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Article - 'One Minute Plots' by Guest

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2003


A collection of tips and ideas to make your game more unique, or a helping hand if you lack inspiration



Yo first tutorial, wenches.

1. DON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE GAME! EVER! Okay, maybe eventually, but only when you have a beta ready. A beta means all errors have been checked, the game is set, unchanging plot. Once you release the beta, people expect you to follow up with more gameplay, not more features. If you have to add a feature (one not character specific, like a slot game that's not been reached yet), then don't release the game. YOu'll either get it out in time, or just be a N00B wench like the guys who say "L0L I RZ TEH SMAERT 1 WHIT TEH GAEM". You don't want to be them do you? Just a plot won't bail you out. Now, if you've got the skillz to back it up, keep reading.

2. Okay the plotline. For me, I come up with plot when I think of the name of the hero. Here are some suggestions.

-Take a place. This is usually easier in the eastern hemisphere (although, playing through as a character named Detroit sounds fun). Let's use Carthage. Now, visualize a man named Carthage. I don't see a magic user. I see a bronze giant, with something heavy in his heart and souless eyes...but that's just me. See whatever you want, and if the name sounds weird, follow it up. India, for example (why the hell are some white folks giving their kids the name India? That's so wrong, it makes me hurl bile). India Minahan gives the image of a demure girl. Once again, just me.

-Flip through your books or look at your bookshelf. Combine unknown names. I'll do it right now by looking around the room. Lex Fellows. There's one! My printer Lexmark, and my disk storer, Fellowes, combine to make Lex Fellows. Note, I removed the e, because it didn't flow, which brings us to rule number 3...

-Make sure it sounds good. No Mark McCarthy (unless you want to be funny) or Eddie Guerrero (a name of a WWE wrassler). If it sound wrong, it probably is.

3. Once you have the character, turn the name over in your mind. Carthage, for example. Like I said, I see a burdened man here. Why? What's his deal? Why's he, not sad, he's broken. Wham, we've got contact. A wife? Definately, a dead one. That's why he's broken. From here, you can expand. Is it because of revenge the broken man keeps going? Or because of a son that he must raise on his own? Or, maybe he's the one who killed her? Work the image around.

Why did I do that? Because I want you to see how I made my ideas (most of them, not all). ALL PLOT LINES ARE UP FOR GRABS UNTIL PUBLISHED IN SOME GAME, WAY, OR FORM BY SOMEONE ELSE. If you don't like these, use my method, and figure some out for yourself. By the way, the title is because I wrote each of these in less than a minute

-Well, first, look at the Carthage story.

-Why has no one made a superhero game in RM2K? You can work your way up from muggings to stopping Dr. Doomo from killing everyone, and your rating will grow. Or you can take the opposite tack and become a supervillain, defeating Captain Goodo. A Black and White kinda game, with a lot of free decisions. Give it a shot.

-You are a Delver, one of the special psychics who can enter consciousnesses. A political head has just been the target of an assassin, and he controls the detonation code to a bomb located in Federal Hall. Being the best Delver, you Delve into his mind to discover 1. a weird world, ala Silent Hill, haunted by that which only the human imagination can give life too, or 2. a mental loop in which you explore the Senator's memories, jumbled up by the bomb. The loop repeats after 1 hour of game time, and the player starts over again. Each time, new details are added to the discussions you have as you speak to people.

-Convert a book into RM2K. The Book of Three was greeted with praise...try DragonLance or maybe Lord of the Rings (which everyone is doing).

-Betrayed by your wife and your best friend after they steal the cure to a virus, you lie in the middle of the desert. The hot sun burns off your skin, but you survive by using the skin of many desert animals to shield you. Eventually you return to civilization, only to discover that 100 years have passed somehow, and only you remember what happened to the cure. The plague has returned...track down the betrayers ancestors and find it. You get no clues, and wandering the streets looking as you are, you are a constant suspect of the police, the public, and the guards of the very family you once were part of. Or something.

-An unstoppable demon has awakened. Literally impervious to everything, the demon hunts you and your daughter, the only survivors of your family, down to the ends of the earth. The only way to win is to lose. Once the demon catches you, the game is over. But should you run through the world (realistically; no airships this time around) for 24 realtime hours avoiding the demon, the curse that awakened him will dispel, and you will win. However, you can get different endings depending on when, where, and how you are caught.

