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Article - 'Steps to break into the Game industry' by OpticStar

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A helpful article with tips on how to make a profession out of game creation


So You Want to Break Into The Gaming Industry?

There are several key things you must know and know well to break into the gaming industry.

1) Software Engineer – Software engineers are the key to success of any game. To become a software engineer you should know the following: C, C++, Assembly Code, HTML, JavaScript and SQL code. To pursue this kind of career, typically you should study Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering also a strong mathematics background is a big help.
2) Computer Graphic Artists – Simple enough right? Well some things you’ll need to know to pursue this career…a strong art background of course, 3D Imaging, a basic knowledge in PhotoShop, Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, or Debabelizer.
3) Marketing & Production – In this career several things are important…the ability to speak and interpret yourself well, work well in a team, meet grueling demands and deadlines, and a good knowledge of the inner working of the game industry as is.
4) Design – Designers also serve a definite role of game creation. Designers are typically writers, helping to keep the game interesting with an intricate plot, convincing characters and generally breathe life into a game world. In this career, creative writing is a huge plus, as well as several mythology courses and literary type classes.

Above I have given you the 4 basic careers in today’s ever popular gaming industry, there are many, many more, I.E. game testers, translators, and advertisers to name a few.

Next I will supply you with a few schools around the U.S. (sorry I don’t know schools in Europe) that have all of the above mentioned courses.

UCLA - The University of Los Angeles offers all of the above classes with several majors leaning towards today’s gaming industry.
University of Computer Arts – Located in Teppe Arizona, this college isn’t an accredited school but has several majors aiming towards the gaming industry such as Computer Graphic Art, various languages courses such as C, C++, JavaScript, SQL and many others. If you’re looking to begin your work into the gaming industry, this would be the place to start until you transfer to a 4 year accredited college.
NMU – Northern Michigan University is another school which I recommend, not only does it
offer many classes based on the above careers but it also gives you free use of a brand new state of the art laptop as part of tuition and fees, what better way to learn programming with a brand new computer?

Now…it’s 6 am and I have class in two hours…so this is all for now.
Expect several more articles on the topic eventually.