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Article - 'Chain Games' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Fighter gives some information on Chain Games and some good pointers for taking part in them.


Hello, Fighter again, with another article this time concerning Chain Games. This is my 4th article, today for that matter, but anyway there is much to talk about in the subject of chain games. First, let me describe the two route words that make up Chain Game. Direct from

Chain: ( P ) Pronunciation Key (chn)
A series of closely linked or connected things.

game1 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gm)
An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games

Basically, it's a link of people who connect together to create one game. Chain games portray a style like no other, a style of many different efforts, good or bad, half of the fun is just seeing who made what and how.

Chain Games have been around since the early days of RPG Making, but most were unknown to nearly anyone on the internet. Chain games usually consist of a few people, but could be of more, for example the first chain game had about 20 people. Chain games are usually a great thing to partake in, but require skill, effort, and most importantly cooperation. It is essential that you know the people you are working with a great deal if you are doing the standard pass back and forth chain game, which is the type chain game that anyone in a production team would work on.

However, there are other types of chain games, like what I call the "relay chain game", The Chain Game of GamingW is a relay chain game. It is passed between many people, they can only modify their parts and they can only have the game once, afterwards it is passed onto the next person. You are not required to know the person too well when doing this, it's kind of an all-out effort to get the game done; hence the name relay.

When working on a chain game remember these things:

  1. Don't break the link, stay on time, pass it to the next chainer within the timeframe.

  2. Stay On Task:Meaning don't just randomly change the subject because it's your part, have fun, but keep in control.

  3. Make it the best you can:Don't ditch effort because you don't take the game seriously, just do your best and have fun, take it more seriously.

  4. Don't Strain Yourself:Don't feel too rushed, generally, you have nearly 10 days to work on your part of the game, take breaks, and don't bust your eyes on the computer screen.

  5. Have Fun:Seriously, just have fun on the game, it's relaxation, something to calm your aching body.

Well, I hope that describes some basic fundamentals of the current Chain Game, next I will make an article of the pass by Chain Game. This article was created for the participants in the Second Chain Game, and I wish them good luck. Thanks again to GamingW, and my friends, this is another article brought to you by Fighter.


Thanks, Fighter