-A pair of thieves have entered the house and cut the phonelines, HO NOES! For one hour, the gamer must survive by avoiding the robbers. First, the gamer must get a message outside, but the phone is cut (on easy mode, the DSL connection remains and you can send messages on the GW message board, and get rescued by Bart or someone). After getting the message out, the gamer must run for one hour, without alerting the bad guys, who will check the closets. As a weird bonus, maybe you could use sound. Instead of a radar, you only get a warning when you hear footsteps approach. Plus, closing doors could alert the robbers. MGS kinda, but with Home Alone style weapons.

Note: If the above is spaced weird, it's because I typed it in Notepad. I then wrote the rest in MSWord.

Well most of the previous ones are game ideas instead of stories. So hear are some RPG story lines for you and your ilk, wenches. Sorry, my phrases get out of hand sometime. Took me a while to get a few of these, maybe five minutes for the longest ones, thus defeating the purpose of one minute plots…oh well. Enjoy!

-The people of the city of Protea, 30 years ago, were picked by God to patrol the world with his will. They became the Hand of God Guard and policed the world…until present day when your family is murdered by the Hands. Fugitive, you must hide in the slums and seek out God himself, which means that you must sneak into the most heavily guarded city in the world and discover the will of an omnipotent being…or is he?

-In the future, bio research has unleashed a new type of genetic cell known as Cell 358 in the human genome. Activating the dormant cell raises ceratonin levels and pleasure sensations rack the body. The political leaders are surprisingly quiet over this, and only one big city cop knows why. Whenever people go to the gene centers, the government has been quietly rearranging their lives. Why would they do such a thing. You are the only one who can find out.

-In the past the world of Pangaea was ruled by three gods, Luce (the god of good), Pax (neutrality), and Umbra (evil). Mages of each order patrol the world. Then the gods disappear, and mages are being persecuted by the Bloodking of Platinus. Faith in the real gods is fading in favor of worshipping the Bloodking. You are the head of an order, prepicked by the player, and you must defeat the Bloodking and restore faith in the gods, while discovering why they disappeared (a good conclusion would be that the Bloodking defeated the gods because he really is the one who created them or something).

-Here’s a comedy: The army of Skarthash-Gool is going to attack Paradisca, your home town. Luckily, the Great Hero, who was born in the town and defeated another army two years before, is ready for battle and ready to defeath the enemy again. However, he makes a stop at your dad’s toilet emporium and drowns while checking the swirl’s strength. In panic, your father dresses you in the hero’s armor and you become the new Great Hero…at the age of 15 (meh, I’m not a comic genius. Ask someone funnier like Erave).

-A lady of shadows wanders the woods near the Castle Graywood. Many knights have tried to find her. None have come back. You are a simple lumberjack, when you catch a glimpse of her. When you follow, you realize that the lady has been seducing the knights with magic perfume (which you are impervious to thanks to a bloody nose from the town drunk) and that she is the first in a wave of attackers. However, she finds you and turns you into a frog, after teleporting you into her dungeons. You must recruit your allies in the dungeon and return home so you can save your town and return to human state.

-Three Kingdoms are at war, each in a deadlock with manpower and armaments. Each of them is now rushing to get a new secret weapon. But, Fate has mysterious ways, and these ways have lead each Kingdom to the site of K’lath Sur…a site your hometown is now located over. Three kingdoms are about to converge in one spot…and you as mayor must either negotiate, ally, or attack the kingdoms to allow your town to survive.

-In the year 2040, America creates a perpetual motion machine and releases it through the world. The battered American dollar soars and eventually, all money is abolished. A new utopia has been created by the advent of free energy. However, a group of scientists realize that the machine will go so fast that it will do the unthinkable…generate enough energy to make an energy nullifier…a black hole. The group is immediately killed… but 15 years later, you discover the truth in a disk that your father left behind. Why did the American government kill your father and his coworkers, who were all non Americans? What secret is the country hiding, and why.

-You are 003, assassin. You are triggered by the codeword “Asterisk”, in which you leave your family and home to go on missions. One day however you see a tattoo of a goat on one of your targets, which is the image that will snap you out of assassin mode. When this happens, your shot goes astray and kills an innocent woman. Filled with guilt, and running from the law, your only hope is to find the government that did this to you and get vengeance.

And there you go. Pretty weird, right? Remember, all these came from a minute. If you're angry because the plot line isn't fully resolved, tough titty said the kitty. If you can't put the work into making an ending you're obviously not going to be able to program anything worth while.

YSE, FIRST TUTORIAL EVER! Give criticisms please, and if people like this, I'll make a sequel with just plot lines