogres coming towards him.

Clay points the blade at the ogre, pulls his arm back, and...

Part 6: Chain story round 4

This was a short round of people. Not much to say here. No one joined, but many people left.

Gamewolf252 posted:

And swung for the creature's arm, shouting...

"HIIIIIYAAAAAA!!!!!!", stabbing the monster.

Clay pulled the blade out, which had made a gruesome cut, at least an inch deep in the ogres thick skin.

Rogunk, screaming with pain, stood up, and began to limp back toward the foliage.

"You's haven't seen the lastes of me" he groaned, disappearing amongst the brush.

Clay sighed with relief, "Glad that’s over, I'd better go see how Thorn's doing."

Thorn posted:

Clay peered over the fallen tree in horror.... Standing with his fist coming in through an ogres skull on one side, Thorns brain and blood ridden fist protruded through the ogres head. At that Clay ran back and vomited. As Clay recovered from the sight that ailed him, he peeked over the tree again and saw at least ten ogres with puncture wounds at least ten inches deep through some of the ogres thick skin. "H-how'd he do that...? I could barley cut through that one big ogre's arm and here he is punching through them. Clay glanced over to his left. He saw Saya futily trying to hold away an ogres onslaut on her "SAYAAAA!!!! The enraged Clay rushed to Saya's aid "DONT YOU DARE TOUCH SAYA, YOU WRETCHED CREATURE!!!!" with that Clay had miraculously decapitated the ogre. Clay collapsed on Saya's soft shoulder.

"Thank you Clay...."Saya said it with a soft and gentle voice, and with that she kissed him on the cheek.

Clay's battle torn body was too tired and he fell unconscious...

The next morning.....

Clay found himself bumping up and down and grunted "What the hell?....Where am I?"

"Good your up." Thorn took Clay off his shoulder and gently tossed him to the ground. Thorn pointed to a small grass and flower baring hill. "Just over that hill is Dailiya. Let's go!"

and with that the trio dashed off again...

Black Yoshi Posted:

"Ah, yes, Dailaya!" Clay sighed in relief. Clay started to run down the hill but tripped and fell. "Clay! Watch your step. Dont run, your very wounded. We've got to get you to the inn." And so the trio marched towards the inn.

As they entered the door a tall man with a long grey beard said; "Ah, yes, Thorn has returned! Could I get you a room?" "Yes, please, a room for three Gondor." Thorn replied. "That'll be 400 GP." Thorn handed over the money. "Rest well, Thorn!" Gondor said. "Thank you." Thorn replied.

"Well, I dont know about you," Saya asked, " but I'm going to go look around." "Yeah, me too!" Clay excitedly said. "No, not yet, you need a couple bandages," Thorn said. "Alright. Could we go later Saya?" Clay smiled. "I guess so..." Saya replied. All of a sudden, a huge knock sounded.

"Open the door, OPEN IT!!!"....

Vyse Posted:

As Clay walked to the door- BAM!!! flew open the door! It was a guy covered in black cloth, his face was concealed in the dark cloak.... "Who are you!" Clay shouted. "You are in grave danger" moaned the man. “This is too weird.” Clay thought. Saya just stood in the corner listening... "OF WHAT?!" Yelled Thorn......

Stevester posted:

The man collapsed on the floor, nearly crushing clay.

“The hell,” Thorn mumbled off in the corner

Just then, the man jumped up and ran to the counter, and gulped down an ale, and then another. The three companions just stood there, in awe.

“Damn drunk,” Thorn muttered over and over, shaking his head.

“Hope yourself has the GP to pay for this,” Gondor said quietly to the man.

The drunk finished his third round of ale, calling for another.

“Ah yes… The money, always the money” the drunk garbled as he took another swig. The slammed a small brown pouch on the table, and called for another round.

Clay noticed something odd about the pouch that the drunk paid with. He quickly looked down to his side to see that his money purse was not there. He desperately patted his cloak to confirm his beliefs. Clay turned to thorn with a troubled look on his face. That was all Thorn needed to see.

The half-ogre marched over to the drunken thief, and slammed his cheek with a roundhouse punch. The thief spun around, flew back, and landed hard on the floor. He remained where he was, quaffed down the rest of his ale, and called, once more, for another. Thorn picked up the pouch and handed it back to clay.

“I’m very sorry, it’s on the house,” Gondor said, his face grave. Then his cheeks turned up in a bright smile. “Will you be resting, then?” Gondor pranced off, leading them to their room, and bade them to follow. He then wished them goodnight, and went back to the counter to count how many flagons of ale he would need to refill that night.

Holy Avenger Posted:

Clay's sleep was a troubled one at best. So much has happened in so little time. Clay stirred in the night, dreaming of the events that have passed. His meeting Saya, his fighting with Thorn against the ogres, and traveling with Fargio.

Fargio, one of the most powerful people he's ever met. Clay imagined what had happened to Fargio.

Thorn, he too was powerful. A half-ogre, and a very intelligent one at that. Still, Thorn remains a mystery to Clay.

