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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 3' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: Numeral Nullification
The rules are changed for one round - How will the participants react?


Making the Cut: Episode 3
By: Mateui

Numeral Nullification

Welcome to the third episode of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(The Players Still In The Game:)

Fire Mage

(The Current Jury:)


And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

2 are already cut, and they have become the first members of the jury. In this episode, another will be cut, and will become to third member to join the jury that will select the winner in the future.

(Round #3 Info)

Mateui: This round is a little different. You will not be voting for other people this round – in fact, you will be voting by numbers.

*Some members give each other looks of concern*

Mateui: All 14 of you who are left, have been randomly assigned a number from 1 to 14. When you are voting, you must vote for one of those numbers. If you’re not careful, you may end up voting against yourself. That is why I am giving you 3 choices this round.

1) Vote against a Number
2) Ask to Uncover a Specific Number (Tell me which number you want to uncover, and I will tell who which member belongs to that number)
3) Ask to Uncover your own Number (I will tell you to which number you belong to)

There is one important thing that you should note however – you may only choose one of these three choices. This means that if you ask to uncover, say #3, you may then not vote. You need to weigh what is more important – your safety, or the chance of voting someone off randomly.

There is quite a bit that you can do to make this round more strategic, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.

*At hearing this, Erave’s alliance was a bit on edge. Since they had quite a bit of members in their alliance, they would have a greater chance of eliminating one of their own.*

Mateui: Alliances may be advantageous some parts in this game – but this is not one of those times. Good luck everyone.

(The Votes Are Received)
(NOTE: The following is fiction mixed with actual facts. I am giving the participants various actions to make this episode, and further episodes will also follow the same format)

*Cawin walks up to the voting platform. Even though he has made a decision, he still wants to make his vote say something important. A number is written on the card.*


Cawin: 4 sucks and I hate him, I hope he dies and his mother is shot in the head three times. Actually, I have no clue who 4 is so I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark here. =) Sorry if it is someone I love. haha.

*Cawin walks back down to the seating area. He wonders to himself.. “What if I just voted for myself?” He hesitates for a moment.. “Naww.. Impossible.” He regains his smile, and seats down in his seat, while Bujiro gets up.*

Bujiro: The risk is too great – I don’t want to vote for myself, or for someone in my alliance. I choose to find out who #2 is.

*Bujiro takes his vote ballot, and puts it in a machine slot nearby. (Anyone who wants to find out their own number or some other number must sacrifice their vote to the machine. In turn, the machine will reveal the info they want.) The machine lights up. Bujiro presses the #2 button. The machine spits back his ballot.

Number 2 is Cawin

*Bujiro takes his ballot, and puts it in another container. He walks back down to the seating area. “Oh well..” he thinks, “What are the chances that me or anyone I know will be cut..?” He seats back into his seat, and continues thinking, all the while Dark_Crystalis gets to the voting platform.*

Dark_Crystalis: Hmm.. What number should I vote for? Hmm.. I don’t know.. but.. no.. yes! I’ll vote for my favourite number!

*Dark_Crystalis takes the pen and writes down his favourite number*


*He puts the vote inside the container and goes back to the seating area. Geno_SMRPG now goes up to vote for a number.*

Geno_SMRPG: Gonna take a chance and see what happens. My ally agreed to do this via AIM.

*A number is written*


*Geno sits back down in his seat, and Fire Mage goes up*

Fire Mage: This is just too risky, I don’t want to vote. Instead I’ll find out a number.

*Fire Mage takes his ballot, and puts it in the machine. The same process occurs that happened to Bujiro, but this time, a different button is pressed. Fire Mage presses the “Find out your own Number” button. The machine spits back the ballot*

Fire Mage is Number 14

Fire Mage: Darn! That’s the same number that I was when I signed up! What if everyone has their same number?! Why did I just waste my vote?!!!

*Angered, Fire Mage seats back down. Turkpimp now goes up for his turn on the voting platform*

Turkpimp: I am voting for number.. *He writes down a figure on the voting ballot.


Turkpimp: I am voting for this number because I know that he/she is a loser.

*Turkpimp goes back to the seating area. MDN now goes up*

MasterDarkNinja: I am voting for:


MasterDarkNinja: I have no idea who #10 is and I'm running out of time and just one vote for yourself in this round of randomness could be deadly if someone else voted for your number (regardless of knowing if it was or wasn't you).

