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Article - 'An Insulting Guide to Submitting Stuff to GW' by Guest

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 9, 2003


Mr. Y's attempt at a little bit of humor mixed with a little bit of information, let us see how it slides :D.


If you are like the Average Joe, you probably don't know how to add any content to Gaming World! In case you don't know, 'content' is classified as articles, tutorials, reviews, previews, and interviews. However, we will most likely not accept any preview or interview from non-staff, as it may just be written to promote certain members, games, etc. Do you understand that li'l bit? Hopefully you do, because we are slowly plodding away! Going, going, gone! Woo!

First, go to Gaming World's main page. For the slower folks out there, you can reach that page by going here. Now, you have to log into your account name. If you don't HAVE an account, you can register by looking at the blue bar on the right side of the screen. Go on, be brave and venture to find it yourself, young one. Once you have registered at Gaming World, a process so simple that I should bash your right ankle inward if you fail, look at that same bar on the right side of the screen for a Log In option. To log in to your account, type your account name and password and then enter the site (You can press ENTER on your keyboard if your eagle-like eyes cannot find the correct button).

After logging in, look at that right-most bar again for the upmost box. It should be welcoming you! Alrighty, go you! Now, you should also see the number of users online, along with a User Panel, GW Mail, and Logout options. Careful, don't let yeh mouse button slip over and click Logout! Click on the User Panel button to continue.

Alright, brave one, you have ventured far already. Are you ready to continue? Prepare yourself, for here the path splits!