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Article - 'Mailbag Issue #027' by Guest

An item about Mailbag posted on Aug 12, 2003


Mister Y is the guest host for the newest Mailbag! If you do not enjoy it, go away quietly!!


Hello there! I bet you did not expect one of these features from li'l ol' me, did you? It is true, I am usually a hermit that sticks to other crap, but seeing that Lithium is absent a lot lately, we haven't had a Mail Bag for a long time, and I am on some freaky article Renaissance, I decided that I would tell Faust where to stick it and steal the show for this weekend! Glory hallelujah, right old bean? Well, don't expect a terribly good show, as I am just your substitute teacher and I know jack shit about the learning material. Anyways, we always start the show off with humor. Just like we always win (Always *copyright*). So instead of spending some effort on some really good humor, what is more fun than making a fun GW cartoon that looks like shit and insults the staff?

Let's begin at the Gaming World H.Q. Too many people know too little about the dedicated administrative staff that is truly behind Gaming World, so I am volunteering my time to draw illustrations of them all! Ain't I nice!?

This is the greatest power that drives all staff to do their work, BARTEK GNIADO. Were it not for his fearsome appearance, we might forget or slow in our tasks! Bart is really my true motivation to not... well, eat, I guess.

Faust is Bart's real sidekick in handling GW, doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. However, he honestly looks like a gremlin, or a devil, or something. Don't stare at his face, he'll bite ya.

Pyrate was really once a pirate that plagued the Baltic Sea, but gave up his life of rapscallion-ness to join GW and yell at people! Here I picture Pyrate yelling something in his regular pirate swab!

Alex is like Pyrate's big pal in the forums, helping him with lots and lots of crap. However, he has REALLY long legs, and he rules with an IRON FIST! Frightening!

Few know it, but Moriason is actually a very skilled and deadly ninja, due to his extreme katana skillz. Now I don't know if he really dresses like this, but he stands out this way, so let's just leave him.

DarkPriest assists Moriason with the resources at GW. No really, he does! He has long Jamaican bangs and a set of black sunglasses grafted onto his face, and always wears a pair of hott pink pantz~~~.

Wasn't that a great read so far? I do believe that it was. Anyways, let's get onto the actual submissions, right?

mc slyly promotes his website and says:
please visit your site is nice also

Why ThanQ, your site is kewl 2. 4 those that do not want 2 type it in, just klik here. I especially liked clicking on the popular search on Viagra.

dragonheartman nervously suggests:
I understand you guys don't support rm2k3 at all, but you guys have resources, so I thought I would ask if can submit a rm2k3 game... don't yell at me.

Well, that is not really true at all! Although we do not have an RM2K3 download nor a real RM2K3 page, we have much RM2K3 support in articles, tutorials, and resources. Also, although we have not added any RM2K3 games yet, we will certainly do so when they get submitted and Bart or AG likes 'em enough.

crazy sk fan puzzlingly nears and asks:
How long does it take for a Tut to be put on the site?!?!?!

It really depends on the number of tutorials that already must be read through for quality and context by Bart.Also, it's a rather new trend, so it is hard to say. But, I would guess at 5 tutorials a week, so figure it out that way. On busy weeks, more time I suppose. Eh.

PsychoKittyNet hurriedly demands to know:
Why are the cheese men after my soul? *runs in fear as they bust throrugh door*

Well, isn't it obvious they are all after you because... er... you caught a kitten in a... disturbed net? Hell, I don't know that answer! But they probably only want to buy you a present. Like some cologne, or champagne.

cbm informs us all by stating:
The RPG Toolkit has been featured in the May, 2003 issue of GamePro magazine (issue 176, page 28). GameMaker and DarkBASIC are also mentioned.

Here's a scan of the page:

Wow, I am impressed AND pleased. I can only hope that gamemakers like these can get even more attention in the future. This is just pretty darn cool!

Bigge and Slims calls on our help by asking:
I need help with GameMaker. I started about a month ago,but I still can't make half as good graphics as other games I see that are also made with GameMaker. If you know any sites on better graphics or recourses for better graphics tell me. Please?

Sure, I have a site. Try checking out, I learned most of the basics there. Also, there are plenty of good tutorials hanging around GW at odd places.

Jag asks a TRIFLING question by going and asking:
With GM5 released today, a whole slew of GM games are expected to hit the Gaming World, what are your thoughts on this exciting developmnet?


Well, this question is obviously dated, but anyways. I am very pleased with Gamemaker's progress. Nearly all of the Gamemaker games I have ever played have been of top-notch quality, and any further progress would be a great boon to us all.

ATARI asks:

Bah, forget it, you're probably a deaf old foget anyways.

sappling challenges GW by asking me:
Will there ever be a news article with a point and purpose, on ethat isn't made by a member of staff, one that makes sense and has an understandable title that people will read? You sad people probably won't even put this up... self censored....

