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Article - 'Guide to Chakras' by Loki

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Loki provides us with a short article, giving us a list and explanation of the ancient theory of Chakras.


Ancient Chinese doctors and photospheres were known to use a chart of energy points that were theorized too exist in the human body. They were believed to be the cause of many disease, but also meditation points that were used by philosophers and martial activists. In an RPG, you could use then in for a magician, fighter, even healer. Although you may think of them in an Asian setting, they would work well anywhere really. Be creative, and remember that you can create your own too.

Crown Chakra:
Location: Top of head
Color: Purple
Correspondences: Thought and will
Functions: Vitalizes the Brain
Glands/Organs: Pineal gland, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, right eye
Positive Abilities: Unification of the higher self with the mind. One with the infinite. Idealism, self, divinity, selfless service, perception beyond space and time. The halo is the western equivalent to the crown charka
Negative Qualities: Lack of inspiration, confusion, unwillingness to serve, depression, alienation.

Head Chakra (A.K.A Third eye)
Location: Between the two eyes on the forehead
Color: Blue
Correspondences: Light
Functions: Vitalizes the cerebellum and central nervous system
Glands/Organs: Pituitary gland, left eye, ears, nose
Positive abilities: Soul realization, intuition, insight, imagination, clairvoyance, peace of mind
Negative Qualities: Lack of concentration, fear, cynicism, headaches and eye problems, bad dreams

Throat Chakra:
Location: Throat
Color: Sky Blue
Correspondences: Aska (Sprit element)
Function: Speech, sound, vibration, communication
Glands/Organs: Thyroid, hypothalamus, throat, mouth, parathyroid.
Positive abilities: Spoken word, true communication, creative expression in music and the arts, loyalty, honesty, integrity, truth, kindness
Negative Abilities: Speech and communication problems, unwise use of knowledge, ignorance, lack of discernment, depression and thyroid problems.

Heat Chakra
Location: center of chest
Color: Green (sometimes pink)
Correspondences: Air
Functions: Anchors life force energizes the physical body, blood circulation.
Glands/Organs: Heart, thymus gland, circulatory systems, arms, hands, legs.
Positive Qualities: Love, forgiveness compassion, understanding balance, acceptance and contentment
Negative Qualities: Repression of love, instability, being out of balance, circulatory problems

Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Above the navel and below the chest.
Color: Yellow
Correspondences: Fire
Functions: Vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system. Digestive process, metabolism and emotions.
Positive Qualities: Authority, personal power, mastery of desire, warm, humor, laughter, immortality.
Negative Qualities: Too much emphasis on power or food, anger, fear, and hate, digestive problems.

Navel Chakra (A.K.A Sacral Plexus)
Location: Lower abdomen to navel area
Color: Orange
Correspondences: Water
Functions: Procreation, sex assimilation of food, physical force and vitality
Positive Qualities: Sexual pleasure, passion, emotions, health, family, working with harmonious and creatively with others.
Negative Qualities: Over indulgence in sex or food, sexual problems, jealousy, envy, desire to posses, confusion and purposelessness.

Root Chakra (A.K.A Base Chakra)
Location: Base of the spin (coccyx)
Color: Red or Black
Correspondences: Earth
Functions: Give vitality to the body, life force, survival, instincts
Glands/Organs: Adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal columns, bones
Positive Qualities: Matters relating to the material world, success, physical body, stability, courage, patience
Negative Qualities: Self centered, behavior, insecurity, violence, constipation

Also note that it was believe that powerful energy center exist in the palm of hands, and soles of feet.