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Article - '5' by Angroth

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Strange little article with character development and some philosophical points.



I'm aware that when I do philosophical debates I brush a few people up the wrong way so I am not asking you to believe anything you read here. I'm simply here to ask about what this life might be for and the fact that when you die you shan't be in for an ending life, something awaits. And if you're not in the mood there's some extra stuff after it that you might want to read (or something like that).

What's This Life For?

Just what is this life for? I personally believe it is to aid the progression of mankind and to have lots of children who can add to the same cycle. I suppose it's down to opinion and belief but I was wondering why anyone would ever want to really make a difference and help the world. I don't know about other people but I live in a place which I wouldn't give a thought about annihilating. I live in britain which is apparently one of the more wealthy countries. Believe you me, the wealth falls into a handful of people, literally. The royal family probably have about 85% of the countries wealth. Where I live I wouldn't be suprised to see a giant mutated rat crawl across the street. Admittedly where I live isn't all that bad and I'm sure that there are people much worse of but to me it feels like hell. And everyone in my street are like savage ravenous beasts. There must be at least a few of you who feel the same way. This world is a corrupt, collapsed, desolate and ruined land with little hope. Ever see films about the future? The ones like Blade Runner are undoubtedly the more accurate kind, how can we aspire without cleaning up the filthy foundations of our civilization. I really don't mean to crap upon this world but something must happen to change it, whether it's a world war or a great plague, we need a big change. So back to my original point. Would you really want to contribute to this despair chasm that you have been wrongfully thrown into? Or would you just rather have fun in life and not really care about producing something which will aid humanity?

Life After Death:

Fear not because even if you do not believe in life after death there is evidence to prove that something awaits you. As Einstein so kindly proved (back in his day) that energy remains equal throughout the entire universe. Personally how he proved it or came up with the idea completely baffles me because I only heard he did this and can understand how it works, I don't know the specifics, so please correct me if I'm completely wrong! (but don't piss me off ^_^)

Basically there is always the same amount of energy in the universe, things merely convert to different forms of energy and never expire, how is this easily proven? If when fuels were burnt and when people died, what makes them up simply vanished then the energy levels in the universe would be decreasing, in theory this would mean that the universe was contracting in size and would eventually crush in on itself (if it actually has a size). If we gave out lots of energy when we die and burning fuels did the same then there would be excess energy flooding around which in effect would make the universe expand and an incomprehensible rate, which surely cannot be happening. That is how we know that the same amount of energy remains but it is converted to different kinds, much like chemical and potential energy can be converted to kinetic and heat (you get the idea). So when we die, what makes us up merely goes off into the surroundings (Gaia theory). Which means you must have some form of existance after dying, whether one we can understand or not, it surely happens. It's a bit like Final Fantasy VII, not that I'm saying that the game was brilliant, correct or crap (don't post about FF7 please, its a useless debate! :c ). So... Well... We don't completely die afterall, if you knew that then you've wasted your time :DDD, if you didn't then you have learnt something :DDD

Character Building In RpGs:

Character building and getting history set clear in games can be a very difficult task, hopefully I can give you a few inspirations of what you might be able to do for integrating this into the game itself. Personally I would try to have a few good talking scenes to get certain points to express how certain people are and about a game's history. Here are a few classical times that you could include some good conversations:

Camp Fire - The ultimate opportunity to speak about kings, lands and family!

Pub - Spending a little time at the pub is always a good social occasion in which you could mainly include some historical references.

Tea Time! - Someone has just invited you in for a drink or meal, what a great conversation you could have.

Bye Bye - Someone has just died or left for an indefinate amount of time, now you can express all feelings and memories of this character.

A Twist - After a good twist in the plot (Darth Vader = Luke's father) there's always a good opportunity to talk.

Betrayal - Someone has revealed a large secret or done something like betray you, what a chance to express feelings and past life.

And if you have trouble expressing the actual facts and information across here are a few things you could try:

Flashback - The classic way to express things without lots of dribble drabble!

Deep Talk - The original way to express yourself, talk.

Less Talk, More Action - How better than to slay your friend after doing something? As they say, a picture can express a thousand words (unless its a little picture of course! :P)

La Musique - Music can not only set an atmosphere but express how someone's feeling and make you empathise deeply with someone.

Assumption - Not very good but if you want to 'assume' that the player knows something (yet knowing they don't) and tell things as if they will know what you mean eg. 'Of course he was slain, that goblin lord doesn't let anyone pass the borders.' Rather than 'Oh! Did you hear that the goblin lord will slay anyone who crosses the border?' Not much difference, but its there!

I could ramble on for a while but I've said all that is neccessary, so if you're having trouble with character development then attempt some of these examples.

Ending Note:

Well, if this article didn't baffle your mind a little then you are one tough dude, well done! I'd like to finish by telling you that you should never waste your life because you will seriously regret it later in life and that you should all be making a game (on some form of gamemaker) and if you're not, chop chop. If you want me to test your game then give me an email, but I'll only test it if it's rm2k (cuz I'm a lil' meanie!). Goodbye!