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Article - 'Community Games' by Guest

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Geno writes a little guide on creating a good community game!


Y'know how we have a bagillion people making community games, and saying how spiffeh they'll be? But some of 'em turn out to suck, or don't even get completed. The only actualy game that I seem to notice stands out AS a good community game, is Easy Mac. If you plan to make one for GW, or for your forums, etc, Here's what you should do..

PART ONE: THe Characters in your CG!
The reason people usually make COMMUNITY GAMES is because they enjoy working on, or being a fan of their forums, or the owner's forums. Most of the time you play as someone you don't want to, or else you have to be someone.
When you begin your game, don't just make a character called "TEH 1337 ONE", who isn't even a member of the forums, nor the website in general. Using people from the forum is better, or, for more fun, make someone called n00b, and include a naming system, allowing the members to name it after themselves, or something. It's a very simple process. If your really dumb with Custom Naming Generators, either A)Steal it from LSII, or B)Find a good Tutorial here... Now let's begin with...

A community game should always have a twist. It's not a game where you go up a tower, meet all the members pointlessly and then fight a wickedly easy boss with only 10 HP. Some games actually have a lotta challenge, like the Easy Mac game. It's got it's small battles, but they're not easy...
In your game, let's make the game where your name is n00b. Your new to the GW world, you named your character "Geno_SMRPG", and now your running around the GW World. Remember to make the game include many cameos and such. You go to the GW Castle, and find Bart missing. "HOES NOES!" you say, and you go look for 'im. Meanwhile, the baddies are being bad.
Another thing. Don't just have some enemies and no real baddies. EVERY GAME NEEDS SOME CRUDE, YET SPIFFEH MEMBERS TO BE BAD GUYS. So let's choose... Fighter to be the evil guy. And his band of team members, Let's say Erave, Pyrate, and Alexander have taken Fatt-, erm, Bart and now you must team up with members with 1000 more posts then you to stop them..


You want some way for the heroes to figure out the villans. Choose a good lucking team (No member rivals on the same team), that go out to find Bart. For this team, let's pick Kezay, HERO, Faust, Aiden. They go off to find Bart, checking in the GW Member Areas, when they meet one of the evil dudes. Yatta Yatta Yatta. You can easily make a plot, just don't squish it all togethor, and I'm kinda getting ahead of myself, So I stop there for this part... ONTO PART 3!!!

Part 3: The Right Heroes
Ya know how games usually have an unthought of team of members, and then they turn out to be FRIENDS? Well, this should not happen in a community game, unless in some coincidence, it does. Example, Matt Hoker and Nightblade in the Easy Mac Game. Who'd a thunk it?
Let's say Nightblade is in your team (Cause of his evil attidude, damnit!). Nightblade won't be "bes' buddies" with the teamate because he followed him aimlessly for no purpose whatsoever. This leads into attidudes, a big part of your Heroes in the CG.
Let's say you really DO want Nightblade in your CG. Nightblade has that Dark and gothy actions, while if you have Mr. Y in your party, he likes to be damn funny. You don't want the opposite. If you do, you might just be flamed after the release, so I suggest you pay attention to that a lot. That completes part 3, and now, on to the final PART 4!!!

Part 4: "Why The Hell are you really doing this?"
If you answered that "Because I'm a lame user with 10 posts who loves the forums and has no life", then you shouldn't be reading this. This is for ADVANCED ONLY. Come back when your even the least bit popular, and are good at RM2k. Erave as an example.
All the community games "currently in development" are being done by members with around 200 posts. It's good that you have that many, but what if hardly anyone knows you? Try and be known, don't be a Kaibasaber. PLEASE DON'T be a Kaibasaber.
Kaibasaber, for the n00bs that didn't know, was a spam can. With over 10 games in his game development list, he had no idea what he was doing. He then decides to make his text BIG, and PURPLE to piss people off, and was BANNED by the admins, and he recreates new accounts all the time. So, I repeat, DON'T BE A KAIBASABER!!!
Ahem, Sorry for that. But now, let's end this stupid TUT. Okay. some people, like Cheese Rules, I hope this makes you think "Do I really wanna do this?". If you've got the time, the support, and the posts, I'm sure you'd make yours a success.


Well, thanks for reading my useless tut about Community games. I hope you enjoy reading it. And for those CG Game Planners, I hope this helps you with your game. This is the Great G_S, signing off!