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Article - 'Character Creation' by Mortifer

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Jan 14, 2004


Mortifer gives a great talk to us about creating and developing characters in RPGs into emotional people your players will love!


As the boredom is killing me, I decided to take the big step of writing my first article.

The character; whether the main character or an NPC (Non-playable character), its role in the game is always important. To make a character interesting isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are number of things to think about, such as feelings and appearance to make it as real as possible and so that people will actually care for that character. I have made a list of things to follow which I like to use in the creation of a new character.

-Appearance (Sometimes the most important part)

-Feelings (Needed for the character to be able to interact in an emotional way)

-Personality (How the character acts and thinks)


To make your character as detailed as possible and as interesting as possible you should consider every aspect of its appearance as important as every other.

Really think about everything when you map out the character's appearance.

Here's a basic list of the most important things to map out.

-Skin colour

-Hair colour/shape (Curly, straight, hard, soft)

-Eye colour


-Special features (Mutations, misshapes and so on)

These are only the most important things to think about, but to make your character as detailed as possible, you -of course- have to map other things too.


As an important part of your character's personality, its feelings tell alot about it.

So before you start working on it, you should make notes about what kind of person you want your character to be and plan your advance. Either you want your character to be emotional or maybe cold and careless.

Here are some things you should think about during the process:

-The consideration for others

-If the character is a careing one or a senceless one

-Does he have an open mind and an open soul or does he shut himself for others

These things are what I mostly use as I think they are the most important ones.


Probably the most necessary part to know how it acts and thinks. Before going into the creation of your characters personality, you should really write down every aspect you want to involve in it. To make it interesting and one that people will think about throughout your game depends on a good personality as well as how much the character interacts in the game. If you're working on your main character's personality, you should definently work alot on it so people won't get bored of it immediately.

Use this list as a reference if you like:

-How mature in mind your character is

-Is he quiet or talkative

-Nice or mean

-Social or anti-social

These are the key things to think about. Work well with those things and your character should be an interesting and interactive one.

Well... that's all for now. I'll be back. This article writing thing might work out for me just fine. :D

This has been an article by Mortifer, and remember; shorts are like pants, just longer.