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Article - 'Expanding Your Horizons' by Kazeuri

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 9, 2003


Just read this if you have half a penny of your brain to think with. I know that doesn't make sense, dwell on it.


So, what about expanding your horizons? As many of you know, hopefully, Gaming World is a large site. We have somewhere over 2,197 resources growing daily, 6639 members (also growing daily, and HOURLY), 183411 + posts in our forums (also growing by the SECOND), and with some times where over 150 users will be online at once the site is just massive. It's ahrd to put into words just where we came from and how much hard work Bartek Gniado put into the site, but it certainly has come a long way.

With things so vast, it's hard to spot smaller things. Just like Gaming World used to be a small site, there are some other small sites (and even massive sites, nearly as big / bigger than GW) who don't get much recognition. Some of these sites are GREAT for developers, or just to entertain you on a rainy day (Come on, you don't go outside anyway, fatty).

Expanding your horizons details, links, and provides some information on these sites. For you. With so much great stuff on the internet, it can be a challenge to share it all; these are some of my PERSONAL favorite sites, top referers, affiliates, and just some other sites I could come up with. Let's begin, shall we?
This site is a no-brainer. If you already don't visit here, you are MISSING OUT! This site is a hard-core gamer's dream. They feature pretty much everything, from just screen shots, to endings, to systems. The site is widely informative, and a large favorite of mine.

VGM is really two sites that merged long ago, Game Pics, and Game Scans. VGM is a pretty old site, over three years old. It has a great reputation and will hopefully survive for an even longer time. Some of the stuff it has is INVALUABLE.

Amazing, is it not? Berzerk for the Vectrex. I used to own this baby back in the day (the entire system). The cool thing about Vectrex was it's amazing ability to play Asteroids when there was no other game handy. That and the carts that plugged into the side of this all-in-one console. Brings back memories. Vectrex was one of the first consoles I ever played a lot, when I was VERY young. I used to go over my grandparents house just to plop in front of it and smash the buttons around on Pole Position, until I finally convinced them to give it to me to take home. Invaluable fun.

Back to what I was talking about, this site is a visual feast, and one really amazing collection. I suggest you visit it RIGHT AWAY if you have never been before, and repay a little visit if you haven't been in a while.
Similar name, different site. Way different! VGMusic is one of my favorite sites as a gamer. It pretty much archives bajillions of midi sounds for about every game you can imagine. As a developer, it is even more useful. It's considered cheap to just rip off music directly from a game like Final Fantasy, but there are several "unknown" classic midis lurking around every corner.

A nice feature of this site is how easy it is to navigate. There is some scrolling and ctrl+f to be done once you are in the rigt section, but that is rarely a problem. Finding your favorite track is right around the corner, and with such small files, finding new favorites is as easy as clicking and listening.

Like an audio-equal to the last fully eye-pleasing site, you are pretty much just tapping history as you search. The site is older than dirt, somewhere around the end of '96, dating it several years older than many sites you commonly see. VGMusic not only dates back to ye' olde tymes, but has over 10,000 audio files. That is a hella lot of listening for you to do! With somewhere ridiculous like 7 million hits on their counter, who hasn't been there?

I often run into the stray gamer, or creator, who has never heard of VGMusic, or several people who "forgot" about it. If you are looking for video game music THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE PLACE TO GO. Forget all that other crusty shit, this place is number one. Numero uno supreemo. For people who have never gone before: Hopefully you aren't reading this and are at the site. For veteran gamers who haven't paid homage in a year, two, three, or possibly even longer, go check back in. It's a really fun, clean, and addictive site.

Total-Klik has been around for quite some time. Many staff frequent their site, and they are great if you are into the Klik line-up. They constantly are up-to-date and on the heels of such sensations as FAInd and Natomic, who produce some classic Klik games.

This site is very inspiring to anyone who uses / has used those creators, and features many things. One of my favorite features is their interviews. It is kind of like they finally answer all the creators attempts at vanity and recognition. Gaming World should have stuff like this... it really sheds light on how the games get into gear, and are created.

As many of you know, Klik products generally hammer out games (decent games at that) quickly, and efficiently. Many of their creators FINISH projects (hint hint Rm2K community) and even form well-known teams who are notorious for their incredible games, such as FAInd. Sites like Total-Klik help get those games out into the public's hands and are GREAT for nurturing a community.

Hands-down, this is a great site to visit if you want to stay informed about Klik products, or just to view their potential. A lot of great things pass by here, so make sure you DON'T miss them as they do. They average much lower active users than a bigger site like Gaming World, but don't let that fool you! The site is VRY active and moves constantly.
FAInd (Fallen Angel Industries) is probably... well, not to offend anyoen else, but they are probably the best damn game creation team this side of your chilli bowl. FAInd is responsible for such hit sensations as Dante (probably their most popular game I know of, but it is one of their worst?!) and FactorX. Factor X pretty much catapulted Click Products at people. They seen it and were amazed.

Like a lot of FAInd products, you often play them and go "Wow, a team of people who aren't actually paid and who give this stuff out for free actually MADE this?". Their games are TOP NOTCH quality, and next to Natomic (and don't forget Epidemic!), they are one of my personal favorite creation teams.

You can't really go wrong with FAIND. They rapidly produce quality games with some superb graphics, and a lot of depth. I strongly recommend people download Factor X, which is a great Klik game.

For the other creation teams that help make Click team products such a hit (and pump out games people actually enjoy more than most of the commercial crap these days) I really have a lot of love and respect for. Natomic is here and Epidemic are there, while there still rests: TH Games for brining what may just be the past KnP game... EVER to the world, and of-course Blackeye Software which is hailed by many creators for Snowbrawl and Diabolika alone.

There are a lot of other sites I wish I had time to mention, don't feel bad if I left you out, your games still rock too!

First, this is an amazing site. Much like the physical counter-part of VGMusic and VGMuseum. This guy is really great, who is this guy? Chris Zawada. He has created many sites in the past, and this one is very exceptional.

His site is rather small, but not in content! I think it's just waiting to be discovered and "infested" by trabillions of members. It is already a moderate sized site, but not as much as it deserves to be.

What kind of stuff can you find here? First off is this guy's insane video game collection.

That's just to give you an idea without going into each individual one! There are better, but this guy is pretty good. His site is pretty expansive for a solo-project, and I really commend his TREMENDOUS effort. He truely devotes himself and probably spends countless hours doing this.

Probably my favorite feature is THIS This is a one-of-a-kind marvel, sort of like the eigth wonder of the world. A HUGE ASS RARITY LIST. Dig up your NES games, and compare them to this pretty accurate list of about how much money you could obtain for the game by it's rarity. This guy is really into colelcting (as you can tell by his find of the week links) and knows his stuff. He features us on his resources link (which generates us some good traffic), and covers a lot of the game creation systems in specific depth.

Visit his site, atleast once, and you might get hooked on some of it's quirks. Chris Zawada deserves a lot of recognition, hopefully this earns him some of what he has already earned.

This ends my little article. It's not as long as some of my other ones, but I invested some time into finding some great places to go around our community (and some others) to expand your gamer's grip on such vast knowledge. These aren't the only sites, NOT BY FAR. Infact, there are nearly limitless great quality sites just lurking around the corner.

I will make a follow-up article in the future if this one gets enough attention. Hopefully nobody misses me TOO much from the mailbag (after-all, Lithium's was the shortest mailbag I ever seen, and quite possibly one of the worst with so much LIES). As for anyone interested in me (Awww :) then don't worry, my secret project should be done in time for next mailbag.

Again, I love all these sites, and hope you will too.