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Article - 'RM2K Addictness Symptoms' by Guest

An item about Community News posted on Jan 1, 1970


More of a funny article, Find out if you are an RPGMaker 2000 addict by viewing the list of symptoms!


When to know you're an RPGMaker 2000 Addict

You think you're an rm2k addict and need some help? Well, now is your chance to find out! Below is a list of 12 symptoms of rm2k addictness, if you have atleast 6 of these be sure to check in at your local RPGMaker 2000 Addictness Specialist.

1. You look at objects in your home and label them obstacle or non-obstacle.
2. You wonder why people walking on the street have so much 'frames' of animation yet you only have 3.
3. You ask people on the streets 'Is the sky in 256 color?'
4.You wonder if the tall girl next door would fit into a character set frame, or if she must be used by 'Show Picture' command.
5. When asked what your address is you say 'Roseville - House 9 - Map 27 - Event ID 5'
6. When giving out directions you say 'Move Event...: Hero, Down ,Left ,Right ,TurnRight 90 ,Right ,Right'
7. You take big steps so you land on the other 'tile' directly rather than pixel by pixel.
8. You wonder why there is no background music in many places and claim it's bad game design.
10. You wonder how many variables are in the event that lets you eat cereal.
11. You often get in trouble for talking too much, You are really just trying to see how many switches there are in each person though.
12. At construction sites you ask if you can help build the structure with your map editor.

That's about all the symptoms we could discover, some others include legally changing your name to RM2KAddict or having a shrine worshipping all the great RPGMaker 2000 Game creators.