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Article - 'Cruel Intentions III: Forces of Evil' by Xanqui

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2003


The third and final part of Xanqui's "Cruel Intentions" series!


Okay, I know it's been a long time since the last Cruel Intentions Article, but this is the last one. Enjoy!

So now we know how to create a villain and how to give him good reasons to be evil. But what is usually more powerful than a creature? A force. An evil force can be either things like racism, or god-like beings with no physical form. We only know they exist because we see the effects they have on us. These forces are not physical in any way, so you can't see them. In some movies/video games, the characters may smell or hear, or even sense these forces, but rarely do they ever see them.

We see evil forces every day in the news. The governments of countries (and if you must, then consider America's Government to be evil...) are one of the best examples. The government enforces unreasonable laws, starts meaningless wars, and controls the citizens in terrible ways. Governments can also lead to other evil forces, which I will get into later in this article. The power of the government isn't quite as powerful as most people think. The only reason governments are capable of controlling so many people without a revolt starting is because of influence. The government is able to influence the public that their laws and wars are going to be for the better. If your game is about a revolt against the government, a very important thing to have is people who believe that the government is perfect and should not be messed with. Otherwise, it wouldn't be considered a government because no one would follow it.

One thing I don't see much of in RPG Maker 2000 games is racism. Racism is a perfect evil force. However, this appeared in Final Fantasy X in the most perfect of ways. The citizens of Spira despised the Al-Bhed because they had different beliefs. Usually racism is part of a side story, but if a single man (or group of people) started it and is keeping it going because of their influential powers, they could make some interesting villains. Racism has been a part of life since the beginning of different races. Just look back through history, and in just about every era, there was some form of racism. So, needless to say, it's quite likely that your RPG world could easily suffer some racism. However, this should fit into the storyline in some way, otherwise it'll seem like you're just trying to prove a point that has been proven far too many times...

Finally, the type of force that we see most often is the kind that directly does something. We cannot see it, but we might be able to hear, smell, or sense it. If you've ever seen The Core, that's a good example. The core of the Earth is dying, causing the world to suffer great chaos. There was also the meteor in Final Fantasy VII that Sephiroth created to give him extreme power, but it would have killed off a hell of a lot of people had it collided. But forces like The Blob (an awful movie) can ruin a storyline. Giving a non-living thing a sadistic personality is LAME! Don't give this type of villain any personality whatsoever. It is NOT LIVING.

One type of villain that never needs to be used for a storyline anymore are those animals that grow to a massive size and decided to wreak havoc. I've seen alligators, bats, children, women, spiders, and get this, ants as the villains. Why do they have to automatically be evil when they grow big? And there's always that lame-ass ending when the protagonists think that it's all over, but the last second of the movie shows one of the monsters reviving or an egg of the monster hatching. The worst part about it is that THERE ISN'T EVEN A SEQUEL!

So before you decide to create an evil force in your game, make sure you plan it out. Racism is fairly easy to work with if you have another race of humans or whatever, but gigantic forces need a reason for pissing people off. These types of antagonists can be tied in with lesser-villains, which can very easily be used for an incredible storyline. But Godzilla and King Kong clones suck.

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