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Article - 'Originality' by YoungRonin

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 9, 2003


Another "originality" article, but this one contains some great tips and some uncovered material so hooray!


First of all I'd like to ask you guys to bear with me, seeing that is if my first tutorial ever. This tutorial can't compare with those geniuses Angroth and Mateui....
(Seeing that it was their tutorials that inspired me to write this one)
Okay, so basically it goes like this...

By playing various RPGs whether they're games like the Final Fantasy series on Playstation, or playing games rpgs made using RPGMaker, one tends to pick out certain factors in the game that stands out.
This is usually because it's original and you've seen it for the first time for example:

The Animated flames and scenery in Eden Saga, high quality summons introduced in Final Fantasy, or the action packed battle system in Legend of Legaia respectively.

Analyse those factors that you would like to add to your rpg, but the most important thing is to be innovative and to modify them. Spend of few moments and think of the modification as a completion of the original factor, the remaining 30% of the incompleted 70%.
Add a little twist and turn now and then.

Secondly, creating an original storyline and plot is usually very hard. Once again, play through a couple of good rpgs and learn, don't copy.
Try combing certain parts of various stories and you should come up with the ultimate original rpg, seeing
that no two people think exactly the same.

Lastly, it comes to the characters. In this case, don't copy at all!!! By socializing and meeting other people in real life, you should pick up certain things about the personalities of others. Use this to your advantage. Think of your next door neighbour as your typical Npc.
Remember to have a reasonable amount of humour in your game as well.
Why? Well it just makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play.

Well I hope that you found that helpful in some way...
This is YoungRonin Signin' off