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Article - 'Breaking the One World Barrier' by Guest

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Raven2k suggests people travel to other planets in their RPG's!


First I will start with an example
Sorry about using this as an example but it is possibly one of the best there is.
The original two Transformers series' were set on Earth and Cybertron and was about
the Autobots trying to stop the Deceptions from absorbing all the earths "Energon"
and get back to Cybertron to rule the galaxy. A little cliche, yes? now it was pretty limited
between two worlds but in 1986 something happened which changed the whole perspective of
the series'. It made the original battle seem small and pathetic. New races were introduced,
more planets and indeed Unicron. But the thing I am focusing on is Planets.

Most RPG's are set around the hero saving his or her home planet by finding crystals or defeating
an evil menace. But what if the answer wasn't on their homeworld, what if it was on a far away planet
or a series of planets. This is often overlooked as it can be very tricky to make it less linear and
can use up lots of space.(excuse the pun)
But intro aside this article is about how to make different planets in an effective way and other
features which this can lead to.

So your hero has to find seven mystical crystals or something from seven worlds but they all seem
the same. How can you fight this?

The features which I have mentioned are vast in their number and I will only touch upon
a few.

I hope that this has been helpful to you all and good