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Article - '50 Fun things to do at the store' by ATARI

An item about Humour posted on Aug 9, 2003


Amusing article on 50 fun things to do in a store!


50 fun things to do while shopping
(I don't recommended actually doing some of these because you might get into some trouble, but anyways...)

1) Run around the store while pushing a shopping cart.
2) Go up to people and fall over randomly right in front of them.
3) Go up to random shoppers and sneeze on them.
4) Sneeze on the cashiers.
5) "Accidently" sneeze on every article of clothing you look at.
6) Sneeze on your hands. Then go up to shoppers and shake their hand.
7) Sneeze on the food samples
8) Go up to people and pretend to be their "long lost" cousin
9) Play with the bicycle horns
10) Play with them for 15 hours
11) Grab a pair of jeans and put them on your head.
12) Run around the store with them on your head
13) Walk around like a zombie
14) Dress up and walk around like a zombie
15) Grab a bunch of napkins and drop them whever you go.
16) Shove trashcans down the escalaters.
17) Lay down in the middle of an aisle
18) Fill up an aisle with shopping carts
19) Turn all the televisions to seasme street
20) Turn them up really loud
21) Sing "I'm a little teacup" really loud in the middle of the store
22) Run around the store in a chicken outfit and "bwak" at them.
23) Sit down in the food court and randomly tell a story
24) Start a puppet proformance in the middle of the food court.
25) Allow people to join you in your puppet preformace
26) Pretend to be a manican
27) Dress up as super man, walk around the store, and at random times, pretend to "save the day."
28) Walk around on your hands and feet
29) Go up and talk with people. During the conversation, randomly change your name.
30) Walk around with both your hands in a bucket
31) Make up a song about shopping carts and sing it really loud at random places
32) Have an argument with yourself in front of the cash register about how you are going to pay.
33) Go up and teach people how to "Dial down the center."
34) Walk around and pretend to be spiderman
35) Scoot yourself on the ground all around the store
36) Slowly move things on the racks
37) Walk around with night vision goggle on
38) Attach a flashlight to your head and walk around
39) Ask employes for directions to get to their "rival" store. (Example: How to get to K-mart from Walmart)
40) Give people directions on how to get to their "rival" store.
41) Wear socks on your arms
42) Wear socks on your arms with oven mits on your hands
43) Walk back and forth in an aisle continously
44) Walk into walls
45) When you take your bags full of items, pick them up slowly and make it look like their way too heavy. (Works best if you only have one small item.)
46) Tell the cashier a story
47) Put socks on your ears
48) Do a sock dance randomly around the store
49) Tap dance randomly
50) Copy this list and give it to random people.

Ah... what fun.