*MDN is nervous as he goes back to his seat – His alliance was apparently in discord this round.. Someone might be leaving that is in his alliance, for there is indeed a greater chance... Oh.. Who would it be?*

*Everyone else goes up to vote, and finally, the whole process is over.*


Mateui: Alright. Round #3 is over. This round was a little different, and it required a change of strategy and voting.. As I was sitting in the backseat of this game, I could observe some interesting things occurring, and how various people reacted to the change in gameplay. For instance, I know for certain that many plans were screwed up, and larger alliances would be more liable to break down - Lots sweated, while others laughed. But still, one member was cut, and that is that.

Revealing of the Numbers:
1 Turkpimp
2 Cawin
3 Geno_SMRPG
4 Koromai777
5 DarkPriest
6 Bujiro
7 deluge
8 Gamewolf252
9 Safari
10 dark_crystalis
11 MasterDarkNinja
12 Erave
13 Humigotchi
14 Fire Mage

Mateui: I will now reveal the votes. I have also taken the liberty of converting the numbers you have voted for into the people they represent. Here they are:

1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:
Requested to Uncover #1

4th Vote:
Requested to Uncover #2

5th Vote:
Found out own Number

6th Vote:

7th Vote:
Found out own Number

8th Vote:

9th Vote:

10th Vote:

11th Vote:

12th Vote:

13th Vote:

Mateui: Only one vote remains, and Koromai777, Turkpimp, and Bujiro all have 2 votes against them. This final vote will decide who will be the third member cut from the game.

Keep Scrolling
14th Vote:

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 16 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “Bujiro” is on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors.*

*Bujiro can’t believe it. His apparently safe place within an alliance was just shattered.*

*Mateui then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

*Bujiro wants to leave this place as soon as possible – he just can’t take the pain of being eliminated.*

Mateui: I am sorry. You have been cut from the game. Fire represents destruction in this game, and your name has just been destroyed.

Bujiro, how do you feel? Apparently, you have just witnessed first hand that safety does not always come in numbers. Do you have anything to say?

*Bujiro shakes his head, and then looks down to the ground.*

Mateui: Alright then – I guess silence in itself can also be a final word.

You are now the third member of the jury, joining AnimeGod and Faust. Keep on watching the game, as many surprises are bound to unfold.


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who (and for what reasons), who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

Erave: I was scared, I was a target, but I had my alliance right! They would save me!

MDN: In round 3 I realized after I read it how that we could manage to get out someone that wasn't in our alliance of 5, if two of us asked to reveal someone else and at least 1 of them wasn't in our alliance the rest of us could vote for that person. My plan however fell apart so quick, Before I even spoke to Erave or Gamewolf Erave had already voted for #10 without knowing who it was and Gamewolf had already asked who #10 was but didn't get a response yet. Then I read that Safari had already voted/chosen something so I PMed him asking him if he knew who someone was but he didn't reply. Then I PMed Bujiro and told him that I was waiting to see who #10 was before I voted. And he at first of said that he was going to wait to vote. Then like a few hours later he PMed me saying that he was going to just ask what his number was (10), then as only a few hours were left I in a panic of getting a vote on me which could be deadly in a round like this PMed a vote on #6 without knowing who it was.

It was after that when Gamewolf finally logged onto MSN I found out who #10 was. My plan totally fell apart that round, before I saw who was voted out I was certain it was going to somehow be one of us 5, while it wasn't it was still someone who would of helped us and was.


(This section simply points out who everyone voted for in this episode. You can really figure out who was allied with who by examining this info.)

Koromai777 -> (Found out his Number)
Humigotchi -> 6 (Bujiro)
MasterDarkNinja -> 10 (dark_crystalis)
Safari -> 13 (Humigotchi)
Turkpimp -> 11 (MasterDarkNinja)
Gamewolf252 -> Requested to Uncover #1
Geno_SMRPG -> 1 (Turkpimp)
deluge -> 4 (Koromai777)
Bujiro -> Requested to Uncover #2
Cawin -> 4 (Koromai777)
DarkPriest -> 6 (Bujiro)
Fire Mage -> Asked to find out his own number
dark_crystalis -> 6 (Bujiro)
Erave -> 1 (Turkpimp)


- Will the major Erave alliance get it’s act together and vote in unity, or will there be more discord?
- Will the minority of participants form a plan to get rid of the larger threats?

All this and more in Episode 4! Tune in next time.