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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 1' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: "Genesis"
Meet the 16 participants of the game, and find out who the first to be cut is.


Making the Cut: Episode 1
By: Mateui


Welcome to the first episode of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(Before the Game Begins – Mateui explains the Process of MTC.)

Mateui: Once 15 people sign up, the game will begin. The people who have signed up will then PM me who they want to vote out of the game. You will have 24 hours in each round to submit your vote. If you do not vote for someone, then a vote against you is automatically cast. I will announce when each round begins and ends, and at the end of each round, I will reveal all the votes cast, and the person with the most votes against them will be 'cut' from the game, meaning that they will not be able to longer participate by voting. After this, a new round will be announced and the voting will begin once again.

Rounds will pass and go, and more people will end up being 'cut'. After there are only 2 people left, everyone who signed up for the game, minus the two people, will vote for who they think should win. The votes will be tallied, and the winner will be announced! See, I told you it was simple. ^_^!

(The 16 Sign Up)

1. Koromai777
2. Humigotchi
3. MasterDarkNinja
4. Safari
5. Turkpimp
6. Gamewolf252
7. Geno_SMRPG
8. deluge
9. Bujiro
10. Cawin
11. aNiMeGoD2727
12. DarkPriest
13. Faust
14. Fire Mage
15. dark_crystalis
16. Erave

And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

(Round #1 Info)

Mateui: Just PM me your vote of the person you want to cut from the game. You have 24 hours.

(The Votes Are Received)
(NOTE: The following is fiction mixed with actual facts. I am giving the participants various actions to make this episode, and further episodes will also follow the same format)

Koromai got up to the voting platform and wrote down a name. He thought hard about this, he needed to decide whether to get rid of the weak first, or get rid of his threats. He had chosen.

*Koromai holds up a ballot with someone’s name on it. The name is hidden from the camera’s view*

Koromai: I'm scared of him. He's more popular than most of us. So if most of us vote him off, we have 1 less worry!

*Koromai walks back down, while Humigotchi walks up to the voting platform, and quickly writes a name, without hesitation. The card is held up*


*It’s now Safari’s turn to vote. A name is scribbled on the ballot, clearly with disgust.*


Safari: He’s just NO.

*Safari, with a smile on his face, walks down, while MasterDarkNinja walks up to the platform, eyeing Safari suspiciously.*

MDN: I don't have any strategies for this at the moment though.. (I'll have to contact some people in this topic to talk to them in order to get a strategy).

*A name is written, and the card is held up*

MDN: It was hard when looking through the list to see just who to vote for to cut first but I decided to vote to cut ____ (<>) since I don't really like his avatar.

*MDN walks back to his seat. Deluge now walks up to the voting platform, writes down a name, and holds up a card*


Deluge: Cawin and I have formed a sort of alliance, and we decided that he was one of the first we needed to vote off (decided not to worry about DP for now, since we're guessing that he'll probably vote for Faust first.

*Bujiro now goes up to the platform, and writes down a name quickly.*


Bujiro: I'm trying to form an alliance with Faust.

*Dark_Crystalis runs up to the platform, and obviously can’t wait to cut someone from the game. Apparently, it’s gotten quite personal. A name is written.*

Dark_Crystalis: Since I came on this board he has been flaming me and he just pisses of people. His pick, for what I think, is inappropriate.

*Dark_Crystalis walks back to the seating area, and Turkpimp walks up, getting ready to cast his vote. A name is written.*


TurkPimp: I am voting for him because of his annoying use of capitalization in his name

*He goes to sit down, and slowly, yet surely, the rest of the participants go up to the platform, vote, then sit down in their seats*

Mateui: Alright, I’ll go tally the votes.

*Mateui leaves the seating area and walks into the voting platform area. The participants wait eagerly and anxiously as they wonder who the first person to leave Making the Cut will be*

Mateui:Well. Everyone has voted. I will reveal the votes now.


