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Article - 'What Would Be Cool' by Angroth

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 14, 2004


What would be cool in rm2k.


What I began to think
I don't know if it's just me or if everyone on occasion thinks of a cool idea which it would be handy for rm2k / rm2k3 to have had but doesn't. Whether it is something which speeds things up or a new command entirely. I thought I had just aswell write down all of the ideas that I thought would be cool and you can post improvements to mine, agreements to mine, your own or say which ones of mine are complete cack. With no further delay I shall say what I have been thinking would be so great when added into rm2k / rm2k3.

What would be cool
1. Move Event: On move event you should be able to have a function whereby it waits for the hero to finish moving rather than having to put in a wait and guess the time several times. This way you could quickly and more efficiently make your heros and events move and have sufficient time for them to do so which would mean the next command wouldn't cut into it.
2. Skills: When editing skills, if you put hit chance at 10 and base effect to 1 you should get the result doing the damage that an ordinary attack would. I thought it would be great if there was also a function where you could multiply the strength or mind damage it does. You should also be able to use agility as a main factor aswell as strength and mind.
3. Experience: Having a modifyable preset number thing is all good and well but if you could just put the numbers in yourself too, then it would be so much better. That way you could modify them even more to suite what exp enemies might be giving you.
4. Equipment: There should be a tick box next to the initial equipment area on a character which decides whether or not they can use that kind of equipment, eg a tick on helmet allows the use of it, an empty space means they cannot. I know you can chance this stuff in items but if when in game you pressed enter on the helmet piece and it just made the buzzer sound it would be better. It is also faster than having to tick every item (of helmet) saying that the person cannot use it.
5. Combat: In combat events it would be even easier to make your own custom-default combat if you could have show choice options in there. It would even let you do things like: string on together several battle animations for a 300 frame master summon (I thought about this but without show choice you have to do it on all enemies and cannot do a one person move with more than 99 frames).
6. Death: Each enemy and person should have a little section where you can select their death sound, so not all enemies and heros sound the same. This way would also be easier than occasionaly changing the default deayth sound to accomodate bosses and enemies (which I do).
7. Formation: In game you should be able to change the formation (ordering) of your party on the game menu screen. You should also be able to disable it, like saving and entering the menu screen alltogether.
8. Tag Alongs: It would be good if you could also enable and disable tag alongs like in rm95 (the people who walk behind). This was pretty funny and it lets you see your characters and makes you remember you're not alone!
9. String On: On the skill battle animation menu, it would be great if you could select up to three battle animations, and it does one after the other. It would look great for some things which currently seem rushed. Similar but easier to the show choice battle animation thing I said earlier.
10. Durability: You should be able to set a durability of an item (like in Diablo) and you need to repair it once in a while. If you set the durability to 0 it should have infinate durability therefore you don't have to use durability in your game. When playing, if an item reaches 0 durability its effectiveness is halved.

And there you have it!
Well, there you go. When I get around to learning more programming I'll make sure I create a game maker which has all these little extra goodies. It seems pathetic but all the little things like the ones above are very minor but hindering things. Hmm... Maybe I should see if they will make an rm2k4 :O