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Article - 'The Art of Writing Without Writing' by Angroth

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Improve your typing skills.


So, what does the art of writing without writing entail? Well, hopefully I can help enhance your typing which in theory would lead to faster production of games and whatever other purpose you might need it for.

Here are the main ways to improve speed of typing:
1. Type lots, eventually you should begin to speed up after learning where the keys are.
2. Try to use two hands, the more hands on the keyboard the quicker you can reach the keys.
Here are the main tests you can do to check your speed:
1. Type a certain passage and record the time. Later on, try to beat the time you got.
2. See if you can type as fast as someone talks, if you can then you should be at a good speed.
Well, that's speed out of the way. Speed isn't that good and I find that if you type too fast many people around me begin to complain, but what else am I suppose t do? Type like a dunce!? Nonetheless you will find that if your speed has increased rapidly that you might be getting many spelling errors, watch out for that one! Practice will only improve that.

Here are the main ways to improve your spelling and grammar:
1. Use a word program(me) which does something like put a line under your spelling and grammar errors, this way you can learn from your mistakes as you go.
2. Type a large chunk of writing and get someone experienced to check it through.
Here are the main tests you can do to check your spelling and grammar:
1. Type a few paragraphs of writing and try to get no highlighted words (for a word program(me) which corrects punctuation).
2. Get someone else to type some passages and you go through and correct their errors.
With speed and correct spelling, you should only make mistakes when rushing. You pressing on which is good, but you're not a master yet!

Here are the main ways to improve errors from rush typing:
1. Try to stick to a consistant speed, if you type really fast and then suddenly slow down, you might find you erratic speed will lead to errors.
2. Type lots, slowly the errors should brush off.
Here is the main test for your rush tying accuracy:
1. Type a page worth of text without looking at the screen and see if you have any errors.
That's good, you are hypothetically perfect... Let's move on!

ONLY A GEEK CAN DO THIS STUFF!! (But I'm no geek!) ^__^
Phase One: Typing without looking
1. This should come naturally from lots of typing, if you don't need to look, how helpful is that!!??
Phase Two: Typing with three hands
1. The more the merrier!! :D
Phase Three: Typing without looking, two hands and whilst doing something else (like watching tv)
1. If you finished writing a book and could do this, it would almost be like reading a new book from another author!

Well, hopefully I have given you a little insight and a little aid with... Well... Typing! In this day and age it is a useful skill, and tell me if you can do geek phase 2 because I would be gravely suprised!