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Article - 'Interview with Arc/Xeno' by Guest

An item about Interviews posted on Aug 9, 2003


Keep on rocking me, baby baby baby baby~. Interview with the webmastah of Xeno-Infinity!


Welcome to another glorious interview from Mister Y, IN THE FLESH. THIN ICE, TOO. Today, I'm interviewing Xeno, also known as Arc. He is the webmaster of Xeno-Infinity, the upcoming gamemaking website that ain't just about gamemaking. Xeno also has had a long history of being known at GW for a certain conspiracy, namely one in which nothing is as it seems! Frightening, eh? Well, I hope you're frightened. Xeno has moved beyond those things, though. Read up!

Mister Y: 1) Alright, Arc, tell me about yourself. What do you think you are? Nice guy, smarty-pants, what?

Xeno: I think I'm a nice guy. Always trying to help people out and doing what I think is right.Then again, some people don't find what I think is right, right.

Mister Y: 2) Well, tell me what you believe others think of you. Mixed feelings?

Xeno: Yeah. Mixed feelings. I think most people think I'm nice and a good webmaster (we will get to that later) but in a sense some people hate my guts and no, I won't name any of those people off.

Mister Y: 3) Now, tell me your big project, Xeno-Infinity. You hinted at being a webmaster, after all.

Xeno: Basically, XI is a site that will cover more then just gamemaking.We have anime to videogames to gamemaking to music to the arts.It covers three main things on the site and will have staff art, which is 3d by the way.The three main sections are: Gamemaking, Videogames and Anime.We have an assorted variety of anime and videogames info is on the top games. Gamemaking covers more then just rm2k or rm2k3. XI does support RPGDS, so bash it all ya want.

Mister Y: 4) Can you name some folks that have helped you extensively with Xeno-Infinity, such as long-time staffers that have contributed much to help you out? And, what is yours and Xeno-Infinity's future?

Xeno: Well we have a huge staff, not necessarily huge, but it is a decent size. People who have really supported it aren't just the staff, though. It is a site anticipated by many. The staffers that have been through a lot and have really helped are the former co-webmaster, Ramirez. He has left the community. Now the new co-webmaster/coder is DrowZero, and he is going to really help out to finish the site. Belross has helped out a lot too. Another staffer, Gunblader, has been busy working on a secret project-type thing that is going to be associated with XI and other sites. Basic has helped a lot with the forums too. Eer, Cray, Veter, Zack, Lith, Deathjester, and Dkall are also staffers.We have more than that too. I think my future is bright. I mean, XI will hopefully do good, so I think we are both going to have a huge future ahead of us.

Mister Y: Well, what's the link to the site anyways for those curious?

Xeno: The site is up, yet I don't want many people going to it because some coding is done and some is not. Plus, none of the links work, and even if they do, they aren't up-to-date. Basically, it's a cross between's 3 table style and Hellfusion. Now if you really want to see it, you can contact me on MSN or AIM.

Mister Y: That's a shame : (. Next question...

Mister Y: 5) Are there any particular gamemaking sites you like more than others? And, which sites do you dislike?

Xeno: Well, I'm basically falling out of the gaming community. So there aren't any ones I really care for anymore besides mine and Avalanche Studios. I don't dislike any sites, I just don't particularly care for them.

Mister Y: 6) Onto a growing issue. What do you think for RM2K3? How much will it be supported at Xeno-Infinity? Is it a good or a bad thing for gamemaking, or will the communities remain unaffected?

Xeno: I think the whole argument on RM2K3 is just plain ridiculous. Did anyone care about RM95? No. Did anyone care about Don's translation for RM2K? No.What's the big deal? The letter Enterbrain sent was supposedly false, and no one has heard anything since. But it's just plain sad and stupid because no one cared about the translation for RM2K, so why would they care for RM2K3? Plus, who would actually go waste however much money on something you can get for free on the Internet? I think the whole thing is stupid and pointless. So mainly it won't affect communities except in showing the stupidity of how they bicker over the littlest of things. Now as for XI I have decided to drop both RM2K and RM2K3, but we'll still will host games. People mostly use RM2K and its new little brother, so yes, games will be hosted. After all, once in awhile I enjoy an RM2K game, so it can't be all that bad!

Mister Y: 7) Do you have any other projects you're working on at the moment?

Xeno: Yeah, there are many I'm working on or at least are a part of...One is kind of dead now- my rm2k game that I don't talk about anymore, called An'ya Izou. I'm staff at many sites too, such as Avalanche Studios, so there's another project. Then there's the one that I hinted at earlier with Gunblader. I am helping him on his, so yeah, I suppose you could say I'm kinda working on that one. Mainly thats it.

Mister Y: 8) What are your feelings for GW's staff? Are there any you feel a twitch of dislike towards? And what is your relationship with Faust?

Xeno: I think GW has a good staff. It is a very good site that has proven to be worthy of its position in the community. I think Bart has done a fine job of choosing staff and making the site. Some people I dislike, yeah, like you MrY. Always getting on my nerves.

Mister Y: ?! You little shit, I out to leave this interview right now!

Xeno: XD. Nah, I'm just kidding, you are a cool dude. Sometimes people at Gaming World do act stuck up, but that's life. Now I knew you just had to ask this, relationship with Faust. Well at the moment, we are neither fighting nor at peace. Just kind of neutral. I haven't talked to him for a long time ever since a certain debate.

Mister Y: 9) But wasn't there hard feelings between you and Faust in the past? Come on, at least tell a little of what you know on GW's more deeper secrets!

Xeno: Yeah, there were hard feelings between me and Faust, but as I said, that is past.Yes, me and GW have had a bad past, but that stuff has also passed over, and I really just don't like to talk about it much. It was all in logs I had from talking to a friend about things that GW had done in the past. But, I really don't want to talk about it, like I said.

Mister Y: 10) Well, that's good to hear, I guess. Anything else you'd like to say before we wrap up?

Xeno: Ah, at the end already? That is really a shame. Anywho, I'm just glad that I could do this. Oh yeah, watch out for XI in the future sometime, and I hope you all will visit that and the forums.

Mister Y: Thanks for your time, I appreciate this.

Ah, the conclusion to another work of art. Thank you, but I shan't bow, for fear that my overwhelming brilliance is so great as to weigh enough to imbalance and throw me off the stage! How terrible! Don't worry though, babe, I keep on tickin', heh heh.