Saya, she was very beautiful. Yet, she, too, was a mystery. Why exactly did she follow them? Who knows...

Clay woke up to a shouting Thorn.

"Finally..." An exasperated Thorn muttered. "There's trouble about. Gondor has been murdered, and it seems whoever murdered him was only a few feet away from reaching us."

"I'm worried," Saya said with a look of terrible fear in her eyes.

"We're in no current danger," Thorn told the group, "but we can't just stay here for long. I have a very bad feeling."

Part 7: Chain story round five.

Two people oot posted. ;) Zenithan was excepted as a new member after he did so. See what oot posting does? ;p

Thorn posted:

In the dew ridden prison, mice crawled about.. Fargio sat alone on the bed, waiting for the gnomes next move... He couldn’t use his summon as the gnomes had cast a silence summon spell. He hit the rigid wall behind him and noticed a few stone pieces fall from it " Who knew being half Ogre could be so helpful?" he then clasped his fists together and hit the wall as hard as he possible could...he watched it crumble under his tremendous strength....No all he had to do was face the gnomes.

Red eyes posted:


"What is it, Kalren?"

"Sorry Honty, I thought I heard something bang...."

"You’re dreaming. Get on the job, fool."

"Yes sir."


"Sir, there it is again!"

"Shut up, fool!"


Crunch crunch crunch

"Sir! I’m positive I heard something! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!"

", eh, eh, BEHIND YOU!!1!!!"


"Haha, die underlings!"

With the swing of a strong arm the young Dverg walked his way through the Witch Troll dungeon.

"Now, to set the others free!"

Stevester oot ;) posted:

Dverg jumped past the broken wall and scrambled down the long corridor of the witch troll dungeon. He pushed a few galanomes down and pounded as many witch trolls as he could as he made little progress down the hall.

Just ahead, a quarrel broke out. Dverg couldn't see what it was, however, so he pressed on through the grabbing hands of galanomes, making his way to the fight.

Dverg punched his way through the last line of galanomes and witch trolls, scrambling and nearly falling over. He came up to see a huge man, nearly twice his size, standing before him.

They nodded in unison, each understanding that the other had been a prisoner. They then fought back to back, working in perfect harmony, and defeating their enemies so easily and in sync, as if they have fought along side each other all of their lives.

The duo worked their way down the hall, Fargio clubbing his fist against the head of an enemy whenever one got too close to his new-gained companion, and Dverg snapping his arm against any who slipped past Fargio.

Many cells were empty, but the few with prisoners in them were left closed until the fight was over.

Fargio and Dverg both suddenly pressed ahead, downing many foes. They nearly downed each other when the discovered when they all were beaten, or have run away to regroup. The duo scrambled to get the locks open. One cell had an old woman, another had a young girl and her mother, and the last had two men and a boy. As the last cell opened, they heard calls from both ways down the corridor.

The group, now seven, as horrible as it seemed, decided that they couldn't stay and free the rest, especially with the children and the elderly. Fargio and Dverg soon had an open hole in in the wall, big enough for all to fit through, and sped out of the forsaken prison.

They ran for miles, until the children could go no further. The old lady, however, seemed to be just as ready to go on as the rest of them. The two children were picked up and placed on the backs of Fargio and one of the men. They soon were off again, running into the afternoon, stopping only for Dverg to share out some of the bread he had stolen from the galanomes. They were off again, but only for a few miles. They plopped down, exhausted. Dverg set up a campfire, and they all tried their best to sleep.

The old lady stood and kept first watch, and seemed as if she could go on running forever.

"What is your name?" Fargio asked her, after staring unbelievingly at her slim and seemingly frail body in awe.

"My name, lad?" she asked, almost laughing, for a reason Fargio couldn't discern.

"Melinpolley," the old lady replied. "Melinpolley Maugaux Kemmerer, but you can just call me Melin. "

Fargio mumbled to himself, still wondering how this frail old woman could have so much stamina.

"I am at a loss, young man," Melin said after a while.

"Oh, ah, I'm Fargio," Fargio stammered. For some reason, he felt very odd around this woman. She only laughed, and then shook her head in delight.

There was a long silence, in which Fargio silently drifted off to sleep.


A half an hour later, Dverg awoke to find the campfire still blazing high and Melin still keeping first watch.

"I'll take guard now, you can sleep," Dverg said, motioning towards a blanket he'd been sleeping on.

"Taking pity for an old lady, that's what it is!" Melin scolded. The comment startled Dverg, but he still moved up to her.

"Please, rest," Dverg proposed once more.

"Oh, all right," Melin gave in. She moved down to the blanket and closed her eyes.

Dverg sat down and began to think. How quickly had this happened! He and Fargio, who had hardly spoken to each other the whole time, seemed to be best friends, and Dverg would probably follow him into hell itself, faithfully by the side of his new-gained friend.

But why?

Did battles have such a great binding power, that two total strangers, could become best friends, without even speaking a word?

