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Article - 'GW Mad Lib!' by Guest

An item about Humour posted on Jan 14, 2004


Will there be any more mad libs on GW? Probably not! So read this one and laugh straight OUT OF YOUR BOXERS.


This mad lib was planned and executed in the #madlib channel on DynastyNet, IRC. I coordinated everything for the Mad Lib, and did not contribute any ideas myself. I just wrote out the bare bones of this document, and chose from others' contributions. This may be a bit too wacky to be funny, but I hope it isn't. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you wont, but here's Gaming World's first and possibly last Mad Lib. Enjoy.

Sparky spewed and went to the Gaming World to observe the time. It was the afternoon. Sparky went opposite of above of the left side of a place down the river from Wal-Mart, and made himself asparagus and a cup of STFU. He felt drunkenly crayony, but that was probably because Guylock is a dumbass and Belross a meanie for suggesting it. Sparky went into Flaid after his meal, and at Holland he met Woody Allen and Bob Faggot.

Woody asked Sparky "A/S/L?", with a look of FAUSTFURY >:O on his vigna. Bob just ated and pointed at queens. Sparky kunt-kicked and said "i fooled u didn't i?". All of a sudden, a cornpuffy Frenchie wanked through the barbed wire fence at the state penitentiary, making a bloated swordchuck! Bob Faggot was sext, and Woody and Sparky fled to MR.MCKELVYS HAPPY HOTEL OF LEARNING!

The pair ran to the Iraqi Minister of Information, your mother, and asked her where the monkeys went. Your mom just shrugged and said "SHITT A BEAR!!!". Suddenly the Frenchie ejaculated through the wall, destroying the shittbox and killing the Hamburger Helper hand! Frenchie roared loudly, saying "U ALL SUX so fu and u can all go to hell cuz u aloll suck mah ballz so fu and fu ur mommas penis FUCK U FAGGOTS U ALL SUCK FUCK U"! It charged Sparkie and his friends, and a battle ensued!

Woody Allen and your mother were sliced and diced by Frenchie's mighty Vine Whipe, and Sparky was left to his own. He ran to grab a DELSABER from the wall, but Frenchie destroyed it! Suddenly, a gravy Kaibasher appeared at the whorehouse! It was Jesus, come to help his fuhrer!

Jesus corpulently fell over Frenchie, and Frenchie grunted engrumpenly. Frenchie growled "Russians keep their midgets in cages!", then uriniated and was shot out of a circus cannon into a net, but was accidentally strangled by the net and killed. Jesus OMGed Sparky to his feet and said "ZE GERMANS ARE COMING", then lit his farts on fire and BLASTED AWAY LIKE A ROCKET SHIP. Sparky smiled belrossyoustillowemymomlikeseventeengazilliondollarsfromwhenyoutwodidthedirtyly and called and rode in a cab - DRIVEN BY JOSEF STALIN - back to his home, where he spent the rest of his GIGADECADES smacking. OR DID HE?


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