1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

*Turkpimp looks on in disbelief – he just doesn’t want to end the game so quickly for him.*

3rd Vote:

4th Vote:

5th Vote:

6th Vote:

7th Vote:

8th Vote:

9th Vote:

Mateui: So far, 2 votes Turkpimp, 2 votes Koromai77, and MDN, Safari, Erave, Gamewolf, and aNiMeGoD2727, you each have one vote.

*Everyone is stunned. The votes seem to be coming out at random, and many people are getting votes against them. Anyone could still be eliminated.*

10th Vote:

11th Vote:

12th Vote:

13th Vote:

14th Vote:

15th Vote:

Mateui: A Three way tie so far. Both Safari, Gamewolf, and aNiMeGoD2727 have 3 votes each against them. There is only one more vote left. This vote will ultimately decide which one of you three will be the first cut from "Making the Cut.".

*Safari, Gamewolf, and aNiMeGoD2727 begin to fear for their life in the game. Someone will be cut, yet they all hope that it won’t be them.*


16th Vote:

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 16 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “aNiMeGoD2727” is on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors. He then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

Mateui: I am sorry. You have been cut from the game. Fire represents destruction in this game, and your name has just been destroyed.

Thank you for playing, and keeping on watching how the game plays out. You will be needed later on, so stay tight. You are also the first member to join the jury and will be one of the 14 to decide the winner in the final round. Do you have any final words?

aNiMeGoD2727: U ALL SUCK! Jk.. I'd never say that. I wish you good luck Fire Mage! And, no luck for you Gamewolf! Ah well, gbye.


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who, who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

Erave: I had not a clue what I was doing, I just picked some guy to vote for at random. I hadn't even considered to start alliances, well not yet, anyway ;)

Deluge: When the game had just started off, I had absolutely no strategy. I thought I was going to be one of the first ones to be voted out, since I'm somewhat new to the community. However, it turned out that everybody was going for the more well-known members in the early rounds, so I didn't get much attention (which is a good thing). I had completely forgotten about some players who were still in the game, but just not posting in the topic. I decided to do the same, and it worked very well... For a while.

Fire Mage: I was feeling kind of scared but really excited. I've never been in these kinda things so I thought it'd be real fun! ^^;;;

MDN: Well I first added Gamewolf to my MSN list to talk to him and ally with him. Then I think it was right after I did and allied with him that Erave spoke to me on AIM and allied with me (when he ironically told me that he had already voted for me in round 1). Then the three of us were fooling around in different IM chats to each other when we weren't all in one talk.

Later on Erave managed to get Geno and Koromai777 to join our alliance as well, so I believe it was by the end of round 1 our alliance of 5 was complete. Though we had no target in that round and every alliance member had voted BEFORE they joined the alliance.

Safari: I came into the game knowing that I wouldn't make it very far because of how many people dislike me. I basically wanted to stir up some controversy and screw with people's minds before I was a goner, which I thought would be one of the first rounds. I didn't have much strategy at that point, I just voted for that n00b Anime whatever. He didn't really belong in it, and everyone else seemed to think the same way. I got quite a few votes that round if I remember correctly, but I was ok with that because I thought I was gonna get out soon enough anyways. Little did I know...


(This section simply points out who everyone voted for in this episode.)

1. Koromai777 -> Erave
2. Humigotchi -> Turkpimp
3. MasterDarkNinja -> Safari
4. Safari -> aNiMeGoD2727
5. Turkpimp -> aNiMeGoD2727
6. Gamewolf252 -> aNiMeGoD2727
7. Geno_SMRPG -> aNiMeGoD2727
8. deluge -> Gamewolf
9. Bujiro -> Safari
10. Cawin -> Gamewolf
11. aNiMeGoD2727 -> Gamewolf
12. DarkPriest -> Koromai777
13. Faust -> Koromai777
14. Fire Mage -> Turkpimp
15. dark_crystalis -> Safari
16. Erave -> MasterDarkNinja


- Two alliances spring forth – yet one will be betrayed.
- Some must choose between apparent friendships in the game, or apparent alliances which will allow them to go further and survive. The question is, however, what will they choose?

Tune in next time, for Episode 2!