I put it up, so I guess that means that I am one crazy mastard. Anyways, GW originally started off with news posts like that from the staff. However, as a community theme and feel developed, it seeped further into the staff. Nowadays, the majority of the members like funny, off-topic news posts, and the majority of the staff dislikes being straight to-the-point in their news posts. As for you question about non-staff writing news posts... very unlikely, I am afraid. However, some of the moderating staff occasionally add news to the site, so watch out for that.

mad doctor crazily prances about and chants:
Someone moron PM'd me and asked: How do I download a sprite set? (i want to download the soldiers character/sprite set)

Why not be friendly and help the guy out? Sheesh, a little bit of kindness goes a long way towards others' respect of you. Anyways, if you do not know the answer to that and I am totally off base, I will not apologize, but instead will silently move forward. Let me tell that person that to download any image on the Internet on simpler browsers like Internet Explorer, all that needs to be done is to right-click on the image and select Save Picture As. Bingo bang, there you go.

raven2k slowly approaches and asks quietly:
Is it true...
Since I joined more n00bs have been joining???

It wasnt my fault :(

Hell yes it was. I mean, look at Greek mytholo... er, nevermind that, I have nothing to back me up there. STILL, we do need a scrapegoat, but if you don't want to be that, I guess we can blame the massive Tiki God in Moriason's bedroom.

RPGman6488 states:
RM2k3 is wonderful.

I think RM2K3's greatness varies with who uses it. If you are just Joe Somebody looking to make a game with little hassle and improvements over standard RM2K feautes, then yes, RM2K3 is wonderful. For those that are building the bigger projects with more difficulty and yet more rewards in flexibility, RM2K3 is more of a "meh".

kirbymario politely states:

OMG ROOFLES U R HILARIOUS BUDDDY. This is why we have the Delete button for submissions, 9-D.

hyper.sonic informs us that:
i rule

Off coarse you do, Hypie. Everyone that reads this article now will probably glow in admiration of you. *cough*

Atomos waves and says:
Heya, fellas! I'm sending my first letter so don't think I suck! By the way, I like Golden Sun for Gameboy Advance. Does anyone else like it?

Hey, welcome to the Mailbag sirrah! Most people bother to say stupid things like "MAILBAG!!!!!!!!! SPAMMMMMMMMMMM" or "i rule" when they discover this magical feature, so I'll take it that you are special, unique, and much more mature than some others. Anyways, I never played Golden Sun, as I never bought a Game Boy Advance. I dunno, though, maybe I'll get some more free time in the future and get the opportunity? Most people say it is a pretty darn good game.

Bujiro prostrates himself before me and asks:
Is it wrong to Carry a meat clever around and say it's just a house hold utility?

Absolutely not. A neighbor of mine was actually jailed for this the other day though. I am already making plans to begin an international coalition to fight corrupt governments that enforce laws to protect their "safety". If you care to join me on my valiant quest, just e-mail me here. Please respond, thanQ!

JED tells us all that:
Good gaphics don't matter to me. i like good gameplay more

It is more of a balance for me. Although gameplay devours most of my enjoyment of a game, followed by the storyline and plotting and the game design, the graphics are high on the scale for me. I do openly prefer games that have had effort put into a great visual display.


HANG ON A MINUTE. Now, if you were to make hot American, Canadian, English, or South African love to Mother Y, I would trust you. However, the Dutch are shifty people; I mean, they defy Mother Nature every day with all their dams! So, if you do come within five feet of my mother, I will destroy ye. That simple.

tom! comes out of the closet and tells us:
i gay!

No, you are definitely not. All gay people are cool- I mean, look at Faust, Alexander, Belross (He still keeps that to himself, don't confront him about it guys), and that one loud guy on Will and Grace. You are definitely not gay, you're nowehere NEAR their level. I'll bet you are Polish instead, Polish people churn out crap in English like that all the time.

Just Sentamental stops by the house and tells us:
There are not alot of rm2k3 graphic designers! I will make more people believ in rm2k3 just as they did in rm2k.

And how will you go about that, eh? Well, I agree with you that most people are still hesitantly approaching making their own unique RM2K3 character and weapon battle animations, not to mention some other resources unique to RM2K3. However, I am pretty confident that some leaders will arise in this area from all the spriters out there in the communities, and sooner or later we'll have a nice collection of tutorials giving help on how to draw these unique resources.

4fun4ever3220 asks:
when is the gaming world arena going to be ready, are you making an official game or sometihng?

GW Arena is not really a place where actual games are made at all. If you do not understand, the GW Arena will be more of a dueling and shopping area where members can freely buy items with gold and duel each other- not live duels, mind you, as everything is calculated by the game. I am very, very certain that GW Arena will be completed soon (If it is not already), and released simultaneously with GW5, which is bound for completion very soon.

This is all the mailbag I have got for you folks, tonight. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!