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Article - 'Making Your RPGs More Original!' by Fusion_Knight

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Fusion_Knight writes an article about how to make your role-playing games much more unique.


Okay, after the EXTREME failure of my first tutorial....heres my new one!

Chapter 1) Overview
Chapter 2) The Ways you can make your Game Original
Chapter 3) The in-depth explanation of the above content
Chapter 4) The Closing
Chapter 5) Credits

Chapter 1: The 0 / 3 |- / | 3 // (Overview, dont ask why I put the freaky stuff)

Okay. Ever seen someone say "Your game is so Cliche" or "That's been done"? Ever wonder (Even though anybody could think of this) how you can fix it? Well? Do yah? If you don't, then your in the right place, if you do know how, get out before I whip out Mr. Shotgun on yo ass.

Originality is one of the many ways people judge a game, and is one of the more important ones if you think about it, cuz if a game is already made, and someone beats it, they won't like your game cuz it's the SAME FREAKIN' THING! make it original!

Chapter 2: The ways you can make your game original

Okay, this is gonna list the different ways to make an original game:

1)Original Story- Written by you, made by you, original by you.

2)Original Characters-Try break free of the "Warrior is the main Character" prototype, and do something NEW.

3)Exclusive (Or near exclusive) Features-

3)A) Cutscenes-These are REALLY good for a jaw-dropping game if you think you need a little more boost to make those jaws fall.

3)B) CBS and CMS- These don't do much for ya....they're used so much it doesn't get funny, and they are usually WORSE than the DBS. I for one, would rather have an extremely good game with a good amount of originality, than have a good game with extreme originality.

3)C) More customizable options- Add a nice custom touch to your games, VERY useful for any game.

3)D)Minigames-Nice, not needed, but nice nonetheless. These can add small amounts of replay value as well!

4)Exciting, and surprising, plot twists.
These, if executed properly, can make a game go from "Good" to "AMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZING!". Don't expect it to happen though. Those plot twists are rare as rain on the moon. But normal Plot-Twists, if not very cliche, can really boost how many people like it.

Chapter 3: The in-depth explanation of the above content

1)Original Story-Got free time away from a computer? Think up a plot for a possible game. Then, when you have the chance, grab a paper, and make a little plot-summary with Plot Twists, Character Development, and the other story-based data with what you have, then think up more! If you think up a good, yet un-cliche story, your games scores will considerably rise in the Story department.

2)Original Characters- This is a large department. If you want to have a varied game with lots of variety during thoise times where people just talk, you need original characters. You might want to wright down your own descriptions for characters and some concept art to get some originality boost. Also take Character Development into play. It is a very important part of story, and will DEFINITELY add originality if you have original characters and things planned for them.

3)Exclusive (Or near exclusive) Features-

3)A) Cutscenes- There are two ways to make these things:

I)Okay, first up is using Flash. This is a commonly known cutscene method, and all you have to do is draw the movie, and go to "File" at the top, click on "Export file as" and export it as an AVI format. Upload to RM2K, and your done!

II)This is mentioned elsewhere on the site, so go look for it there, but it is using panorama backgrounds and constantly changing it to make an animation.

3)B) CBS and CMS- These are very commonly used, and usually suck more than the DBS, but you can also make a CMS very original in its own way. The possibilities are endless, so try it, and use what you feel like using.

3)C) More customizable options- This can involve anything from changing system settings to trning options on and off. Its a free world, do what you want. :)

3)D)Minigames-These are the same as the options mentioned above, its a free world, do whatever you want, but these are great for originality, and as an added bonus, there's Replay value in them!

4)Exciting, and surprising, plot twists.- Okay, these are basically something during the story that someone wouldn't expect, I.E, the main character dying, ect. Pretty simple.

Chapter 4: 7h3 ( / 0 s | / g (The Closing, dont ask)
Okay, I hope that:
A)You've learned something today, because I sure have! (2+2=4! WOW!)
B)You had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. (Which means you've been asleep for the last 20 minutes if you have)

See ya next tutorial!

Chapter 5)
RM2K Project Staff and Don Miguel are greatly thanked, as well as Me, Myself, and I for everything else, yes and I DO hope this was found to be Original.