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Article - 'Interview with Erave' by Guest

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 9, 2003


Woo, Mr. Y's interview with Erave. You BETA believe it, yo.


Well, maybe I shall BRANCH into writing more interviews, eh? Anyways, this is my first, and it is SPIFFTASTIC or some shit.

Mr. Y: 1) Tell me some basic information about yourself. Who are you, and what do you believe your role is in the community at GW?

Erave: Well, I'm Erave, if you care to know. My role in community? I'm not sure, I just like to hang around GW since it has a lot of cool people.

Mr. Y: 2) Were/Are you a member of any gamemaking teams at Gaming World? If so, tell me about them and their games please!

Erave: Well, at first I started a group called Crazed Wookie Productions, our main project was RTP Unlimited: Silent Thoughts. This was a comedy RTP game based on Alex who is cursed with audible thoughts. In other words, everyone could hear what he is thinking.

Mr. Y: 3) Are you all still working on RUST? If so, how is it progressing?

Erave: Yes I am still working on it, but I took a little time to work on a side project, The Easy Mac Game. For RU:ST I had released one beta demo of it to the forums. It hasn't had much progression unfortunately.

Mr. Y: 4) Tell me about your recent game released at GW, Easy Mac. What's the story basically about?

Erave: Well, The Easy Mac Game is a community game based off everyone’s favorite food product. The story follows a young man named Erave who has just inherited Kraft after Cheesy Sauros Rex's death. Through his leadership a new product called "Easy Mac" was developed. But unknown to him, some people have suffered a great deal from the company, namely Mr. Y. He unfolds his not-yet-made plot to strike back... and the game goes from there :)

Mr. Y: 5) What do you think Easy Mac's strong points are? Gameplay, storyline, or anything else in particular?

Erave: I would have to say storyline. Everyone seems drawn to it because of it being weird and original. A funny storyline/characters helps a lot to.

Mr. Y: 6) What do you think of your creation yourself? So far all the reviews hype this game up as being great!

Erave: Well, I think I did a pretty good job of making a solid game. I don't know if it's funny, since I never laugh at my own creations, but I can say it's a pretty fun game to play.

Mr. Y: 7) Are you active in anything in particular at the forums? Or, do you have any preferred forums that you hang out at?

Erave: Well, I am active in the "Epic Forum Skit!" which is now about 15 pages long! I mostly prefer to hang around games and demo forum, though.

Mr. Y: 8) Last question. Any silly or stupid quote you would care to share with me?

Erave: I ate Easy Mac and now all these hott girls love me! - Quote from The Easy Mac Game

Mr. Y: Heh heh, thanks :D.


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