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Article - 'Interview with Mark' by Guest

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 9, 2003


Another -licious interview, this time with MARK.


HELLO AGAIN, MI AMIGOS Y FAMILIA. This is another rare but golden Mr. Y interview, and I am interviewing none other than Mark. If you actually do live with that small community underneath that dank little shoebox in Bart's basement, you probably don't know that Mark is a very likable, long-time member of the Gaming World community. And look at you, you lucky little craphead, you get an interview with the man himself!

Mister Y: 1) Tell me some general information about yourself. What are you like, where are you from, and do you know any hottiez~~~?

Mark: Well now. My name is Mark if you hadn't gathered. I am from the WONDERFUL FISHING town of Folkestone on the South-East coast of England (FolkeSLUM to Pyrate wtfno) and yes I do know one VERY special hotty: Your MOTHER, MrY.

Mister Y: My mother is a precious woman, and don't you lay a finger on her, you treacherous... NEXT QUESTION.

Mark: Why do you say "lay" like it's future tense?

Mark: "lay again" maybe... anyway, carry on.

Mister Y: ...

Mister Y: 2) What do you view your persona on GW as? What do you believe other members think of you?

Mark: Hmm. I think my role is that I'm the guy who mocks the stupid stuff with a passion. A bit like DeathJester but not quite so *DARN TOOTIN* moody :-(. I think alot of members like me. I know SOME hate me but people like that aren't worth listening to and I've pretty much deserved the hate in most cases.

Mister Y: 3) Where do you think you're going you're going in the community? Are you planning any projects? And where do you see GW itself headed towards?

Mark: I'm not planning any projects for myself, I'm too busy with schoolworkies. I've been helping the crazy rm2k people by making title and gameover screens for their games for quite a while though if that counts. As for GW, I think it's heading in a good direction. It's getting more and more members which is always nice. I think we're on the way to becoming the "ruling" (omg elitism) or at least most popular game making community (not GAME community because of the gamespot-type ones with over 4 gagillion members that never post).

Mister Y: 4) Let's move onto some issues now. Tell me your stance on RM2K3. Would it ultimately help or hurt Gaming World? Is it morally correct to warez the game as done with RM2K? And do you agree with the Gaming World Manifesto?

Mark: Ya, I totally agree with it. I hope it spreads to the other large (and small) game-making communities. We do have a lot to thank rm2k for though: like a VAST majority of our members (including me). There's nothing anyone can do to stop the warez-kiddies getting hold of their poorly translated versions and if they feel alright doing that it's fine by me; What we CAN stop is GW supporting it and hosting resources for it. I think that'll be a good thing for the community because it'll take the emphasis off of a pretty bad maker and onto the other makers that are at least five times better and are also LEGAL! My stance is one of total "uncaringness". I don't care whether it gets legally translated and bought or illegally translated and 'Kazza-ed'. I won't be using the damn Ez-Maker anyway. (Ez-Maker © Faust™ 2003)

If people want to use it that's their bag, but they should do it in private and not change their IRC nicks to "Warezkiddy[rm2k3ing]". It just gives the whole community, even the law abiding members, a bad name.

Mister Y: 5) What do you think of the Misao Awards thus far? Do you like the whole concept? And what are some votes you have cast that you feel more at liberty about speaking about?

Mark: Hmm... To be honest I'm not even sure what the Misao Awards ARE. I keep seeing the name everywhere and everytime I see it, it brings up connotations in my head of the word "koala"... which scares me. The only thing I know about them is that Lithium won a title like "worst reviewer" or some shit. That's not good. His reviews are always laugh-tastic to read :-((

Mister Y: XD, yeah. Gotta feel the pity. Hurm...

Mister Y: 6) Have you any particularly funny, short stories or good quotes to tell me?

Mark: Good quotes? There's a Hell of a one by BLiZZ: If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have a dollar.

Not particularly funny but fucking CLASSY! I have a story too: one time when I was with your mom she says to me.... *shuts up*

Mister Y: 7) Heh heh XD. Ahem. Now then, WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE STAFF MEMBER?

Mark: I have no favorite. DP is shit though >:o... The rest are pretty funky. (I joke you, DP. I joke you.)

Mister Y: 8) Why am I not your favorite staff member?

Mark: Well... wait a minute... You're STAFF? I thought you were just a lackey.

Mister Y: SCREW YOU, *cough*

Mister Y: 9) HOT OR NOT: RG

Mark: HOT. She said earlier she would have my babies. This pleases me.

Mister Y: 10) Do you have any idea as to why the hell Pyrate banned NotBart? He was a classy guy. I mean, IMO it is just further evidence that shows Py's maniacality. What say you?

Mark: I have a belly-button 8-)!

Mister Y: 11) On the subject of those banned from GW, what do you think about notorious but long-gone members such as Rpg_Master and Bushido Guy?

Mark: Well... To be honest BG should have been given ops. He was AMAZING. Such anger he had for everything that wasn't him. You're bound to have people like that though in a community of 7000. Also, they're BLOODY good fun for people like me, DJ and Alexander.

Mister Y: Before I silently creep away from this conversation, have you a final remark of GOOD CHEER?

Mark: No. *GO* off! >:o

Mark: (that was > : o)

Mark: (can I SAY *GO* off? )

Mister Y: You can say: bloop bloop bloop

Mark: I'll make a different good cheer message:

Mister Y: Woo!

Mark: MrY lieks teh cokc! 8-)!!!

Mark: *Coca-Cola Merchandise*

Mister Y: :o

Mark: Is that one ok? :-(

Mister Y: Yeah, sure :-)

Folks, in case you are too stupid to realize, that interview was PHENOMENOL. I learned a lot, but since I knew more than you people did to begin with, you probably learned much more. Which is fine. SO... look forward to the next one o' these in a week or two.