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Article - 'The Ultimate Mix' by Mouser89

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


Mouser89 reviews some good, common sense everybody should understand for music, sound effects, and characterization in RPGs.


Ever since I have begun working on RPG's in RM2K/RM2K3, I have learned how to mix every element that makes a good game together into a nicely wrapped package :). Its not just for RPG's though, this also applies to any type of game basicly. What I am talking about is how to properly mix your graphics/music/sound/characters into one to build a wonderful playing environment. But as all of you probably know, I haven't always been that great of a game maker :|. I'm working on it though, and I honestly think that I'm slowly becomming a better member/game maker ^^. *3 years and going strong with rm2k :p*.

I shall begin with music. As every person knows, in a movie you do not want sad music during a happy moment. It's pretty obvious. Things like that are always obvious. But what I'm mainly talking about is the rhythm of the songs. Depending on the moment/ environment of course. If a character has just died or left the party to stay at their home town or something, you don't want just a non stop stream of a flute solo. You want something with maybe, flute, piano, and maybe even some violent effects :D. Lets say we've just won a great battle/found something that we've been searching for, for a long time. We want something upbeat and happy, but victorious sounding. My personal favorite, would probably be a bit of guitar, with an uproar of trumpets in the background. I think you guys get what I'm talking about ;).

Graphics is a big thing for all of us. But ya want something that will fit with the environment and emotion of the area. Sometimes, this type of thing reflects on the actions of the current day, or the character's current emotional state. If a friend just died, you may want some rain, with a dark chipset. On another subject, clouds and mist wouldn't be a bad thing to add either :). Or maybe you're going for a sad uproar. Like the main chara's village/town was just burned down, and he's running down a forest road. You could have some sad rain and clouds with some depressed music. And afterwards, after some inspiring messages, the clouds clear and the rain stops, and the sun comes up, with sunflares on the screen, as the character looks up at the sky, with maybe some hair flow O.o. Well, let's move on!

-=Sound=- :O
Sound, may not seem like an importance in games. But on a big part, it is. You would want the right thing in the right events if ya know what I mean. If you walk up to a door, you obviously dont want a sound of a rock falling that has had its tempo adjusted highly to make it sound like a knock on the door, you want something that's actually the sound of someone knocking on a door x.X. Or, maybe your going for SNES type sounds, meaning they couldn't have much detail. But they could sound similiar to whats going on. :) moving on..

Finally, our final subject in my first article! I want to talk abit about Characterization. If you're going for an RPG with many characters, then you don't want all of the characters to be the same. You want them each to have a unique and different personality or outlook on things. My personal favorite of groups would be courageous/adventurous, genius, cowardly, mysterious/depressing. Each of these personalities have big effects on the environment in games. But then again, you don't have to have like an evil character in your party, just because he has different outlooks, if they are all out on a journey for something or whatever, they should have the same goal in mind in a way. Or it could be like The Wizard of Oz (i hate that movie :X ), and they could each need something or have a deep secret personal reason for going on the quest/journey. :)

Ok, so I hope you guys have enjoied my first article :). I hope it has helped someone out there who was just wanting to know a bit of something about one of these subjects. :) Over and out! :D!!