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Article - 'Psychology in game making, part 2' by Stevester

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2003


My second more accurate version of psychology in game making. FUN.


This is a psychological article, describing what side of the brain you use and what you’ll be best at in game making.

Part 1. Why does it matter
Part 2. the tests
Part 3. What it all means

Part one: why does it matter?

Why is this important? So you’re not forcing yourself into something you’re naturally not good at. Te side of the brain someone uses can tell a lot about the person. If a person is left brained, he or she is a logical thinker, and probably isn’t good at art and other activities of the like. If they are a right-brained person, he or she is a spatial thinker and isn’t as good at math than he or she is as good at art. If a person is mostly middle-brained, he or she is probably good at both logical and spatial activities. (more described later on)

Part two: The tests!
These ‘tests’ are more activities than anything else. The tests are made to see what side of the brain the subject uses, whether it be the right, the left, or middle. By combining the results of all four activities, the subject can be labeled left, right, or middle brained.

The arrow test
Activity: Draw a horizontal arrow as fast as you can.

Right hand people – A. Arrow faces right or B. Arrow faces left
Left hand people – A. Arrow faces left or B. Arrow faces right

The pointing test
Activity: Point at a circular object in the room with your right hand. Now, closing one eye after another, see which matches up.

A. Right eye
B. Left eye
C. Neither eye

The color test
Activity: When you look at the picture below, see what color comes to mind first: the color of the word, or the color the word is saying.

A. The color of the word
B. The color the word is saying

The Picture and Word test
Activity: Look at the picture below. What do you see first: The pictures or words?

A. Pictures
B. Words
C. Both

Tidiness test:
You are: A. Messy, B. Neat

Now, tally up your scores.

MIDDLE BRAINED PEOPLE: Equal number of A, B, and C.

Example: If John Ponis has B, B, B C, A, he is mostly left-brained, but also has a strong right.

Part 3: What it all means

These test results DO NOT stop you from doing whatever you want to. If you’re a left-brained person, you can still be a graphics artist. If you are a right brained person, you can still be a programmer. These are just suggestions, based on what your brain will be the best at doing. You can change how your brain works, with just a few activities, which you can find in one of my other articles.

Left brain: The left brain consists of activities that deal with logical thinking, such as math, reading, talking, etc. This is because each of them deals with words, and deciphering things. For instance, to look at a tree and label it ‘tree’ in your mind, that would be using your left brain. People use their left brain whenever they read, write, talk, learn new things, and so on.

Left brained people will find it easy to program and such, and also some other activities like dialogue writing.

Right brain: The right brain consists of activities that deal with spatial thinking, such as art, video games, driving, etc. This is because when you are doing those activities, you don’t require much learned information to transfer in your brain. People use their right side to do anything that deals with creativity, such as brainstorming, drawing, painting and so on. The right brain is also used for listening to music and even playing and writing music.

Right brain people will find creative activities easiest for them to do, such as any art, creative writing, etc. Right brained people can do graphics(chip/tile sets, sprites/chara sets, etc.), music, plot writing, and other creative stuff.

Middle brain: If you are middle-brained, you are good at both right-brained and left brained activities. (meaning you are SUPA MAN)

Comment time! Please don’t go overboard with test results, but questions are fine. If you don’t understand something, display it in a humane way, meaning not “OMG u r leik so gay OMG f*** this shh*t yo I aint not doin no psicologecal stuff never.”