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Article - 'A guide to creating Puzzle games' by Guest

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 9, 2003


An article about the planning and creation of puzzle games and different kinds. Not for a specific maker, but about the genre overall.


Hello all and welcome to this... thing... that I wrote. Well, anyways, it's on PUZZLE GAMES!! It's not a tutorial for any game maker, but more of an article about these wonderful brainbusters. I myself love puzzle games, and I know some other GWers do as well! Well, in this article I will cover the two most common types of puzzle games. I like to call them "Thinker" and "Action" puzzle games! Well, I've written enough, so on the the article!

Well now, the title may have left you thinking "Huh?" and whatnot, but Thinkers is what I call Puzzle Games that require planning and a lil bit of good old intellect. An example of a Thinker would be a game like Tetris or Puzzle Bubble (a great arcade game) or Worms Blast. In these games you have pretty simple goals: Connect Blocks and Blow Up Bubbles by Matching Ones With the Same Colour. Sure, seems easy but MAN can these be frustrating! Thinkers are indeed good Puzzlers my friends!

Now we come to my favourite type: Action Puzzlers! Games such as these are the Bomberman series, Tang Tang and some other example that I'll think of later! Anyways, these games are usually frantic keyboard-smashers and button-busters. They usually involve enemies, obstacles and time limits. Most good Action Puzzlers have boss battles to keep 'em interesting.

Say that ten times fast. Well this is a section on which game maker is capable of making good puzzle games.
RM2K:- This is by no means not any good at puzzlers. Laughy's Tetris is a good example, as well as Bubble Trouble. I myself have two Puzzlers in the making, Super BrickBuster and Bubble Baby, both being made with rm2k. But this isn't an advertisment is it? Don't hesitate to attempt a puzzle game with this baby.
GAME MAKER:- Is possibly the best for puzzle games as it is so versatile. If you're looking to make Bomberman and Puzzle Bubble style games this is for you!
MOST EVERY OTHER GAME MAKER:- For the ones not as "good" or "easy" as the game makers mentioned, try a simple maze game. Hey, I'd play one.

So that was my little Article folks, all about Puzzle Games. Sure, this is by absolutely no means a COMPLETE GUIDE to Puzzlers but it is a guide none the less, huh?

So, see you some time I guess!