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Article - 'Character -Morph Development' by carthiefer

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Jan 14, 2004


Carthiefer explains the three -morph words, and how you can use their meanings to help inspire your thoughts for your own games.


Hey, I'm new to GW and to start my experience here off I wrote a tutorial about "The Three Morphs."

If you are a bodybuilder or something you probably know about this already. People are either an endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. What does that mean? Well...

Endomorphs are usually overweight, love food, are outgoing, and are somewhat lazy, if not very lazy.
Example: Quina from FF9 but only a little bit...

Mesomorphs have broad shoulders, have big muscles, and are energetic and athletic.
Examples: Barret from FF7 kind of... a good example are football players

Ectomorphs have a long, thin body, and are brainy and academic.
Examples: So many... Otacon from MGS and MGS2, Emma from MGS2, and (according to my friends) me... -_-'

How does this relate to character development, you ask? Well, if you're going to draw original charsets, and you want a strong guy, you're obviously not going to make him a thin ectomorph like myself. You're going to draw him as a mesomorph: muscular and broad-shouldered.

If you aren't going to draw original charsets, the "morphs" can still apply to character development. If you're using that fat RTP guy as one of the characters that join the hero's party, you're going to make him nag at the character until they stop at a resturant. He might refuse to fight a battle or even the final boss because he's too lazy. Because Mr. Fat RTP Man is an endomorph.

If you're going to kill one of your characters off in your game, why not make it related to what his/her "morph" is? Mr. Ectomorph is the smart guy on the team that's going to set a bomb in some control room in an enemy ship, but because he is more academic than athletic and cannot run quickly, he gets blown to bits.

I have been trying to use the morphs to develop my characters for some rm2k game I want to work on, and it's a pretty stable way to develop characters IMO.

Until I think of another idea for a tutorial,