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Article - 'Classics of the Community' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Fighter reminisces over the sorts of classic RM2K games at GW and the elements needed to duplicate such memorable games' success.


I, Fighter, present to you my *counts* uhh 4th or 5th article today, this time centered on classic games. Hopefully my overflow of articles will slow down soon. Or maybe not.>:)

Anyway, in a world infested by new technologies and rages of styles, it never hurts to sit down and play some good old games of the past. It is a nice relaxing break from high octane thrillers, break through graphics, and just about everything else in this advanced world. It is a delve back into the simple days when gaming wasn't a multi billion dollar industry rivaling the silver screens, yes, the days of Nintendo, Atari, and Sega... the good old days.

As I joined GamingW, I noticed a certain member before all, one who tried to incorperate a little more classic feel into his games, his name was Mouser89, and his goal was to make his very own classic type game. Sadly, it hurts me that he changed it to the up-to-date kind of rm2k3 game. That is a good comparison to how games evolved, through money, and motivation to make the best graphics. Well, I preferred the days when graphics did not matter, sadly rm2k and other makers are turning towards the new custom systems, leaving the nice default predesesors behind. In this comparison we are going back to the good old days when RPG maker 2000 first came out, and take a nice look at some of the games I deem classic.

First, I would like to remember the excellent classic known as Final Fallacy, this game was a break-through in its early days, but soon became outdated due to the revolution of custom systems. The game had all rtp, characters, chipsets, but had non-rtp music and animations. The game had well balanced boss fights, good music, and a rather enjoyable comedic plot. The game had plot twists and an enjoyable story, it was a dream vision of a game back in the day, but sadly it ceases to be that way. I loved this game, simply, and like it now as a classic. The First Classic:Rm2k Classics

Next, is a game known as Bob's Big Adventure, this game took on a whole new approach to story, you are the baddies of the game set out to defeat heroes. It had a great plot, even greater puzzles, and an unbeatable challenge to it. This game used RTP in the beginning, but started to avoid it towards the end of the game. It had good map designs, above average music, and great boss fights. This game had great elements for a classic, and proves that simplicity can be good at times. Another classic masterpiece.

The next game is Miaka's Great Adventure, not to be mistaken for a Bob's Big Adventure clone, this game has roughly 20 hours of gameplay, a boring plot, and pretty much all rtp. It was enjoyable to a degree, but there were countless bosses, and too many random battles. I deem this is a medium classic, don't take on this style of a game, it will fail.

Another classic is the Redmoon Saga, this game was realeased in about August of 2000, only a few short months after Rpg Maker 2000 came to be. This game had a boring plot, odd use of RTP graphics, and hard fights. Don't get me wrong, this game was great for the time it was realeased, but falls below today's standards. I deem this a so-so classic in rm2k gaming.

Those are the four examples of the first kind of classic, the rpg maker classic. But, Rpgmaker does have another classic. The kind of classic that goes back to the black and white gameboy days, or the 2d platformer times. This type was portrayed by a select few members, notably Mouser89, who was one of the few to do classic games at gamingw in the winter. The following are some elements that add to a classic game's experience.

Poor graphics, there is a way that graphics can be bad, but good
Monochromatic colors, this is a huge factor, if a game is black and white, it could be an instant classic at both ways.
Pointlessness is a common way to deem a game classic, but it will be taken seriously in a review unless you use one of the elements above, so be careful.
Platforming is a common way that a game could become popular, combine with 2 of the above elements and you have a literally classic game.
Elements of other classic games such as fragments of story can also make a game classic, just don't overload on the cliche.

Now that you get the elements, I will list some games that I think are classic, what system they are for, and what type of game they are.

Dragon Warrior-Nintendo, Rpg

Final Fantasy 1-Nintendo, Rpg

Super Mario Brothers 3, Nintendo, Platformer

Phantasy Star, Master System, Rpg

Pacman, Arcade, Maze...?

And...Phantasy Star 2, Genesis, Rpg

Refer to those games and many others if you seeking to make a classic game. But remember, working hard, and enjoying yourself are the two most imporant things when making a game, good luck on your classics in the future.

This is Fighter, concluding another article, MSN:Fighter, hopefully I will contribute more articles in the near days.