Dverg had no answer to this question. He thought about Fargio, and how alike he was to him. They could have been brothers, if Fargio wasn't dark-skinned and terribly tall. So why, in battle, had they fought in such unison?

Again, Dverg had no answers to this question.

Later that night, Dverg still faithfully kept watch until he couldn't stay awake any longer. He drifted into sleep.


Thorn, Saya, and Clay, cautiously made their way out of the tavern. The town was a mess, carts smashed, barrels destroyed, and many bloodstains throughout the town.

"What happened here..." Clay said in disbelief. No one was on the streets, even though it was nearing morning. Who could have done this?

"Ogres," Thorn said angrily. He sped off into town, screaming in rage.

Clay thought of the possibilities of ogres coming into this town. They had brought the ogres to this town. The ogres, in turn, probably killed almost everyone here.

Clay couldn't take it. He nearly fainted. He found himself lying on the ground, feeling worse than he had ever in his life.

Saya put a protection spell around them and knelt down beside him.


Dverg awoke to find Fargio kneeling on the ground, sniffing. The two men, the two children, and the lady were nowhere to be seen.

"Where-" Dverg started to ask, but Fargio held up his hand to silence him. A tap on the shoulder made him spin around quickly. Melin stood there, tall and revived as ever. "They went their separate ways. They have lives of their own, too, you know." "But why are you still here?" Dverg questioned.

"Dailaya is my hometown, and if my thinking is correct, Fargio smells trouble!" Melin said, turning towards the half-ogre.

Dverg thought for a moment. Did she mean to go into battle with them?

"So you're going to fight beside us?" Dverg dared to ask. "I'm sorry, but-"

"My, aren't you a hasty boy? What is your name?" Melin interrupted.

Dverg didn't know how to answer. At last, he stood up tall and said "Dverg, young hero!"

"Yes, very young and hasty, if not a bit arrogant," Melin mused.

"What's that supposed to mean, old lady?" Dverg demanded.

"My name? Just call me Melin," she said, and then paused, as if waiting for something.

The two were brought out from their conversation when Fargio shoved them apart.

"Ogres," he said profoundly.

"To Dailaya?" Dverg demanded after a short pause. Fargio nodded.

They all picked their weapons. Fargio with a boot knife, Dverg with his fists, and Melin... with a large wooden spoon?

The trio rushed off into the woods, wanting, needing, to get to Dailaya.

Needing to save their freinds.


"Comon Clay, get up!" Saya yelled. She could still hear Thorn's screames from far away.

"GET UP!" she yelled, pulling him off the ground. Clay fell silently back, not being able to face himself.

Saya sighed as she pulled out Clay's short sword and cast another protection spell, this time around herself. She slowly made progress towards Thorn's battle cries, wondering what would happen next.

Zenithan oot ;) posted:

Saya ran for a while, and then the cries stopped. She looked around, not knowing what to expect...And what's worse, she felt like she was being watched...

She finally gathered enough courage to go on. She readied her blade and suddenly the cries started again. This time she heard loud thumps and crunching sounds.

Then she saw him. Thorn was red with rage, kicking through ogres like a madman. Unfortunately he was far outnumbered. An ogre crashed down on Thorn...

A tall figure emerged from behind Saya.

"Milady, you might want to step back." The figure wore a long robe with a hood, though you could tell with the grace that he moved with that he was at least part elven. In his hand he held a long glowing sword.

"My sword Xygnus will save Thorn."

"How do you know-" Saya started, but the man was chanting.

"Soya Daruum Gadiir." The man channeled lighting through his hands and into his sword, throwing it at the ogres as he cast a protection spell around the ogre Thorn was under. The sword connected and all the ogres disintegrated except the one Thorn was under.

The tall man removed his hood. His half-elvin ears were pointed, and his fair hair blew in the slight breeze. His eyes were a deep green...So deep you could get lost in them.

"I am Zenithan, Saya. I will aid you and your friends in your journey. We know not where we go, but we will eventually find our destinies. I know your names. I saw it in your soul..."

Saya could not help but like this half-elf who looked about Clay's age..."Looked," she thought, "Elves age much slower than humans."

Suddenly the ogre on Thorn moved...and Thorn emerged from underneath. His rage could still be seen as he prepared to chop off the ogre's head with his hand, making sure it was dead.

"Wait," Saya shouted.

Thorn looked up and saw Saya staring into his eyes. Her warm glow pierced his heart and calmed him greatly.

"Please," Saya begged, "no more death. Not today..."

Thorn relaxed his arm and moved away from the ogre.

"They deserve nothing less than death," Thorn told Saya with a seemingly surpressed anger in his voice. "And who is"

Zenithan smiled. "You have nothing to fear from me." Zenithan's voice was softer than Thorn expected.

"Of course I don't," Thorn spat out, "you're just an elf. You lack the strength to do me any harm."

Again, Zenithan smiled. "I do not wish to do you any harm. I would like to help, if you would allow it."

Thorn turned his back to Zenithan and looked out into the distance. "We are missing someone."

Thorn turned back to Saya. "Wasn't Clay with