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Article - 'GW Tut: Working Avatars' by Tweaked_1987

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Wow, A tutorial for Gaming World! How sweet


Avatars are the little pictures that can or can't move under your name when you submit/post things.

Well I was bored and so I decided I needed something to do and so I decided to write a tut. But I didn't know what to write a tut on @.@, because I am no good at programming or coming up with new things in RM2k, RM2k3, and I can't do any scripting at all or can even figure out how to use Game Maker, so you can see my level of programming =P. So I got off the idea for a while then I was reading some news and saw some of people's post and saw that there avatar wasn't working. It took me a while to know how to get an avatar working too. Also I don't know if there already is a tutorial or something on how to work avatars already.

Well basically here is what you do.
(This is the way I did it, I don't know if there is an easier way or not, or whether you can have two different avatars for forum and GamingW home)

1.) First off you will need a avatar I don't know what the max height and max width is but if you go to User Panel you will see what it is. If you need an avatar you could go to Animated Anime Gifs Paranoia( or find your own by going to google and look up a theme.

2.) Make sure your avatar works, if you want to do
this open your gif, jpeg, jpg, etc. file in paint, click on Attributes and it'll tell you height/width of the file to see if you can use it and if you open the file this way if your avatar moves it won't move in paint. I don't know if you save it, it'll move or not afterwards.
Just to be on the safe side don't save it.

3.) Be registered at, it's easy to sign up, just click on... I think register or sign up @.@

4.) Go to Forums

5.) Click on My controls

6.) Click edit avatar settings

7.) Click on Your image avatars

8.) Click on Browse then open your avatar

9.) Click on Add this avatar to my profile

10.) After it's loaded it ( you can tell because it'll show your avatar under Your Current Avatar)

11.) Right click on your avatar under your current avatar and select properties

12.) Highlight the Address(URL) Right click and select copy or press ctrl + C

13.) Now you have your avatar's URL copied, after that go back to the GamingW home and click on User Panel

14.) Click on edit avatar

15.) Click on Your image avatars

16.) go to the field
Your Avatar
The following
file types are
.gif .jpeg
.jpg .png

17.) fill in the field by pressing Ctrl + V or right clicking in the field and selecting paste

18.) Fix the size dimensions of the avatar (width x height)

19.) Click on Edit my Avatar Settings

20.) And you're done!

Enjoy. Be Creative! Your avatar is a unique and cool thing!