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Article - 'RPGoddess Anime Drawing Tutorials - Lesson 1' by RPGoddess

An item about Graphics/Audio posted on Aug 9, 2003


The basic face. An Anime drawing tutorial by RPGoddess


Step 1: Draw a circle. Everyone can draw a circle! This is by far the easiest part of the whole drawing. Start a little above the middle of your paper.
Step 2: Draw a little cross, with the horizontal line in the bottom 5th of the circle, and the vertical one in the middle. This is setting up your guidelines. Guidlines help you to put everything in the right place.
Step 3: Draw the chin line. This takes some practice. Try to draw with little, soft strokes to form the chin line, rather than drawing it all in one or two strokes. Save that for inking. Just get your chin line right!
This is what the chin line looks like, without the guidlines.
Step 4: Now it's beginning to look like a drawing! Add some ears, a little below the eye line.
Step 5: This part is the first tricky part. Some people do this other ways, but this is how I draw eyes. I draw the outline of the eyelashes....
... Then fill them in.
Step 7: Now, draw a horizontal line from the lowest and highest point of the eye. Then draw a vertical line at the near side of the eye, and then another, one eye width apart.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 5&6, using the guidelines you just drew.
Step 9: Draw the outline of the irises.
Step 10: Now, for creating that anime eye fun. First, draw the iris, in the middle....
... Then the highlight....
.... Then some shadows.
Step 13: Repeat for the other eye.
Step 14: Draw in the eyebrows for personality, and the mouth and nose. Since it's in front view, there isn't much of a nose. Also, since this is anime, it is typical of the style to have a small line for a mouth.
Step 15: This is just an example of where a hairline should be, for the next step. Note where it is. You don't necessarily have to draw where it is.
Step 16: From where the hairline is, draw downward, curved strokes to make hair. Try to group them in to slivered clumps. There isn't really enough time to explain hair to the fullest extent in this tutorial, so if you have any questions, I will cover it much more in depth in another tutorial. The only really big "no" in drawing hair I can possibly think of is drawing hair as a geometrical shape. Hair is not a shape, and it cannot be bound into a shape form! Remember how hair flows.
Final Pencils: I added some shoulders and a shirt, so it didn't seem so much like a head without a body. Also, I erased the guidelines, because I didn't need them anymore.
..... and then I did a quick colour of it! I hope you all understood this tutorial, and learned from it!